Jeet Kune Do For You

Decoding Jeet Kune Do algorithm

I think it drives everyone crazy Bruce Lee never fought in the ring. We want to know if he beat the Gracie's, Floyd Mayweather, Connor MacGregor or the Marvel Characters. To truly understand Jeet Kune Do all you have to do is look at the scene from Enter The Dragon where Parsons demands a fight to settle who is the best. Lee suggests they go to that island where's there's more room. Parsons gets in the row boat, he's stuck by himself and Bruce ignores him. It's called, "Fighting without fighting."

What is the best martial art, the best style, is it street vs MMA, or is street fighting the same as MMA? Many people say Bruce Lee is the father of MMA. Then say that Jeet Kune Do is not a winning strategy in MMA. This never happens with Evel Knievel. Nobody says it doesn't work to jump over 15 cars on a 700 pound Harley. I don't see anyone in line to do that again. When Travis Pastrama claimed he duplicated it using a similar motorcycle, he did but he had a heavy swingarm and double the horsepower. He's not taking chances.

You have to consider Jeet Kune Do is 1973. So was Evel Knievel. They both pioneered a new genre. If they both were alive today in their prime Evel would not be using a heavy Harley to jump cars. Bruce also would be adapted. For MMA, for drone war, for Ninja hackers, for whatever it is you want to throw at him.

Evel Knievel-
If I have to live up, to what these people think i am, comic book character, Spider Man or Captain Marvel, Superman, I wont be alive another year. Cause they have stretched the truth about me so much.. that no man could stay alive trying to fill this bill. No man. Not even Evel Knievel. That's what made my decision to quit. I could not believe what they expected of me.
ABC Wide World of Sports on Evel Knievel: Out of the top ten rated episodes, in the 37 years of the show, he holds seven of them.
Dick Cavett:
Are you scared before a stunt, do you have fear?

Evel Knievel:
I am not scared, of that jump, I'll say I have concern but I don't think I'm afraid of anything. If I know something is going to happen I try and train myself to have complete control over my mind and body I relax instead of freezing up and being scared.

I love how Evel says instead of being scared shitless freezing up like a statue he relaxes, .. .. as he's about to experience his last day on this earth. This is why even his son Robbie who beat all of Dad's records, says there's only one Evel Knievel and they'll never be another. Every moto n motorcycle cycle guy and X-Gamer will all say the same thing. He's the king End of Story.

That was the 1970's what about the 1870's? WTF HAPPENED IN 1900? If you notice, all the little arrows point to 1900.
The world changed drastically for the first time in all of human history. Almost everything was 80-20 and started to flip 20-80.

You can no longer not know stuff. In the 1970's and all the previous centuries you could get away with not knowing stuff. It's America, freedom, liberty, etc. Freedom and liberty doesn't mean lack of restraint like the absolutists want you to believe. The original definition of "health" was defined as lack of disease. That tells you was it isn't that does not tell you what it is.
That definition doesn't work anymore. Those days are gone we can't go backwards to that.

Today many people say broken families, lack of solid values, and lack of virtue and spiritual connection are responsible for our current cognitive crisises out there today. Those are symptoms they are not the causes. 300 years ago when you and or your family were all jacked up and you had no connections to anything worthwhile it wasn't called, "a crisis." So why now all of sudden it's labeld a crisis?

We are a little over halfway through the 100 year transition from analog to digital. In the analog world everything is about reaction. The digital world is the opposite, everything is reacting all the time, you have to make decisions.

Everyone has their, "personal space" it's physical space. When someone comes up to talk to you they are in your personal space. In martial arts this is someone who is within striking distance. It's not just physical it's also about psychology. Someone speaking to you. The words are hitting you.

I call this space my Store. You come into my Store because you want to buy something. You enter my Store and ask me a question, what I hear is, "How much does this cost?" My answer is, "How much you got?" Your answer will tell me if you know how to define your terms. This is Jeet Kune Do. I go with the flow, it's up to you what you want to accomplish.

I recommend everybody watch the debates between Jordan Peterson (conservative) vs Sam Harris (Atheist). They both have great responses and I think they are both right. I also think they are both wrong. I don't "have to" do anything. You ask me how much does it cost, I reply how much you got. No offense, I just want you to be specific. My "way" is no way and you have no way of knowing what that means so how could you be offended I haven't given you something to be offended about. Yet.

I prefer Macs but I can work on a PC. I prefer Honda but I know how to ride a Harley. It is you who limited your self to one or the other. My limitation is no limitation. Just because I don't give you my opinion doesn't mean I like or not like what you are saying. Besides you can never really tell anyway. If I go live in China and I can't speak Chinese I don't blame the Chinese. Or any other country, culture, religion, language, society. I either adapt, or I don't. You either understand that or you don't.This is one of the attributes that makes Bruce Lee so universal. Nobody knows exactly where he's coming from. He is whatever you think he is. "

Conservative or Liberal? It's not good or bad. It's irrelevant. Not in a bad way it is what it is. You don't buy a car based on the color of the paint job. You don't buy a Home based on the drapery. Salesmen will tell you thats exactly what happens, every day. If you can afford to do that then do it. If you live beyond your means don't blame the government, the President, the Union, the guy at Starbucks, your spouse, your kids, the neighbor, the dog. You did that to your self. One time my mum said, "You're blaming the victim." Well, if they deserve it then hec yeah I am. Every situation is different. It's not a standardized answer.

Let's talk about Jeet Kune Do today and into the future. Bruce was into a new phase and gave his martial arts schools to Dan Inosanto. His plan was to espouse his concepts in Hollywood movies. What would he be doing today?

In 1973 when he knew he was about to be the biggest star in the world he said, "I don't know who I can trust anymore." Trust is the key word there. What is the biggest problem we all face today? Trust. The globalization of information has begun the process of weaponization of authentication. What does one do? Use Jeet Kune Do to intercept it.

Considering Bruce said Jeet Kune Do changes every single year, today would be 50 changes. Considering he is an avid reader of science, he had a massive library of books, do you think he would today be sitting around being surprised? He said your greatest enemy is the element of surprise.

Bruce had like 2,000 books. General Mattis said if you haven't read 100 military books you don't know what you're talking about. Gen. Mattis did 44 years active duty. Not only did he do 44 it was the Marine Corps. I thought the Army was a headache.
I did 40 years in the Army thatsa small club but the the Marines … holy cow no wonder soldiers consider him some sort of Jesus figure. He lead from the front, his exploits back him up. You can see an excerpt of when I first got in the Army and realized what I had signed up for-
Join The Army in 1979 oh good idea

Dan Inosanto was put in a no win situation in 1973. If he kept JKD the exact same would it be labeled outdated? If he changed it up would people get mad? He did add some things. People want JKD to be in a Museum for all to see how great it was. It's supposed to be how it fits YOU. Everyone wants to be Bruce Lee. Not gonna happen. He said don't try to be him, you be you. Bruce told Dan that it changes every year. He has said use it, discard it, as if there is no Jeet Kune Do at all. Well, what does that means?

The point is that if JKD changes every year if Bruce Lee were here that means it changed 50 times from 1973 to 2023. What would 50 changes look like? What does life look like? Part of this Decoding Project is to imagine what would Bruce Lee be doing today? Let's take it out even further, to year 2030.

The question is exactly what do we want to accomplish in life and how often will stuff get in the way of that? You can do it the easy way and adapt or you can do it the hard way, if you're a glutton for punishment.

What do you want power or predictability? Predictability already has power so it's like two for one. They both can work but predictability means you can win without even fighting how cool is that? The less predictability you have the more power you need.

In life you don't have to win, just don't lose. Do that and eventually you won. It's a proven combat technique. In Chicago we call that Winning Ugly. You can win any way you want to. Mike Tyson told Bill Burr, "You can do it whenever you want to. That's one thing interesting about life is you can change your mind and change who you want to be whenever you want." Mike says this so deadpan so sincere and considering the crap he's gone through his words are downright inspiring.

My Jeet Kune Do instructor said in 1980, what type of clothing you're wearing makes a difference in how you appear to other people. He said we will train in everyday clothes and we meet like we just worked all day. We never want to be out of our element so let's not have an element. JKD is about the algorithm not the element. The element of surprise is your greatest enemy.

Deep Mind AI Lab made three AI's. One used Rules. One used partial Rules and the third one used no rules. The third one whooped the pants off the first two. It's because "rules" is a made-up human social construct. This mirrors the Jeet Kune Do concept of use no limitation as limitation. Bruce Lee knew this in 1973 and the Deep Mind Lab went thru three AI's before they finally figured out have no rules as the rule.

For us regular folks who might wear an occasional set of Python boots self defense is excellent but health defense is mandatory.

I call it "Health Defense" instead of self defense. Jeet Kune Do calls it life as we know it. Whatever you want to call it, there are no rules. In the military there's a saying, "One good spy is worth 10,000 men." One good spy could take out all your best techniques, most modern equipment and your top fighters. Bruce said, "Jeet Kune Do is not an organized institution that one can be a member of. You either understand that or you don’t. And that is that." Alrighty then. Very well.

Dan Inosanto said, "Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do as his personal form of combat based on his research and findings. It can be taught but not standardized because each individual has different needs."

Jeet Kune Do is all about interception. Let's intercept the algorithms of geospatial health psychology. I think this can be standardized but it can not be taught. You have to teach your self. When defending You, only you know what to do. Everyone has a different threat perception.

This is an organic cognitive algorithm so it fits right into any individual. The main problem has been a lack of a common threat perception. A common definition of endangerment. We don't have unanimous capability development planning. Today the attack surface has expanded into the cognitive realm like never before. If there is no common perception of the threat then each individual will require customized training to organize their security architecture to respond. We no longer have time for that. Well some people might, most of us do not.

