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An exabyte is one billion gigabytes. British researchers said every word ever written since the invention of writing is around 50 exabyte's. Give or take a gasoline.

The human genome is 3.2 billion pairs of DNA strands. The genome of a corn plant is three times larger than the human genome.

In the future the DNA of marijuana, cocoa, and poppies will be used to make drugs in the Laboratory. Plant based drugs will be obsolete, too much trouble.

Did you know your Pet is collecting meta-data on you when they sniff your leg. A typical dog can smell what you did all day. A Bloodhound can smell what you did all week. Always know who your Pet is working for.

Those same British researchers found a way to use the storage algorithm of human DNA. They used it to store information "organically." This methodology requires no electricity or refrigeration and will last for 10,000 years. Using this technique every film and TV show ever made could fit in a coffee cup. The internet could fit in a thimble.

Before paper and books were invented there was no distinction between fantasy and reality. And no way to check it out. Whatever anyone said was true. It was like living in a Harry Potter movie. After printing was invented it got better, but not a lot. All the way up to 1960 most people would believe just about anything you told them. Today's cluelessness in our "crisis in reality" seems worse than ever, but reality it's not, it's just very vis able.

According to the government Digital Literacy web site the internet transactions in the USA are over 4 trillion dollars a year. According to the FBI web site the cyber Crime and fraud is only a measly few hundred billion dollars a year why bother. If it ain't broke don't fix it?????

The Inspector General Report of 2012 said the IRS sent 4 billion dollars out to fraudulent identities.

“Doctors prescribe medicine of which they know little, to cure disease of which they know less, in human beings of which they know nothing.”
- Dr. Eric Topol

Reformers have “enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order.”
- Machiavelli


What are some of the reasons nobody heard of President Obama's "Digital Literacy Program" that is now 7 years old? According to a FCC survey in 2009 1/3 of Americans refused to go online. Another 3rd thinks iTunes and Facebook make them digitally literate. Today everyone is being dragged into the digital world. You no longer have a choice to avoid it. The HealthCare system is now connected to the IRS your payment is based on your income level that you state in your tax preparation. Your retirement and security is getting increasingly more digital. We're in the process of building a digital middle class, that's the group between the Literate and the Luddites. They're pouring online in droves. Smart Phones are now outselling PC's. Unfortunately owning a Smart Phone doesn't really make you smart. It just makes your ignorance efficient. So now you can be digitally illiterate.

Back in the day you used have to go out of your way to get yourself known. They weren't going to put your name and address or anything about you out for free. Now it is the opposite. You have to PAY to keep yourself off the grid. The Credit Bureau will even sell you Insurance to guard all the Info THEY release.

The new digital middle class are not buying computers, Smart phones have killed the PC. They're using Phones and Pads and putting everything in the Cloud. The Cloud separates you from your files. The Cloud is fine, if you know what it means. Your computing should revolve around your files not the Cloud, or some software, or some company, or some APP, or new gadget, or a special Advisor, or any number of things offering to keep you separate from your files. Convenience vs Control. The more separated (and dependent) you become the more control and money you lose. All this used to not really matter. It does now. PC's were designed from the beginning to keep you away from your files, but at least you had them there with you. Now with internet in your pocket millions of people will not see a reason to understand what a file is or why on earth you would want to keep them at home. At home, on what? A Drive? What's that? The more separated you are from your files the more you head toward dependence.

Someday soon just about everything will be "in the cloud." The cloud will set a default level of efficiency for how things are run. We will be forced to keep up. Elon Musk said we won't be able to and we will all become house cats. Human Pets for Robots. Now that's pretty funny. Al Gore said Climate Change will wreck the planet. Steven Hawking said we will wreck it before climate change ever does, he said we only have 100 years to leave the planet. Hmmm. But if we're house pets we can't leave the yard! If one of us is a Beagle he could tunnel under the fence so we can all get out. Mark Zuckerberg said everything will be just fine all that that panicky stuff is nonsense. Thanks goodness.

Quotes from President Obama’s 2013 Nov. news conference on the Affordable Care Act: "What we're also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy." "And you know, buying health insurance is never going to be like buying a song on iTunes. You know, it's just a much more complicated transaction."

He didn't say, "Digital Literacy" because that would scare everyone. Digital Literacy is still new, nobody knows what it is. Chaotic out there. Right now Digital Literacy is whatever anyone selling you something says it is.