Jeet Kune Do was originally designed around the idea there is no common threat therefore you should be ready for any threat. As Bruce has stated combat is fluid and always changing. Alive. He said, "Do not reduce reality to a static thing and then invent methods to reach it." That's right. We don't have time for that.

Who attacks you every day?

Let's answer that with another question; Why do people go against their own health self interest? What does that mean? Well if you want to converse with your self honestly you need to know who's being honest. If you don't know you're lying then it's not lies. You want to know.

Neuroscientist philosopher Sam Harris talks about how our eyes work. What we see is not fully what's there. Some trickery is going on. Our vision is a smaller field than what's really there because our brain creates the rest of the image from a system of prediction error. They know this from studying people with brain damage.

Using Hope Works

Our brain uses it's vast resources to predict what we will see and it fills in stuff by determining what is not a "prediction error." Brains says oh thats not a couch (error) that's a chair, so it fills in the view a chair. The chair is there but the eye uses the chair the brain created, which is accurate enough. The brain uses its past experience and geometry and a whole bunch of other cue's to accurately create a chair image so your eyes don't need to. This is more efficient than creating a new everything every time. But you can imagine how this process can go off the rails. This same process is going on with your emotions, your mind is always attempting to predict whats next in life. The better you are at talking to your own Self the better you can communicate with, your own Self.

i'm not a good PHD neuroscientist so you will have to go hear Sam Harris explain it much better, the point is just one example of how we are not quite perceiving things as they really are physically and mentally. These algorithmic arrangements create our own little custom version of the world. Joe Walsh said, "Why is everybody so different I'm still the same." This means no two people see things the same way even if it's right in front of both of them. This is why you can't really trust eyewitnesses in court or anywhere else. This also means you need to be careful about trusting your own self. You need to know when to pull in the clutch and glide.

The key is to separate your self induced indulgences from the murk of hedonistic temptations.
 – Chris Carter

Everyone knows somebody who only wants to hear what they want to hear in their own little reality. To make matters more complicated this is in people with a balanced brain. Imagine people with an imbalanced brain? They're seeing a fake picture from an already fake picture.

The tendency is to attempt to manipulate control rather than investigate the source of instigation.
 – Chris Carter

This is the problem with that pesky "self awareness" the less you have of it the more you will never notice. It's a spiral in the wrong direction.

Does this workout in life? It depends on what you're trying to do. The beliefs we have which increase our confidence, whether true or not all have the same power to get us what we want when the outcome depends on our own performance. This is why "facts" can lose their power in the arena of truth. This is why you can get super serious mojo from something you really really believe whether it's true or not. Isn't this what the Coach wants the Player to do? The director wants his actor to do. Isn't this what some politicians want you to do, for better or worse? Isn't this is what happened in that Readers Digest story where the panicked adrenaline filled mother lifted the tree off her trapped daughter, and the next day she could not at all lift the same exact tree? She had secret strength. When a fire starts under your butt it gets your attention like no other way.

Bruce Lee talks about this very phenomenon but in a different way. Like when he says, "Don't punch the target punch through the target." Meaning aim for, go for, beyond where you need to. To me this seems like a great way to break your hand, although you can imagine the damage it does to someone's face if your are punching right through, to somewhere behind his head. I think this is why a Bruce Lee jumping Sidekick can send you flying across the room. In his mind he was kicking right through you.

When James Coburn first came over to Bruce Lee's house and received one of these sidekicks and was sent sailing across the room, James said something like oh Wow I need to learn this stuff. This is why that puny little sidekick barely even knocked Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) down in that Tarantino movie. It was just not plausible. Quentin could have should have found another way to make Cliff a super badass. But he knew most people would never know so he didn't care. He went for the drama. Considering how much free publicity he got from martial arts people arguing about it I think it worked out for him.

What does all this mean? It means we need to intercept our Self in life. With wife. With spouse and the house, with the kids, co-workers, the restaurant menu, the grocery store, the liquor store and so much more.

Intercepting Your Self

Jeet Kune Do approximately translates to "The Way of Intercepting Fist." In Mandarin 'Jié quán dào, in Cantonese: Jit kyùn dou. It's very well documented the ways you can intercept your opponent. What about your self?

Bruce Lee talked a lot about self development, meditation, mindfulness and self realization. He has referred to you being your own worst enemy and he alludes to how you should get out of your own way. And how your thinking is blocking you. He has talked about "static" in your mind can be preventing you from, whatever. I have never heard him express it as you should "intercept" your self. He refers to it many ways to Sunday. I believe he was just about to say it.

We know he was always investigating the most efficient way to use the human body and has alluded to this idea. Just not in those words. I thought of it only because as I aged my Jeet Kune Do steered me right to it. I'm almost certain this is what would have happened to him. As you get older you don't work harder you work smarter. He was a pioneer in cognitive science before it was invented. Look at Longstreet.

On a episode of Longstreet Duke Paige (Mark Richman) attempts a kick and Li Tsung (Bruce Lee) tells him his movement allowed him to be intercepted. Duke tries again Li Tsung quickly reacts saying, "I intercepted your emotional tenseness. You see from your thought to your fist how much time was lost." In other words he intercepted Duke's mind.

I want to know if Bruce ever though about intercepting his own mind in that same way? He alludes to this but he never puts it that way it's always intercepting someone else. This is called, "Cognitive Science" and it didn't exist back then so we can say Bruce Lee was ahead of his time.  

Jeet Kune Do "The Way of Intercepting Fist." As time goes on the "Way" is becoming more powerful than the Fist. Bruce Lee would be 80 years old today. At that age the fist is not your priority your mind is. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said on Shannon Lee's Podcast, that Bruce told him when he's 80 he will still be making movies and still be in shape.

We can only imagine what his mind would have learned in such a long time. He was a master reductionist way ahead of his time. He had a keen sense of nuance.

Philosopher George Santayana said, "Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.” Writer Nicholas Clairmont said, "history shows that both those who do not learn history and those who do learn history are still doomed to repeat it." Ok then.

Professor of neurology Robert Morris Sapolsky conversely said, "Those who don’t learn about our achievements are doomed to not repeat them." He turned it around referring to the history of the extraordinary achievement humans have gone through and how we ignore that at our peril. He means we've come a long way baybee humans have turned the worst behavior biologically transforming it into the best human behavior. There's a tremendous collective power there but what about our individual power and abilities? Our own personal organic algorithms.

When Professor of neurology Robert Morris Sapolsky said we are so great because "we've come a long way" from the worst biological abnormal illogical destructive behavior imaginable into normal decent people, what he means to say is we've been lying to ourselves about where we came from. We are taught history as though everyone got the memo all at the same time. This is not the way it happened.

Plenty of time vs Zero time

We have evolved and security has evolved. How can you update laws or make new laws about things we don’t know will exist? In 1973 Jeet Kune Do covered the bases. Today there are new bases, that need to be covered. Jeet Kune Do is going to take us into the future. Adapt. Intercept. Security is dependent on the definition of endangerment. The definition of Freedom of speech is not, "absence of restraints" like the absolutists want you to think. The first definition of health was, "absence of disease." That tells us what it isn't, that does not tell us what it is. We all agree you can’t yell "Fire!" in a crowded theatre. That fits the definition of public endangerment. What about before theatres were invented? In other words the definition of public endangerment evolves.

Social media has evolved a entire new layer of endangerment. It’s happened so quickly we can’t keep up to sort it out. Nobody knew we would ever have to do something like this. Who knew the new endangerment would be the speed endangerment is evolving? This was moot in 1868 when the 14th Amendment was written so nobody had to worry about it.

A hundred years before that the great Voltaire said, "If you wish to converse, define your terms." It appears he gets it, you can’t discuss security or guns or censorship before you define your terms. Thee terms, of and for, everyone. We have no laws against personal space laser weapons but Voltaire is saying when we do, when they are invented, we must define (update) our terms. Terms of endangerment. Public health safety and welfare.

What do you care what things people say on twitter if you live in a mansion with dogs doors alarms cameras guards and guns, because you don’t consider "threat" the same way everyone else does who do not have all these things. You don’t care because all that stuff gives you "plenty of time" to get your Crossbow, steak knife, butter knife, or your Glock and be ready. Without all that you have "zero time to get ready." Bruce Lee said, "Your worst enemy is the element of surprise. To defeat that enemy don’t be surprised."

Plenty of time vs Zero time?

Bruce Lee believed in always training so as to establish muscle memory because "zero time" means if you have to "think" it’s too late. So how do you create muscle memory to counter cognitive warfare, psychological attack, sociological ambush? According to Jeet Kune Do you should intercept it.

What Does The Military Use?

For teaching Self Defense the military Service Branches all have their own "Combative's" Programs. General Stanley McChrystal is credited with introducing mixed martial arts into military training. That was the Army Rangers. The others like the Marines and Navy SEALS they all have their own recipe of styles. Jeet Kune Do is supposed to be a recipe of styles to make the mother of all styles so why don't we just use that?

I think the reason you don't see the military services make JKD their program is because it has limitations, ironically enough. It's not made for mass production. When you hear JKD uses "no way as way" and "no limitation as limitation" that is referring to a personal psychology.

I think it could be used but they want something very specific for a very specific purpose. It's not made for that.

Jeet Kune Do is not a one stop shop fully formed plug N play program. It does have a great variety of techniques from Fencing to Boxing, Kung Fu, Grappling, etc. so where is the limitation? It was never meant to be a mass instruction like a Army Manual. It was always about each person adapting, improving, removing.

Brazilian Jujitsu was formed in the year 1532. Bruce Lee started teaching in 1962. He passed away 11 years later.

In that 11 years things changed a lot and were still changing, adapting, shaping, right up to 1973 when he passed away. It was up to Dan Inosanto to officially declare what is the final version. It hasn't been modified too much ever since but I beleive it hasn't been "mined" enough ever since. Bruce and Dan did not envision a public standardized JKD "Franchise" model. It's based on the individual. That doesn't work in the military. That was not a Democracy you signed up for when you joined the military.  

The military services built their Franchises. They all appear to have chosen Brazilian Jujitsu for their Grappling. Because it's very proven and very specific. After a few hundred years it's not dependent on the instructor or the school or name.

Military Combative's programs use a variety of ingredients and then fit it into a production line.

Very few of us can workout all day every day and do one arm Push-ups or pull-ups. Run 5 miles. Very few of us will be able to enter MMA let alone start winning. We don't have time to extreme train 15 years for a one minute fight that probably will never happen. That's a whole different world.

For all us regular folk what will happen? Let's be honest. Let's optimize our time and concentrate on what will most likely happen. To us.

So what is it that will most likely happen to us? I'll tell you what is happening today and every day. You are getting psychologically attacked every single day and its only getting worse. The modern business model today is make everything free and get everyone deep in debt teaching them credit=income. That works, right up until it doesn't. When you tell me, "it's free - if you sign up" If I give you my Info then it's not free. It's a giant hoodwink going on out there.

So what is it that will most likely happen to us? When are we in trouble?

We are the last generation in human history to touch up against the analog world

With the dial-up phones of the analog age you were innocent until proven guilty. In the digital age of cell phones it is somewhat the opposite. Everyone is guilty by default. Nobody is innocent until they are verified. No offense. The phone answers the phone then you look down see who it is.

After 300,000 years we've come to a transition. It can be described in one word. Trust. That's the problem we all have today. What do you want power or predictability? Predictability already has power so it's like two for one. They both can work but predictability means you can win without even fighting how cool is that? The less predictability you have the more power you need.

The rules are different now. In the analog world you interact when you make contact. In the digital world we are always in contact you interact after verification. Who can you trust?

California announced they are starting "Media Literacy" and it's a good thing. They teaching how to spot a fake news article, they say young people today have no idea what is real and what is fake. This is all good and good to know,,,... but,.... its not the BIGGER picture that you need to know.

The bigger picture is "digital literacy" Media Literacy is the details, Digital Literacy is the 'concept." As you know AI is taking over everything by storm. Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson said the other day that he fears we humans are not ready to take on the world that is coming our way. he said it in a manner of "we're not gonna make it."

It's because we are not given HISTORY in proper context. We are taught in school that each historical discovery from Aristotle, Galileo, Issac Newton,Da Vinci, Kant, Descartes, Nietzsche, and Einstein, meant that we ALL got the memo. We all did NOT get the memo. For a hundred centuries. How could we back then?

In 1975 only 60% of Americans had a High School Diploma. Today over 60% of Americans believe in Astrology, ghosts and magic spirits. This is great if you're a musician, artist or comedian but if you're a regular citizen this won't cut it in the coming "networks" we are all being pushed into. A network environment where, "Zero Trust" protocols rule the roost. Network "permissions" dictate mobility. You won't even know what you don't know. AI will keep you "busy" and out of the way. or worse.

Every generation was brought forward by a small group. A small group of genius leaders, thinkers, pioneers, but that doesn't mean we all "got it" when it happened. We didn't we don't, we all don't "got it" even today. Ironically despite having free knowledge right in the palm of our hand we are back in 1973 with Bruce Lee asking ourselves, "who can I trust"? Thats what Bruce Lee said the year he died, right before he was to become the biggest star in the world, one of the biggest in history. His concern was he no longer knew who he could trust. That concern is thee one we all have right now today.

Neil DeGrasse is referring to, humans, in our current state we are no match for the coming AI, we are toast. All us regular folk out here are not a Astrophysicist like him so what can we all do? Without all that training we are no match for AI so don't even try, instead you should hack your Self. Everybody thinks they know them Selves. They don't really. AI can do Voice Cloning, today, right now, Imagine getting a call from your boss and its not her!

AI is slowly learning our human ways and how to Backward Engineer us, we have to get there first before it does. Where o where to start? I have the answer no not that but what we have here for you today is, a DIGITAL LITERACY EXAM. I just made it up so it's a work in progress but it is at least a place to start that nobody is talking about. The link to the The Digital Literacy Exam is below.

You may ask your self How did I get here? The globalization of information has begun the process of weaponization of authentication.

We tend to underestimate the transition from analog to digital as one of the greatest fundamental
changes in human history. Information is the battlefield. We are unprepared.

Let's briefly talk about the history of "trust." Before trust there was faith. You believed whatever the guy next to you said, you had faith in it. There was no other choice. No Smart Phones yet, you were illiterate. Then there were Kings. They had knowledge. "Information" became a thing. The Feudal system was born. Lords in Castles with Peasants. You can think of philosopher Hegel's "master-slave" analogy. After the Feudal system Information, truth, and facts, what little there was, stayed out of reach for the general public. It was the Hegel balance of power.

Instead of Hegel's master-slave analogy I'd like to call it Mass Collective and Individual Collective. Think of collective as a network. We (peasants) each live in our own little bubble (collective) within the collective (network) run by society (Kings). What we are witnessing today as the first generation to do so, is the merging of individual collective with the mass collective as the democratization of the verification of authentication of information (caused by globalization). This evens the playing field as we now all have Information, truth, and facts, right in the palm of our hand via Verizon, AT&T or Ryan Reynolds new phone service.

“Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”
  ― George Orwell

To see a thing uncolored by one's own personal preferences and desire is to see it in it's own pristine simplicity.
  ― Bruce Lee

To live a simple life and "get out of your own way" is very difficult. Keeping out of your own way is hard because it's difficult to "do nothing" and preserve pristine reality, but if you can do it the universe will favor your circumstance. For as what will be, will then be, uncontaminated, by you or me. What IS is meant to be.

  ― Chris Carter

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Globalization is merging networks and dragging along everything with it.

Information keeps switching file formats. The digitization "process" has enabled this. Digitization has become verbalized. Analog algorithms got off to a slow start

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We always hear that, "No civilization has ever lasted" they all collapsed. But what is a civilization? What is the critieria?

"When you think about the Chinese written language, there's absolutely no controversy that there's continuity from 3,250 years ago or so to the present," he said. Rowan Flad an archaeologist at Harvard University. 3,250 years same language but is that a criteria?

That same criterion can't be used elsewhere, Flad said. For example, the earliest writing in the Americas is about 900 B.C. Writing was also known to the Maya after about 250 B.C. But the Incas, for about 400 years until the Spanish conquest, seem to have had no writing, although they did use knotted cords called quipu to encode information.

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There are much more powerful ways to structure data, digital, is just the first good one we found. The future is organic algorithms. Computers will be gone, into the woodwork. We are swimming in organic algorithms like the compression ratio of DNA as one example. We have to hack humans before AI does. Meanwhile we're in the middle of a hundred year integration.

100 Year Transition

This is the 100 year process of integrating the arrival of the authentication of the verification of information. It's been democratized after 10,000+ years of being only available to a select few. Now it's democratized and everyone can have it. A 100 year transition period isn't very long.

Our transition from analog to digital is much better described as a transition from "unstructured" to "structured" data. Digital is not the only way to structure data. Eventually digital will be gone in the sense it will be automatic, part of the woodwork. We will go back to analog in a way we never knew. Everything will be analog organic algorithms and they will look back at us as "the great transition period."

Ones an Zeros is bloody brilliant as a way to tag data. Although it has limitations. Digital is limited by -Ones and Zeros. Organic algorithms can outperform digital any day its not even close. Humans are organic.

"The hottest new programming language is english," said Andrej Karpathy of OpenAI.

Talking to AI is becoming a high paying tech job, "Prompt Engineer." Did your parents complain you're an English Major with a worthless degree? Now you're an AI Whisperer making $280k. AI has jumped to the english language as it's latest format.

Humanity has been analog for centuries, we go digital and suddenly all hell breaks loose, we go to more change in 50 years than the past 5,000 years. It wasn't the Internet or the computer or the data that did this big change. It was the file formats. They gave data somewhere to be. The analog punch cards and tapes lived on islands until the internet came.

Phones, cars, Computers and the internet itself are no more stable than the 8-track tape player. At least the phonograph record player is hanging in there. They'll all be gone. Music, and our data, will go live on some other device in some other format file extension. Hard to predict when data decides to skip town and jump to another device.

This huge transition is one of the most fundamental changes in all human history because it changes everything. What is going on here? The simplest answer is that we are all becoming members of a common network. Globalization is behind this slowly pushing us into a common framework.

The transition is approximately from 1950 to 2050. I say it starts around 1950 because that is about the time that common information formats were invented. Computers, Phones, TVs, Cars, will come and go. Data will never go, it will just change formats. Jump to new devices. 

Could our mind jump to a new device? The human body isn't the greatest device, it has a lot of problems. Humans could go live on some other device in some other format. Zoologist Richard Dawkins invented the "Meme" he suggested Memes jump from one device to another and can live centuries. He explains this in the last chapter of his book, "The Selfish Gene." The key is "formats" i.e. file extensions.

Files were isolated until the internet connected everything and it's dragging all of us with it. America was founded on the idea we can all be the same by all being different. This worked fine. Until now. We are all still different but now the melting pot is becoming a closed system with an Administrator. The rules of a network don't go by amendments or emotions, or culture or political views. Network security is not a Democracy.

The rugged individualism self sufficient take care of my Self personae only works out because we are not on the same network. Nobody mentions this about colonies in space.

Living on the Mars Melting Pot? If you were on Captain Kirks Starship Enterprise you can't just do whatever you want light up a cigarette. It's not a democracy. Networks have rules so one person doesn't sink the ship. Societies are supposed to have rules so no one person can sink the ship. Today those rules are under attack. When you lose your perspective you don't know that you don't know. This behavior is not compatible with reality. 

Here on earth we are not there yet but the dependence on network administrators is coming, by default. No offense, no hurt feelings. Mundane digital networks. The coming organic algorithms will change the structure and definition of what a network is. Coding is already becoming beyond human capacity to manage. Hybrid organic admin forms will run cities, countries,. Governments will require this just to function. This kind of problem is going to smack us upside the head before SkyNet and the Sci Fi super AI Central Scrutinizer Yoshimi battle with the pink robots gets here.