Are You digitally dumb, internectually challenged, computerally compliant? Do not have fear. Are you digitally dangerous on a unlimited bandwidth high speed broadband connection? When computers, and the internet first started, it wasn't very dangerous so the operating systems had no incentive to have security. Apple had security only accidentally because it wanted to safeguard it's inventions. After it became known that computers REALLY do need security [somewhere around early 2000's] Apple was already set up. For the rest of the industry the plan was OutSource. This gave a hundred thousand companies an excuse to make money from security products. Only the good Lord knows which products were actually needed. The more confusion there was the more money everybody made. Whether you were a legitimate company or a crook you couldn't count the money coming in fast enough. Some people literally made billions off this arrangement. The entrance of the Cell phone was the beginning of the end of the whole gravy train. The phone simply doesn't need all that garbage. It had a whole different set of issues.

Before the cell phone things was all a jolly good riot for all, for a good ten years the internet scammy hi-jinks fun and games went on. But now today, it is no longer a game. From now on your Taxes, your Job, your Retirement, your Health, and your Security, is digital. And you need to know what that means. You don't have a choice anymore even if you think you're off the grid you're still on the grid. Right now we're raising a whole generation that won't even know what I'm talking about.

It is getting ridiculous, the definitions of digital literacy are starting to pop up like weeds. They all act like Literacy has never had its own definition. I can make this real easy, Digital Literacy simply means "transferring" traditional literacy into a digital format. That's it. No need to drone on and on about "Literacy." We need to concentrate on "digital." When things become digital, what's the first thing that happens? It becomes a File in a Format. What has Microsoft been doing for 25 years? Hiding the File extensions. They do that to "make things less confusing for the user." That's great for the office. But at home when the User doesn't take care of himself someone else gladly will. A multi-zillion dollar industry was made to cater to "missing" file extensions.

According to the Digital Literacy web site the internet transactions in the USA are over 4 trillion dollars a year. According to the FBI web site the cyber Crime and fraud is only a measly few hundred billion dollars a year. Safety in numbers? Unfortunately a corporation looks at those numbers as an acceptable cost of business. Let the insurance handle it. The Banks will reimburse Account and Credit Card fraud right away with no questions asked. From a businesses standpoint if you lock things down nobody will use it. If you halfway lock things down people get confused and they will go to the competitor. IF you painfully educate people it totally kills the "impulse" buy. The accountant will tell you hey it's cheaper to just let Insurance pay victims. You don't mess up one trillion to save 100 billion. Things too often gets "fixed" only after something bad happens.

The government wants to help us with digital literacy. But they can not even help themselves. The Inspector General Report 2012 said the IRS sent 4 billion dollars out to fraudulent identities. "655 IRS refunds going to a single address in Lithuania and 343 going to a flat in Shanghai." That's stunning. You think they're going to teach you Digital Literacy? Your job is go out an BUY as much stuff as you can that's what you are supposed to do. AMEX, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, these companies can readily detect fraud starting at the $10 level, but our government with all its resource can't spot a 4 billion dollar hole? What are we crazy? If they can spy on every phone conversation in the country surely they can tell when 600 Tax Returns go to the same singe fake address, no? All this cost billions per week to run and we quibble over fifty bux for some woman's healthcare problem.

It's a gray area from misleading to misinformation to deception to fraud. Is it legal to take advantage of the unenlightened? Yes it is. Digital bullying is also legal. Planned obsolescence is legal too. Planned Incompatibilty is my favorite. Deception is deemed okay if the customer is happy, but if the customer is not happy then deception is declared deceptive. In the analog world this used to be all fun and games. A large well known company got their start being deceptive. They were sued and they lost. They used the millions they made from deception to pay a large class action settlement and now they are a fine legitimate company today. All is good. Unless you were one of the victims. Nobody cares about you anymore. That's in the past. Don't be victims waiting for the law to catch up and fixes things. Technology is happening way faster than the regulatory framework can adjust to.

The bottom line is, digital literacy, is no longer about your stupid iTunes Library that you can not find. The Digital Literacy priorities? I can tell you its not how to get a Job, enroll in college, or go shopping on eBay. That's good for the economy and you do need to know it, but "if you teach a man to fish, he can order a pizza" give a man a smart phone he can order beer, give the man a boat he can drink beer in.

Digitally literacy, nobody really cares about it. The people who need it the most won't understand it, the people who really understand don't need it. For the time being the Safety-In-Numbers methodology will work fine.

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