"Yoshimi, they don't believe me But you won't let those robots defeat me"
 - Flaming Lips


That show Star Trek was ground breaking in using life not-on earth as a safe way to show how made-up human social construct doesn't always make sense. They usually had a social commentary, themes, motifs, on sexism, feminism, racism and race relations as well as militarism and peace, along with all major social issues of the 1960's. You might as well say 1860 and 1760 it was always here. Today is different.

The rules have changed. This turns our world upside down because now my freedom and liberty bumps into yours and now we have to redefine what is freedom and liberty. Humans can't get this straight on earth how in the world could they do it on Mars?

The velocity of instability today is greater than ever. DOD can change faster than ever. But it is still too slow. The future of requires a new approach. How do we develop algorithms that don't need as much data? How do we develop algorithms that we trust? Who owns reality?


What if someone comes along and is the complete opposite of me. They do things that offend me. They tell me my cognitive sovereignty is just wrong. Of course I would say no, your sovereignty is wrong. Regardless if I'm right or wrong, you imposing on me is the same type of imposition I am imposing on you. How come you can't see that neither one of us is talking about reality so what's the difference? You can't fix someone elses "alienation" using alienation. You have to fix (understand) your own alienation first before you can fix someons elses alienation. Author Speaker Chloe Valdary talks about this extensively in her Theory of Enchantment. Look her up. I don't understand why SEL (social and emotional learning) is so controversial. Who owns you? Isn't it you?


You mean who owns your reality. The culture of the day in whatever place you live owns the narrative, and that is your reality. Mike Tyson is telling Bill Burr that his wife inspired him to, "Liberate my Self from my Self." Bill Burr says, "How long did it take you to figure that out?" Mike says, "You can do it whenver you want to. That's one thing interesting about life is you can change your mind and change who you want to be whenever you want." Mike says this so deadpan so sincere and considering the crap he's gone through his words are downright inspiring.

Breaking out of a narrative or whatever it may be that's owning you is the tricky part. Who do you believe, who can you trust? The year Bruce Lee died when it was well known he was going to be the biggest star in the world he said, "I don't know who to trust anymore." Great question. For anybody.

On the good side the internet has also democratized the authentication and verification of information. Truth and facts are raining down on us like a tropical monsoon to battle all the flimflam. Back in the day (all of eternity) truth was always a form of currency but it was hard to get hold of. Today it's free and everywhere and it's value has skyrocketed. For better and for worse. Truth is made of words. Today it's a battle for what words mean.

We have to define our terms. Am I stuck in my own dialogue, stuck in my own head? Things are only getting tighter because artificial intelligence is becoming the network administrator. Sooner or later everyone and everything will answer to the net Admin. We need to straighten this out now not later.

LessWrong is an AI Forum and they are trying to decide if AI is going to change overnight and dominate us, or if it will take a long time and digest us real slowly. They even suggest AI might not ever be as cool as we are. I have been saying we will run into bigger problems before AI dominates our attention. It doesn’t take a super AI to get us chasing our tail. We can do it fine all by ourselves. Stuff happens let's learn how to not sink the ship. Trouble is always coming, let's not get it here ahead of schedule. "Don't Sink The Ship."


We are all in this together. For years various experts have warned it is a dangerous road to go down giving away control of our verification of authentication to algorithm without safeguards for exponential growth that goes beyond human capability and comprehension.

Very subtle changes can change the way we ingest information. I don't think we are going to have a doomsday moment. I think we'll see more of what is already started. Our behaviour is slowly being modified. I don't see it as Man vs Machine, I see it as Man screws over Man using Machine.

British Tech Philosopher Tom Chatfield said, "What's at stake isn't so much a question of human versus machine as it is of informed choice versus nudged compliance." In other words we are slowly being hacked. We have to intercept this. See algebra algorithm "Decoding Jeet Kune Do" at the top of the page.

Now we have 1,000 AI Researchers signed an open letter calling for, "a six-month “pause” on large-scale AI development beyond OpenAI’s GPT-4."

Nobody is going to do that. Especially in other countries. Doesn't this remind you of the Atomic Bomb? If we don't do it somebody else will. If we do it you can't put the Genie back in the bottle. The big difference is that you can't sneak an A-Bomb attack, with this stuff you could? This is why I say you, want to know you, before something else does. So far, we have a very poor record of understanding this.

The first open letter (there's been more letters now) says, "As stated in the widely-endorsed Asilomar AI Principles, Advanced AI could represent a profound change in the history of life on Earth, and should be planned for and managed with commensurate care and resources. Unfortunately, this level of planning and management is not happening, even though recent months have seen AI labs locked in an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand, predict, or reliably control."

An even bigger concern than changing life on earth is regular ole in-house AI running IT. At some point network security could get so far ahead of us we can not understand what it's doing. Even worse, AI could change our direction the very future of humans so subtly that we couldn't perceive it. Large portions of our past history could be redefined or erased, far more than it already has been.

Verification of authentication makes "reality" become consistent. This can be traumatic for America the land of the individual, liberty, the free spirit. Individual rights. America was founded on the idea we could all be the same by all being different. This works great. Until it doesn't. The future is getting here fast and is requiring some sort of digital literacy and some sort of network, for everyone.    

This opens up a brand new front in the realm of our personal health defense. This has elevated information and knowledge. Information is the new battlefield and there is no longer a difference between soldiers and civilians.

It's really quite astounding if you think about how important we are in this current generation. A hundred years from now they will look back at our generation as a historical focal point in a transition of humanity.

The AI revolution is on the scale of the Industrial Revolution probably larger and deliberately faster.
 - Kai-Fu Lee

AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on.
AI is . . . . more profound than electricity or fire.
 - Sundar Pichai

"Algorithm" is arguably the single most important concept in our world.
 -Dr. Eric Topol

Eric Topol is the Founder and Director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, Professor, Molecular Medicine, and Executive Vice-President of Scripps Research. As a researcher, he has published over 1,200 peer-reviewed articles, with more than 250,000 citations, elected to the National Academy of Medicine, and is one of the top 10 most cited researchers in medicine. His principal scientific focus has been on the gnomic and digital tools to individualize medicine.


The Digitally Literacy Exam. Open the exam here. This is an exercise in self communication. There are no wrong answers.

Bogart 9 Digital Literacy Exam


What is the algorithm for the scope of ideas that are concering or worthy of attention? Part of this project is to decipher the algorithms of Jeet Kune Do. I think that process has revealed the second part of this project, "What Would Bruce Lee Be Doing Today." I think he would be doing his very last movie and it goes like this- Year 2039 (before Bladerunner 2049). Humans are united against some sort of AI monstrosity. The AI knows most of human moves and is ten steps ahead of them. Ryan Reynolds and Bruce Lee figured out how to "intercept" the AI algorithm because Bruce is an expert at interception and spent a lifetime doing it. Jeet Kune Do literally means intercepting. The AI is onto this and the military, society, and Chuck Norris, have to protect Bruce's life whilst we figure out how to nullify the AI. In the 3rd Act of the movie just as the AI is enslaving the human race by turning them against each other, Ryan and Bruce help Elon Musk's AI Lab develop a counter AI that saves humanity and everyone lives happily ever after. On Mars.




Army Privates

I first learned Jeet Kune Do in 1980 when I was a Private in the Army. Our Instructor Sgt. Don Lee from Seattle (no relation) said we will learn something important the very first day. He showed us the eye jab and how to stand properly. He said it was like Fencing. Me and Tim thought oh wow we know something and its only the first day.
Here is something on the first page. It's called the Geospatial Health Psychology algorithm for your Health Defense. Self Defense is only a subset. Bruce Lee lived it all as one. That's nice but we are not Bruce Lee. He said not to try to be him. (Nobody listens to that good advice)

In the September 1971 issue of Black Belt magazine Bruce Lee wrote an article called, "Liberate Yourself From Classical Karate." He describes a hypothetical martial artist and speculates on the man's goals. He says this man, "resists the temptation to "organize" some "truth" that he discovered, as this is a common tendency in man's search for security and certainty in life." After the man's death his students took "his" hypothesis, "his" postulates, "his" inclinations, methods, and turned them into law.

Impressive creeds and ceremonies were invented. Rigid philosophies and patterns formulated, until finally a institution was erected. Bruce then says, "In so doing the man's well-meaning, loyal followers not only made this knowledge a holy shrine but also a tomb in which they buried the founder's wisdom."

He said that in 1971. He passed away in 1973, not knowing that the "man" was going to be himself, that he had predicted. In the story about this man we are supposed to feel we are wrong to fall in love with a martial arts creeds, it's techniques, it's methods, it's style, etc. He wants us to be pragmatic. He didn't live long enough to see that his legacy has gone way beyond pragmatic marital arts.

He changed the world and was only just getting started. He probably wouldn't like that we don't have a problem with anything that "Bruce Lee" cooked up whether it's half ass or not. We'll take an inclination, a postulation, a lump or a smidgeon, we'll take everything he's got, for the next 50 years. And we did. He says don't do this. He tells us not to want to be him. But we do. So much for his requests.

I think it has taken us 50 years to finally catch up to Bruce Lee. It is now time to go forward. Past Bruce Lee 1973, I know many folks don't want to go, but we have to. The definition of endangerment has changed so significantly past 1973 it's a whole new battlefield. You are now fighting ghosts. Your fancy physique and using Kung Fu does not work on ghosts. The transition we are going through today is literally like going from horse and buggy to combustion engine it's that big. This is not your grandpa's Jeet Kune Do.

SkyNet Car

This doesn't mean Jeet Kune Do is obsolete, it just means we have to start listening to what he said i.e. don't be stuck in 1973. In the magazine article he goes on and on about being stuck in methods, techniques, styles, boundaries, limits, fluidity, rigidity, etc. confinement, he says, "Truth Cannot Be Confined." We all know this, we all read the Tao Of Jeet Kune Do yet we refuse to leave 1973, because it's Bruce Lee! He's practically begging us to leave him behind, and forget Bruce Lee.

Well I have some news for Bruce Lee, if he is looking down upon this page and listening, Jeet Kune Do contains some algorithms that even he doesn't know the power and potential they have. He knew this was bigger than him. He describes combat "as is" total and includes the "is" as well as the "is not" without favorite lines or angles. That means your Smartphone and AI is not out of play.

Let us now go forth and uncover these algorithms that will take Jeet Knue Do forward another 50 years. We must decode Jeet Kune Do.

Decoding Jeet Kune Do


I'm not building I'm removing.
This page will grow smaller not bigger.
Like a block of stone being reduced into sculpture.
You need to re-visit occasionally as I chisel away the chafe.

It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.
- Bruce Lee


We are going to take Jeet Kune Do into the future. To predict the future. Mandatory viewing is, "I Am Bruce Lee Documentary" its on YouTube. It's the people who know him telling it like it is. Gene LaBelle scares me. Dude is real.

Decoding Bruce Lee

On a global level most people only know Bruce Lee as a fighter action hero. They have heard a few quotes and know that he has insightful wisdom but they don't know where to start. You can start with this project. Jeet Kune Do represents your starting point in life because, it's ahead of everything all politics all issues of any kind it is YOUR base core being and you're first priority in life is to defend that. When you are being threatened you don't have time to think What Would Jesus Do, What Would Bruce Lee Do, Where's My Bodyguard, wheres my blah blah blah you may have seconds to react. This is not only the physical, this is the cyber and psychological. You are being attacked if not daily for sure weekly. If you don't know that then it's all the more reason you need Jeet Kune Do. The attack surface today is bigger than it was 40 years ago. What is the definition of endangerment? 

On this project we're going to concentrate on what and where Bruce Lee would be today, if he were here to say. He would be 80+ years old so his priorities would have evolved. He wanted to express his ideas in movies.

I wrote and rewrote this page so many times its not funny. I vowed to not go in the weeds, nobody likes thick metaphysical weeds. Yet every time I end up going into the weeds and it gets lengthy and makes the garden look unscientific. I need to go pull some weeds now.

garden with Sound

Think of this garden here as bite sizes, you don't have to start anywhere on this page. You can skip around and only go into the weeds when you want to. For context you should read this definition of terms first.


Do you wonder if there is any difference or separation, between Bruce Lee the person and his art of Jeet Kune Do? He has always said there is no difference or separation and he lives and breathes his philosophy. Perhaps this is the reason he has talked about not giving his martial art a name? He felt the name could be a distraction from the art. For any artist, actor, musician, it is a dilemma because they don't want to be "pigeon holed" yet that's the exact way people discover you exist.

“Jeet Kune Do is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one's back.”
  -Bruce Lee

In the beginning Bruce and Dan didn't know there would come to be very few people on planet earth that don't know Bruce Lee exists.

If you had only one word to describe Bruce Lee/Jeet Kune Do that word would be "intercept." There continue to be endless attempts to unravel Jeet Kune Do. I want to take a little different approach. Let's decode the algorithms. As the great Voltaire said, "if you wish to converse define your terms." He's right, so what is algorithm?


Algorithm is typically thought to mean digital computer code. It's way more general than that. Algorithm is basically a set of step by step instructions to create an outcome, like a cake recipe. Except algorithm doesn't just make cakes, it makes everything. Actually physics makes everything, algorithm is the humans describing the process to each other.

The natural world just does it and there was no need to describe it, until humans came along. Early humans began describing and labeling everything. Soon physics was a career path. To describe physics in a step by step manner i.e. algorithm, is a made-up human social construct that enables a physics professor to explain it to the rest of us. The better the algorithm the easier it is to understand physics, or anything for that matter. Bruce Lee said, "True refinement seeks simplicity."    


“You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

      ―  Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Mr. Moynihan is right but when it comes to power to get what you want it doesn't matter. The beliefs we have which increase our confidence, whether true or not all have the same power to get us what we want when the outcome depends on our own performance. This is why “facts” can lose their power in the arena of algorithms. There are political algorithms known as "dog whistles." But they could be any kind of whistle. They call it dog whistles because it works regardless of what content the dog thinks it is. Even more to the point every dog is a little different. And a Cat is really different.

Beware of the Cat sign

Renown Scripps scientist Dr. Eric Topol said, "Algorithm is arguably the single most important concept in our world." He said that because algorithm is our window into how the world works. Algorithm is a bigger set than mathematics, biology, or science, because it is not bound by numbers like math is. It could be colors, it could be emotion, it could be intuition, it could be God, it could be music. Math could be all those things but that would require algorithm to do it. Physics is behind everything and you could say algorithm is the description of the glue that holds it altogether. Math and science can not describe God but algorithm could.

The History channel showed a Biography called, "How Bruce Lee Changed the World." It features celebrities, actors, comedians, musicians, explaining how Bruce Lee influenced them and the takeaway they used for their craft and career. The takeaway is the algorithm. How could this one man inspire so many different types of people? People of all walks of life are able to grab a little piece of algorithm from Jeet Kune Do to use or inspire them in whatever it is they are doing. It has inspired me to find out how it inspired me. We are going to decode this very process. This is like magic when you can take the essence of one thing and apply it to something completely different. This is why I spend so much time talking about the algorithm of things.

There are "extra" senses that humans are not in tune with. One of these we know as "magnetic fields." Animals can sense (the algorithm) and use and navigate by the earths magnetic fields yet we look at theses animals and there is no organ no orifice no appendage to do this. We have no indication how they do it. Only certain animals can do this, the other animals don't go around saying they can. Only humans do that. This is illogical human behavior. For eons you just believed what somebody else said, there was no way to know otherwise, you were lucky you could even read. You didn't know that you didn't know.

In 350 BC Aristotle invented science and critical thinking. We like to say this was a big milestone for everyone, and it was, but who's everyone? Very few people in the world saw Aristotle's webpage or knew any epistemology, psychology, anthropology or cognitive science. Reality was around but it was always optional. Most of us never knew there were options. There were no SmartPhones, no TV, radio, no internet, no social media, so how could we know.

Surely critical thinking and science arrived to us in the Enlightenment, or was it the Renaissance, or did it come in the Industrial Age? Hollywood wanted to make sure reality doesn't arrive and created the notorious "Hays Code" movie ratings. A system designed to keep reality out of the movies, no sex drugs rock n roll allowed. Even Elvis presley is dangerous. His hips shake. Harmful to kids.

Hound Dog Blues

Modernity as we know it and Hollywood, arrived close to the same time. Somewhere near 1900. This changed everything. In America that is. Hollywood represented mass communication for the first time in history. Hollywood quickly realized reality doesn't sell. Quite the opposite sells extremely well. The movies revolved around escaping reality. In those days reality was not considered what we know it to be today i.e. smart facts, truths you want to seek. Back then reality was considered "ugly" it was things you don't understand that ruin your weekends. Definitely not something you would actively seek out. Similar to the 1960's when if, you cared about your Health you were a, "HealthNut" as in nutjob whacko. I think avoiding reality kind of peaked in the 1960's. By the 1960's everything looked pretty fake. Especially Kung Fu movies. All the movies did. This brought the arrival of "New Hollywood." A realism from directors like Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, Francis Ford Coppola. Making things seem even a little bit real was very new and exciting.

By the early 1970's the Hays Code was dead and Bruce Lee's career was maturing and poised to ride that new wave. He brought a realism that didn't involve culture or politics and it appealed to everyone all over the world. His plan was stop teaching and working at his schools and put everything into movies. Unfortunately he passed away in 1973. We'll never know how real his realism would have been. His realistic take on sparring influenced the UFC and MMA.

Reality pretty much stayed in the movies it still wasn't in people's everyday lives yet. Walter Cronkite was all we had. The beginning of the democratization of reality began with the arrival of the internet. This brought two important things, one was the availability for everyone to see the same thing at the same time. This never happened in all our history. The second important development was network security because it required the authentication of the verification of information. By default. No hurt feelings. This didn't mean the end of fantasyland but it did mean there was now a widespread mechanism for facts, truths, and reality. It spread over the whole world when everything jumped to cell phones. In only 25 years we saw this democratization of the authentication of the verification of information. I think it happened too quickly for humans to adjust.

Hot Dog Dragster

Most people are not happy with this arrival of reality being authenticated. Parallel realities began to appear and compete. All this happened within a few decades, the schools, governments, the police, every pillar of society is having a hard time keeping up. Alternate reality was always sci-fi and entertainment. Today alternate realities have become mainstream and threaten to re-write history. This is behind all the polarization we have today. People don't want to let go of the old way where you can see everything with your eyes. On that day. You've heard of "NIMBY" not in my backyard, this is "ORIMBY" only real if it's in my backyard. That means everything is literal, binary, and today, if I can't see it then it doesn't exist. In America you are free to believe whatever you want, as long as it doesn't sink the ship. The ship is called, "Democracy."

Having your own opinions and your own facts would be fun and games if it weren't for the arrival of artificial intelligence. Letting AI help us is a great thing in so many ways. To do this AI backward engineers us. Humans are being backward engineered. The Turing Test was supposed to tell when a computer fools a human, this is obsolete as we now know any cheap computer can fool a third of the population without much effort. This is fun in comedy, movies, music, entertainment. It's a lot fun, until it isn't. We have to be careful what we wish for. We need to intercept this part of our mind before AI does. If artificial intelligence tunes into this before we do it can spin us in a way that we won't know that we don't know. Right now we don't even know the difference between weather and climate. Simple things Aristotle told us we don't even know. Our public education system was never based on teaching critical thinking. That's why it's under attack today. The attacks on public education are code for "It needs to be my version of liberalism or my version of conservativism" as opposed to simply Critical Thinking Skills. Nobody wants those yuk. Unfortunately keeping us confused like this is good ratings, good for controlling agendas, good for certain businesses, great for trolls and military and political disinformation campaigns.

Robot Dogs

What can you do? You can intercept your Self. Before somebody or something else does.

The Turing Test is reversed, humans now have to use the Captcha test to prove they are not a computer. Human cognitive ability has grown at a snails pace for centuries and now suddenly it's growing exponentially way too fast for everyone to keep up with. AI has been unleashed like the Manhattan project. Nobody quite knows what is going to happen. I seriously doubt anybody is going to stop or even slow down AI development, that means we can't "protect" the population we have to inform and educate. We feign protecting the population from sexual education, financial slavery, deception in politics, racial history, much of history. All of that folly is not the game changer like this coming wave of artificial intelligence is going to be. All of that folly is the fuel AI is using to learn. For better or worse.

The appetite grows by what it feeds on.

– Richard Vernon

We need to learn how to hack our selves, before AI does. The race is to get to the algorithm of the verification of authentication before AI does. Because AI could take us backward, slowly erasing history, until there's there's fewer and fewer people left who remember real history. We don't have a lot of time, history is already being eroded, we're having to fight battles we already won. In the next 10 to 30 years everything is going to really be different. Possibly drastically. We do not know our Selves like we think we do. It's an illusion. AI can easily get us to, "take the bait" and end up in some rabbit hole, or worse. Computers are now hacking each other, us humans are on the sideline watching. Today we have to prove to the webpage we are human.


Aristotle's version of science was mostly based on what you can observe. Now we have modern science that goes way into the microscopic weeds looking for truths they say have turned out to be deeply hidden. That's great but what good is it? I mean right now for you and me? I love science but I'm not a scientist. I need something I can use right away. Today.

What about Cognitive Science? What's that?

Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary, scientific study of the mind and its processes with input from linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, computer science/artificial intelligence, and anthropology. It examines the nature, the tasks, and the functions of cognition (in a broad sense). Cognitive scientists study intelligence and behavior, with a focus on how nervous systems represent, process, and transform information.

Some people don't want to know how the sausage is made. I want to know because I tell my Self all kinds of bullshit stuff, and that's fine, and it's funny, but I want to know at least a little bit, is any of it real? This is going to be a new career skill. It's already starting to get difficult and the media companies are responsible.

The race has begun. Who will get to the algorithm first. I feel a peripheral sense, a feeling that everyone and every thing is moving toward a certain set of Gateways. Whoever controls these Gateways controls the direction (forward or backward) of humanity as we know it. What is a Gateway? It is a tangible piece of hardware and software that allows information to flow from one discrete network to another. That is a physical Gateway a piece of equipment using digital code. Easy to engineer. What if it's a different kind of network, with no physical equipment or familiar formats? We know "networks" as digital highways of computer code. We need to redefine what we consider is a Network. What if it's a analog organic network with a organic Gateway?

Man in a Salad

The organic Gateway is a whole other ball game. There is no hardware or software or digital code. The organic algorithm can be in any format, it is boundless. It's a form of social engineering using unknown incompatible formats. It is not easy to engineer. Let's try one right now here we go;

No more credit from the liquor store, eyes are all wide and my shoes is all wore. Tired and lonely, my heart is all sore. Advance romance. I can't stand it no more. You know she told me she loved me, I believed what she said. Took me for a sucker, boy, all corn-fed. Next thing I knew she had a bolt on the door. Advance romance. I can't use it no more, no, I can't use it. They took George's watch like they always do. (It was a Timex, too). No more money, boy, I shoulda knew. The way she do me, boy. She might do you, too. Advance romance, oh yeah evil I am through. Yes, i am through. Potato-head Bobby was a friend of mine. He opened three of his eyes in the food stamp line. He opened four of his eyes in the food stamp line. He opened five of his eyes in the food stamp line. He opened six of his eyes in the food stamp line. He wanna try it one time. At least one time later that night they dropped on by. Told her all they wanna do was step up and say "Hi." Half an hour later she had frenched his fry. Frenched his fry. Advance romance. Say good-bye

Having said all that, from a pragmatic strategy. Bruce Lee said I should be pragmatic. When it comes to you defending you, only you, know what to do. I need to know what I can trust. All we need to become a budding cognitive scientist is to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. A college degree that does not make, ok but this is martial arts we're talking about. There are no colored Belt ranks in Jeet Kune Do.   

The whole idea of this Decoding Project is to use algorithm as a way to simplify what Bruce Lee, Alan Watts, Sam Harris and other brainiacs say so we regular folks can harness this power. I tend to use sarcasm and humor to paraphrase in depth technical subjects to make it more user friendly. If it's entertaining it's not a long slog through boring tech speak. What I get wrong is not worth worrying about economically because you can easily lookup things and go into rabbit holes on your own and confirm my gist of the matter. I hope that, I encourage it. In today's world of information overload it's critical to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff in a short amount of time. Everyone who is not doing that is getting left behind. With AI grabbing more cognitive real estate every year makes it even more important than ever.

In fact getting good at deciphering the gist of things by using verification is better known as critical thinking and it's a needed skill to understand the algorithm of interception.

Sometimes it's about the journey not necessarily the destination.

"A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves as something to aim at."
- Tao of Jeet Kune Do


Attention span gets shorter and shorter the more information that nonstop piles onto us every day. Algorithm has no philosophy it is just glue.

Not all martial arts have a philosophy, some just call its methodology it's philosophy. You might say isn't Bruce Lee's philosophy his algorithm? No. Yes. Maybe. Sometimes. An algorithm is a precise set of rules or procedures for solving a problem or completing a specific task. Philosophy is typically not precise, it's ambiguous nature is it's strength because it can go anywhere. Philosophy can be intuition or an an educated guess and doesn’t necessarily provide answers. Algorithm can be vague solutions from concrete steps. Philosophy is vague steps that sometimes offer concrete solutions. Vague, concrete, ambiguous, things can get all blurry.

Algorithm is only the formulae it could be precise or vague. Algorithm is not married to any form. It might be a heuristic approach, the algorithm may not be fully specified or may not guarantee correct or optimal results, especially in problem domains where there is no well-defined correct or optimal result. in another example the transition from one state to the next is not necessarily deterministic; some algorithms, known as randomized algorithms, incorporate random input. It's just a formulae, a recipe. We look for the best algorithms.

Bruce said you want a nice balance of control and natural instinct. You have to take control of You. This makes perfect sense today, in 1973 it's sounded mythical. Magical. It was, and I think it still is. That is why we have to decode Bruce Lee.

The term algorithm started out as analog thinking. Since at least 1811, the term algorithm is attested to mean a "step-by-step procedure" in English. All through the 1800's algorithm was thought of "the most effective" ways to solve math, numbers, differential calculus. Only math brainiacs used the term. Regular folks didn't know it's powerful analog status to describe EVERYTHING. Alan Turing may be the bridge to bringing the term to the general public. He was using human characteristics as descriptors of machines in metaphorical ways with terms such as "memory", "search" and "stimulus."

After the internet came along and social media was invented is when the term really became "public" and it got glued to computers as we know it today. It is time to take it back to its analog roots because in the analog world "algorithm" is ultimate and exponentially more powerful than anything digital. It's a "tool" we can all use to describe and unravel the most powerful things known, and unknown.

Alan Watts in 1967 said "Science is the art of definition" and science is the basis of thought. Today we call that algorithm. On the classroom board Alan Watts is drawing shapes with a paint brush explaining how our mind uses angles to construct things. He is referring to how our mind uses a system of "prediction errors" to create re-create things from things we already know. Our mind is constantly "predicting" what is next and it uses stuff it already knows and only brings in "new reality" when it is forced to. Sam Harris calls it a system of "prediction error." I didn't make this stuff up. It's cognitive science. It's been proven from studying Brain damage victims. Alan Watts is talking about it before it was invented! He had a habit of doing that.

He is doing what we now call data visualization. He talks about what you "see" in your minds eye, he is talking cognitive neuroscience in how your mind constructs (predicts) things based on past experience. With that, Alan Watts says we can "predict" what things are going to do next. Today we call that predictive link analysis using data visualization. If Allan Watts were here today he would be amazed that we actually can Predict the future. Big tech steals our data to predict us constantly, and without our permission! Where is Alan Watts when you need him!

Algorithm itself is an act that does not refer to anything asserted in it. Algorithm is not a fixed term. It doesn't exist. Until it does. It makes an appropriate connection for a particular mission. Then it disappears again. It has no beginning and no end until it becomes a boat to get across the river, once across it is no longer needed. It only lives as long as the river crossing is wide. 

Algorithm has boundless expansion like water fills the shape of the river. Algorithm is not the cultivation of any particular segment of the river that unites into the totality of the flow but rather the totality of the flow that unites that particular segment of the river. 

The algorithm of consciousness could be the simultaneous birth and death of awareness. Consciousness is the nonstop verification of authentication of information. It's possible that consciousness is the continuous search for the source of alienation. The source is not the target, it's just the easiest thing to aim at that will reveal the source.

You can't look at alienation without naming it, and naming it causes alienation -unless the names come from the source, not me, not you. The tendency is to manipulate control rather than investigate the source of instigation. It's not intuitive to see things without naming them. Discovering where the names come from is to uncover any source of alienation. Naming things cannot be defined without using names. The way to name things without using names is to not depend on names to name things. Use no limitation as limitation. Then it will all be clear. Expand your cognitive language beyond "words" you already know. Feelings that you can not describe are untouchable, they can be repressed, covered up, by excuses or alcohol or drugs, or some other behavioural thing for distraction. Once you can describe things you are halfway there. A problem well-stated is halfway solved.

"The comeback is always greater than the setback."
  - Mike Sorrentino

The struggle you should have, is the struggle against having struggles.
  - Chris Carter 

Here is a link to the first project that got this project started:

If you had to pick one -Power or Predictability, which would you choose? Power sounds good but it's not predictable. With predictability you get power for free. Two for one. It's Health Defense.

Total Health Defense

Total Health Defense

Here we will start decoding Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do. Why decoding?
I believe he was only just starting to say what he wanted to say. He handed off his schools to Dan Inosanto so he could concentrate on using movies to express his concepts and ideas. Let's look for evidence he was talking about so much more than just Kung Fu fighting. 


Bruce Lee was a human sensor. With his incredible speed he was able to act upon his sensory information before an opponent could react on theirs. We don't need to talk about this incredible speed it's very well documented. Let's talk about cognitive speed and detection. Martial Arts For The Mind. Jeet Kune Do means "intercepting fist." If you intercept the cognitive (neural) message before it gets to the fist you can disrupt the strike before it gets anywhere. He passed away at age 32 before he could fully expand the concept of interception within the cognitive realm. He was going that direction so that's what we're going to do here today. We're going to use geospatial tools to map the human cognitive landscape so we can see the human terrain and do some interception.

Very few people could match the physical speed of Bruce Lee but using cognitive speed evens the playing field. Can this be a standardized methodology that anyone can use? I say it can be.

We know Bruce was all about intercepting opponents physical attacks but what about intercepting their mind? That episode of Longstreet where Li Tsung (Bruce Lee) says, "I intercepted your emotional tenseness. You see from your thought to your fist how much time was lost." We do know that neural impulses can travel 275mph and as slow as 2 mph. Certainly that arrangement must be different for everybody.


Generally speaking, intercepting cognitive activity is related to a form of signals that travel through the air towards you and into your body as electrical physiological impulse messages traveling at various speeds on series of cable-like pathways through an organic tunnel network of human tissue. So to speak.

Can you "intercept" these signals on the path to the brain to the limbs? Neural impulses can travel at 2 miles per hour or 200+ miles per hour. But even this speed is 3 million times slower than the speed of electricity through a wire. If you stub your toe, you won't feel the pain for another two or three seconds, because pain signals generally travel only about two feet per second. It's doubtful you will ever intercept any signals, you will intercept your lack of reaction to the signals. All of this is your arrangement of your organic algorithms.

This is cognitive science Bruce is talking about. And it wasn't invented yet. The field of Cognitive Science had just started right around that time. All the great cognitive science discovery happened within the past 20 years imagine if he had all these decades to work on this.

He was a philosopher, he was researching people like Laozi, Jiddu Krishnamurti and Alan Watts to name just a few. He had a giant personal library of books to reference for looking at ways to maximize the human potential. He said this potential can be taught but not standardized because each individual has different needs. Could this be a polite way of saying everyone lives in their own custom version of reality so it's a case by case basis? Is this a polite way of saying nobody is normal? I believe there is no such thing as normal. I mean the way we bandy it about. There are very few normal people and very few mental people. Most of us are scattered throughout in-between.


There are powerful organic algorithms floating all around us, we're swimming in them. Bats use Sonar but they’re born with it so that doesn’t help us. We can look at the clever ways Bats use the Sonar, those are algorithms we can use. We now have the compression algorithm of DNA and it’s way more powerful than anything on the best computers, it can fit the entire internet in a bottle cap, needs no electricity, and will last for 5 thousand years. Unfortunately, to compress and uncompress the DNA algorithm requires more work than its benefits. It’s like having a magic wand that is too heavy to pick up and use. We need stuff easy to use. What is some compression we can use?

Many of Jeet Kune Do’s "simplicity" techniques could be seen as forms of a compression algorithm. In the way Jeet Kune Do looked at traditional martial arts and said maybe this can be simplified at the same time made more powerful. 

Bruce Lee's incredible speed power and extreme workouts is not the magic of Jeet Kune Do. The way he talks about it, the algorithms, is the magic of Jeet Kune Do. Simple things with massive implications. Look for simple ways to improve your health as an example of simple things with massive implications. Now that is magic anyone can pull off. Due to cultural socio political implications society does not teach this to the extent we should. We can't even agree with the basic "Food Pyramid."

Remember when Tim Berniers give away the internet? He invented the World Wide Web and gave it away saying, "This is for everyone." He would be the richest man on planet earth if he kept it. And we would be getting way more tech screwed than we already are. He’s still alive, and he’s not happy about the way we’re being hi-jacked by a handful of tech giants, thriving on a system of “surveillance capitalism.” This is not what he ever envisioned.


Surveillance capitalism is a business model in which your data is not regarded as being your property. The EU is doing something about it, Americans don’t seem to really care. Americans don’t see a problem with giving away your data in exchange for free beer. This is so pervasive and normalized it has given tech monopolies a version of too big to fail.


Animals use clever algorithms, they can smell fear, they can detect the pheromones that come off of your skin. We can mimic that trick using machines to detect the presence of neural impulses. This feedback trick lets us detect fear, excitement, sorrow, if only we could do it without the machine.

Bruce Lee will tell you about keen observation, perception, and his sense of intuition. But that's him what about us? Are there other ways of detecting the feedback that reveals neural messages? Subtle micro facial expressions? Facial color alone can give away emotional states. Artificial intelligence could backward engineer us and find out what gives away emotional states. The fear, and rightfully so, is that AI will clue onto our organic "detection/s" before we do. Humans being left behind is not inevitable but how do we stand a chance against AI when there's millions of subtleties?

Right now Text-To-Image AI is so good the developers are afraid to release the full code to the public. What it can do is not fully predictable. This is why I say we have to intercept ourselves, before somebody or something does it for us. The TV set. How often am I being manipulated, by me!>? It's very difficult to be honest with your self if you don't know how your self communicates with your self. If you don't know you're lying then its not lies. You want to know. Some people feel it's their right to not know their own health. That's okay. Until it isn't. We need to learn about this stuff before AI does.

Just like humans require Water to survive, AI requires networks to survive. We need to drop our traditional notions of defining what a network is. Analog algorithms are infinitely more powerful than any digital ones. We are safe for now. We can’t survive in a all organic network. And AI is stuck in the mud with our patchwork matrix human thingy. For now.

Full Health Defense

Author Daniel Pinchbeck says, "I doubt obstructing AI development is possible." I would agree with him. It’s futile. One thing everyone seems to agree on is we are at a pivotal moment in history. I suggest it’s futile to guess which way things will go, or pay for a trip to Mars. In the meantime (for us regular folks) I recommend understanding the concept and power of organic algorithms since that is the danger zone and the hope zone. I know that sounds meek but let us not forget we have a secret weapon AI does not have —intuition.

Intuition is organic, it’s powers are not fully known, we all have access to it. AI uses horsepower for everything, intuition does not. We still don’t understand exactly how it works, and neither does AI. That’s why we better understand it before AI does. I’m not suggesting more or better intuition is going to save our ass, I’m suggesting the algorithm of Intuition is! Cracking it is. I hope. It’s a good idea regardless, for we need in our own personal well being in the madness coming our way. What do we use to hack the algorithm? Gotta fight fire with fire use Jeet Kune Do, decode the algorithm.   

Full Health Defense

What Are We Intercepting?

We want to use interception as a way of health defense. After all, a fight is about your health defense it is above politics and emotion of the situation. Before not too long ago, 100 years back, your so called "health" wasn't a thing. There was no definition of health. If you woke up you were healthy, if you were dying you were not healthy. Pretty binary. Only 400 years ago we discovered the brain is the cause of death not the heart or the breathing.

It's no wonder we never had the field of cognitive science. It is the main attraction and we never had it. Now that we do we can see it is the focal point behind everything we do. This gives us a foundation for making laws and rules about cognitive self defense and artificial intelligence. We used to think subliminal advertising was only a freak thing they used to do at Drive-In movie theaters in the 1950's. Today social media profits off our cognitive activity its become a business model. How come we don't get a cut of the royalties? Will the Brain Police come and help us? No.


Humans have always had a 100+ year lifespan but they rarely ever used it. Until now. All these eons we never knew the difference between germs and disease until Florence Nightingale piped up. Now that we know what the center of our health is, the brain, we know that we barely know anything about it. We need a Baseline. For comparative feedback. How can there be a baseline if every person has a different baseline? Each culture has its own version of the narrative of reality. How come we can't get everyone to agree on reality? Voltaire said define your terms. Okay what is reality?

Reality is not a thing it's a Time Constraint. A moving target. Your own personal time constraint is determined by the range of your sensory boundaries. When you look at it that way it's not hard to understand why so many people appear to live in a parallel or alternate reality. In all of human history nobody could agree who owns reality. There was no common baseline. No common narrative. Just make up new rules. Every culture has their own version of the common narratives.

It behooves us to "intercept" and understand our cognitive boundaries before somebody or something else does. Before AI does. The more you know your self the more you can protect your self. And know your opponent? Sun Tzu said something to this effect. Sun Tzu never got cyber attacked or his brain hacked or his digital footprint cracked. Let's cut to the chase.

Bruce Lee said it's very hard to express yourself honestly. We always assumed the definition of lying means "not true." This is inaccurate because if your personal reality says it's true then it's not lying. Bruce was a big fan of Jiddu Krisnamurti and he talks about, "a different kind of learning." He talks about accumulative learning, it's additive. it shows up on your resume.

You can see traces of Jeet Kune Do from what Krishnamurti says. Jiddu Krishnamurti said about learning, "When the mind is merely taking on, adding, acquiring, is it learning? Or is learning something entirely different?" He continues, "I say the additive process which we now call learning is not learning at all. It is merely a cultivation of memory, which becomes mechanical , like a machine, it is not capable of learning."

We've heard Bruce Lee talk about the, "mechanical man." So what is this "different" kind of learning they speak of? Alan Watts says we are all part of the universe. That gets to what I'm saying about a time constraint. The universe is expanding as we speak. It's moving. The planet is not in the same place it was yesterday. It moves, this creates time as a metric we can use. Bruce said life is made of time, don't waste time.  

Decoding Bruce Lee

The newest project in the Bogart 9 Laboratory is part of the oldest project. Back in 1983 I created "American Health Defense." It was supposed to be a new martial art based on Jeet Kune Do. At some point the name changed to TOTAL HEALTH DEFENSE because it was never really just an American thing. It's universal. After all who would base their own health on politics or a corporation or what some guy on TV said, that makes no sense. You can't get no satisfaction when a man comes on the radio telling you this telling you that?

Now that we're in the cyber age physically fighting people to solve your problems is not obsolete it's just so last century. If Bruce Lee were here today he would be very evolved into new psychological algorithms. He was way ahead of his time and still is today. This is why we have to Decode Bruce Lee. We're going to look at the algorithms. They are the hidden instructions behind everything we know and don't know.

Scientists know the ingredients of the universe from molecules to mountains from rules to reactions but what are the recipes that create the things we know in our mind? Interception is a algorithm from Jeet Kune Do. Life is a journey through a thick forest. You can take a path or you can just cut through the bushes. Getting on the right path is not all that hard to do, staying on it is the hard part. You can turn your path into a margin, a lane so to speak. Make it a safe space. Stay within the margin.

Algorithm says something about everything including itself. The definition of algorithm is itself an algorithm. I get the feeling JKD was going for that sense of an all inclusive dynamic. I like to call Jeet Kune Do an algorithm. It does a job then it disappears. It doesn't exist until it does.
Simple waves of Jeet Kune Do from Bogart 9
Bruce Lee didn't use the term algorithm but he used the concept as he was a master reductionist. He wanted to break things down and put them back together in a simple form. That was the main idea of his JKD. He said, "True refinement seeks simplicity." Steve Jobs said something like that too.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

 - Bruce Lee

This means we will execute tiny and sometimes very large algorithms every day. When we come up with something clever we can name it and claim it, as a algorithm. My favorite JKD algorithm is the one where he describes your worst enemy. He said, "Your worst enemy is the element of surprise. To defeat that enemy don't be surprised." It's timeless psychology that can go in so many directions. It's like a Hitchcock way of saying surprise is the worst thing that can happen because the attack is already over you're automatically in damage control the best you can do is, try not to be so far off it becomes impossible to adjust. Or is it a Zen like warning, advising us to practice being lucky?

How do we rehearse the Plan of having no plan. I like this algorithm because when it says do something (when there is nothing you can do) it puts the focus and your fate onto all your past training and experience. As the saying goes, "If you have to think then it's too late." If you don't provide your mind some muscle memory it will just grab any crazy thing, you're not even part of the equation.

Jeet Kune Do into the cyber age algorithm-

"There is no security. To defeat that just be better than the person next to you."

Be lost in a school of fish in plain sight. You can't do everything but you can do everything you can do like take an honest look around, your demise is coming, but for heaven sakes let’s not get it here ahead of schedule.

Some more of my own algorithms are listed on the side of these Fitness links:
Decoding Bruce Lee algorithm

Peter Gabriel Aims for Biofeedback-Powered Stage Show

This is very astute. Peter Gabriel is astute. On the subject of algorithms taking over humans he says "perhaps we just need better algorithms and we could do things."

Algorithms are not good or bad, they just are. "Technology doesn't want to be good or bad," said Apple CEO Tim Cook. "It's in the hands of the creator whether it becomes good or bad." You could say Capitalism is not good, or bad. It's run by incentives. The incentives are good or bad. Your life goes on with or without you, take control of your incentives. Dance with them, rather than fight them. Peter Gabriel said that about what he should do if algorithms try to takeover his incentives.

Peter is asked if algorithms could replace humans (musicians!). This is a veiled question asking are you worried? He is not worried. He says it’s a matter of better algorithms. In other words algorithm could try to replace me as a singer or a drummer but algorithm can’t replace my creativity. Peter is taunting Mr. algorithm!

This is the fear of Chat GPT, that it will replace secretaries, fast food workers, drummers, etc. As a graphic artist, AI Text to Image can do better Photoshop than I do, that means my "skill level" is no longer my savior? My creativity still is. I’m not afraid. I can make up new graphics.. AI is telling humans -Hey You Better Up Your Game. Jeet Kune Do tells me don’t fear it steer it. When pain comes along don’t act on it navigate it. Peter Gabriel says, "dance with them, rather than fight them." Bruce Lee said the exact same thing. In his own way of course (be like water). Don't get stuck on style, the best style is the one that fits you like a second skin, you just own it.  

Peter says see algorithm as this "amazing tool coming into our possession for extraordinary things." When he says ‘perhaps’ – protecting our future” he’s being optimistic about all this gloomy talk of AI enslaving us humans. The analogy would be the human race is a rock band, if we let computers replace the band members what do we still have a band left?

Peter ends with some very dark humor, … "I hope we don’t fall into that trap, but we can have a wonderful party on the way to jumping over the cliff.” Maybe he’s saying if our fate is doomed we should at least have fun going down with the ship. Fatal optimism? Monty Python told us to always look on the bright side of life. Prince said we should party like its 1999. Michael Jackson told us to look in the mirror.

Michael Jackson was ahead of his time. Back when he said look in the mirror pal if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change, we all thought it was just clever pop lyrics. Now that AI is here it is in our mirror and can influence every human institution. The bad news is that us wee individuals are not on the Board of Directors. The good news is us wee individuals are not on the Board of Directors. Us wee little folks are not beholden to Shareholders. We are now the new shareholders. The world is very small now days, we are all in this together. The robber barons can take over, if we let them.

“Jeet Kune Do is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one's back.”
  -Bruce Lee

Bruce was often guilty of speaking as Artist, Philosopher, Fighter, all at the same time. Yes guilty as charged and that is Jeet Kune Do. This is what separates JKD from all the others and in the beginning it was the source of friction with traditional martial arts.


So much knowledge was known back in the time of Aristotle and Socrates and where is it today? We have “ancient Chinese wisdom” that goes back even further. Reasonableness has been known.

I think the reason we don't use reason is because nobody in history has come up with a way to use "reality" without gaming it. Reality is too painful and a little ugly on the side. America defines reality as a land where you can dodge reality in any way you personally chose. We haven't worked the bugs out yet. America is an experiment in cognitive boundaries. I think Bruce Lee was exploring the map of cognitive boundary lines where reality meets our perception. That's what is so refreshing, he was getting real in a very grounded manner having nothing to do with politics. People come up with so much static I can't give it away on 7th avenue and when they run into Bruce Lee they see he was able to walk the walk and talk the talk. Just like Mike Tyson said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face." I use mental maps to decode Jeet Kune Do. I have a cognitive map I created using the Geospatial tools from ESRI. Why Geospatial tools?


It's about your opponent, which at a certain level is your own self. Your opponent, if you will, is in front of you. If you know where he isn't then you know where he is. This is a roundabout way of saying that you can cut problems in half. In Jeet Kune Do this is the center line concept. Sports players know this. If you can corral your opponent to the left (or the right) you don't know where he is but you know where he isn't. This cuts your problem in half. This is how you predict the future. You don't know what it is but you can know what it isn't. As long as you know it isn't bad then it's good. Generally speaking.

Francis Bacon said, "Seek ye first the good things of the mind and the rest will either be supplied or its loss will not be felt."

When you put your Self in this position, I call it a path, it's a margin, then you get what you need and the rest will be supplied or its loss will not be felt. Geospatial tools help you find a good path and navigate the path in this cognitive landscape. You don't have to purchase those expensive Geo tools, just use the same terms and descriptions. 

The cognitive perimeter where perception meets reality. You can only know it by the "terms" you use with your self. Or not use. Bruce tells his student, "don't think." To not know is one of our biggest fears we don't like the unknown but there is a hidden power of not knowing. It's a different kind of learning Jiddu Krishnamurti tells us. On that episode of Longstreet is that what Bruce Lee's character Li Tsung meant when he told Longstreet, "Free your ambitious mind"?

The field of Cognitive science is hardly 40 years old or so. You can lookup the full definition of cognitive science, for now I'll give you the short answer. It's "How You Talk To Your Self." This means defining your terms makes all the difference in the world. “Honestly expressing yourself... not lying to oneself... is very hard to do.” If you don't know you're lying then it's not lies. You want to know.

Cognitive science is showing us when we re-learn the wheel over and over every generation. Is our historical description of the idea of knowledge, intelligence and wisdom all wrong? We can't help judging the past from our current state of mind. For 300,000 years most people didn't live past age 30. The average person did not live long. If you only lived to be 30 or 40 why would you care about your health? Why would you look at the world the way we do today? There was always some very old people around, this tells us we always had the capability to live long.

Human lifespan hasn't changed, it's the longevity that changed. In the past 150 years or so suddenly human longevity doubled and tripled. This changes everything if you ask me. We know it's changed the military retirement system. All the retirement systems were not designed for you to live to be 80 or 90 and get way more out of it than you put in. 60 used to be considered old. It is not anymore. 60 is the new 70.

If you look up the definition of Reality you get two versions. One is some variation of "all the stuff out there." That can mean just about anything. The second one is barely any better. “The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.” This is telling us what idealistic and notional is not, okay then what is it? The assumption is it's the "normal" view. Normal used to be easy to define it never mattered that each person sees things a little different. That "little different" has become a lot as we know and grow our knowledge of the mind.

We don't need to go down the rabbit hole. We just want to know where our idealistic and notional ideas end and reality begins. This gives us an advantage to know this. I think Bruce Lee alludes to this by getting in front of all of it. He goes in front of politics and social constructs. This is important when someone or something is attacking you, things don't get more real than that.


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