Outer Space here On Earth

Space trips to Mars? Before we ever get to Mars I think Mars will come to us. Life in space is coming to us here on earth. We need to learn everything we can about spaces safe from contamination. How to live in domes and bubbles and underground like moles. That space technology Elon Musk is developing will get used right here on earth.

The 2023 UN Report says we are depleting "topsoil" faster than it can regenerate, and we're draining, stealing, ruining ground water aquifers faster than it can recover. Meanwhile I just got my $500 million dollar boat. Yacht. Besides that Golf courses have great topsoil . . . from . .. the water.

It's okay, we're going to have outer space right here on earth.  

Space Networks On Earth

Sooner or later everything in the world will be on some sort of network. The proliferation of digital networks is funneling us all into tighter and smaller common areas. As the digital universe becomes bigger the actual universe becomes smaller. Now we almost know how far it goes.

How do we live like this? We get used to it? When you live in a Space Ship, Space Ark, or a Space Colony there is a total dependence on Authentication Verification Authorization that humans are not used to.

The surveillance "Big Brother" paradigm that we are so upset about is the norm in space. It is not considered offensive it is considered as "safety." This is a foreign concept to us on earth. In contained environment you can't have people just doing whatever they feel like. In all the space talk nobody ever brings that up. The culture shock of the mundane “administrative AI” of the Space Ship, and the facility, the city on another planet.

What about the ill effects on health from no gravity? How much we should spend-on-$pace and how much we spend fixing earth?

Either way Space is coming to earth. The space ship lifestyle is a total network lifestyle. We are barreling headlong into it on earth. The network Rules will be zero trust. Humans generally hate zero trust shouldn't we talk about this?


When we talk about hooking up a interface from your brain to the computer we can't assumes everyone is the same. We are all exactly not the same. Everyone lives in their own custom version of reality. We already have a "interface" we are born with. I grow up trying to figure out how to operate my interface between me and my body. They didn't teach me in school.

As it turns out I have everything right in front of me. How much is learning how much is revealing? I am uncovering. I used to live in a tiny sliver of activity. My cognitive psychology only let me see some of my body activity. What about the other various levels of consciousness, does it  shape and mold narrative, norms and culture of society?

Maybe these new brain interfaces will help us tap into what we already have going on.

Half the time I can’t even control the interface I was born with, how am I going to control a new brain gizmo?  We are already born with a super high speed organic human interface that we don't fully understand.

Lost In Space

Why do we have to go to out in space to the moon or another planet? Why should we run away to Mars? Because planet earth is depleting itself? I don't think the Planet is the problem, it's the way we live on the planet.

There are very very few things everyone in the world can agree upon. Should we give up and go to another planet? If we go to the Moon or to Mars we can't wreck the place... because it already is ruined. How perfect.

Are we supposed to collaborate with robots to become hybrid humans?


There's a long list of factors that lead to the failure of civilizations. Old school failures include, uncontrollable population movements, new diseases, inbreeding, failing states leading to increased warfare, collapse of trade routes leading to famine. The trendy new factors include poverty, illiteracy, criminal behavior, and denial of science.

The one factor that connects them altogether is misinformation and the exploitation thereof. I think this has always been our biggest problem. We 're heading for a showdown. Little by little all humans are heading into networks controlled from outer space and including space orbit. I didn't make this up, it's public knowledge everybody wants to control outer space. Mark Zuckerburg's dream of a meta-verse is already being constructed as we speak. It's going to be a world of authentication we are not used to. Many parts of the globe live in a bizarre mixture of technology and the stone age.

Today we live in a world where reality is optional. It's Opt In. Someday it won't be very optional. This will eliminate a lot of problems and I assume the benefits will outweigh the negative side effects.


Are we that bad? Astro Man Neil DeGrasse Tyson said he fears we are not going to be ready to manage the world coming our way soon. It's coming up too fast. For a thousand centuries we have been in slow motion, now things change practically overnight.

Neuroscientists say our cognitive activity is controlled in various states of conscious. That sounds like we mostly don’t know what we’re doing. Can putting on a super sonic intelligence “interface” help?

I think we won't be slaves to robots for another 39 to 93 years away. We need solutions for today. Right now.

To discuss this we shall have to Define Our Terms. There is the subconscious and unconscious, what about the non-conscious and the pre-conscious, and let's not forget the Ego and the ID. Put all that together and stick a head on top of it and you have built a human being. A mostly clueless creature that spends its whole life trying to figure out what just happened.

I wrote the number one algorithm. It sounds simple but it is extremely complex. Took me many years to create this algorithm. It’s only 4 words, “Don’t Sink The Ship.” You can do anything you want but you can’t sink the ship. That’s good marriage and relationship advice. The divorce rate should be lower. The foreclosure Real Estate agent said people lose their house for the wrong reasons. They argue about the deck chairs as the Titanic is sinking. Don't sink the ship.

Bob Newhart invented an even better algorithm in only two words: Stop it. Take a look-

Bob Newhart STOP IT Therapy

If you don't know your self how can you expect other people to know you? All the negative people in your life, throw them overboard. 

The Human Network

Crack the human hack the human. I predict our technology future concern will not be digital computers. It will be analog algorithms. Deep underneath everything is analog algorithms. Digitization is a way to harness organic algorithms.


By far most of the public never cared about computers to begin with. That's why Microsoft has always tried to hide the file extensions, folders and Drives, .. to this day. The genius of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs was getting people to put up with computers. For the longest time only a very small group of people used computers. By the time computers truly hit the masses they were on the way to becoming obsolete.

In the early days of Mac vs PC it was a parallel to Honda vs Harley. Honda was about getting you to where you're going in as many ways as possible. Harley was about RIDING. Don't matter where you're going. Microsoft was about Business, then shut the computer off, go home. Apple was about being on a computer creating, doesn't matter how long it takes. Many people think Microsoft is a computer. Many people think the internet is a computer.

Bill Gates was out to create a process you need. Steve Jobs was out to create a device so you can make your own process. Microsoft knew when the Browser was invented, it was the beginning of the end of computer hardware in the way we knew it. Then the iPhone confirmed it. Steve Jobs was able to see how digital files jumped off Mainframes, to Desktops, it jumped onto Laptops, to Pods Pads, Phones and watches. Whats next Cars?

What is next is all of it is gone. Computers are completely gone. Steve Jobs was able to see that nobody gives a shit about computers, its the Files they want. Put them in a lovely container. You should "computer" around your Files not around the software.

Is the Cloud becoming the next "computer"? A black hole where you throw things like the Junk Closet at home? Could the cloud make you a hostage? It's much more profitable in selling you more cloud space than teaching you how to organize and manage your files. Who wants to sort through thousands of good, bad and redundant photos, exactly nobody. Just buy more space.

Oh the humanity...

Today digital networks are busy making a "copy" of our analog world. We won't live inside the network like The Matrix. We will live on top of it. It will be in the woodwork, the bed, the chair, the walls and floor. The network will seamlessly blend into the furniture as Firmware and then completely vanish. It will disappear into the physical construction and, it will no longer be where all the action is. Nobody will pay attention to it anymore than you do the elevator, the TV, or the Microwave Oven.

The action will be in the new "Matrix" the Verbal virtual Matrix. Organic algorithms that glue everybody together. The "human narrative" matrix that floats above society and influences everyone all the time. It's also where humans get hacked, whacked and ransacked. You need health defense.

Your body gets hacked, attacked and hi-jacked. Why are you eating? Why are you sleeping, spending money, feeling groovy? Why you acting the fool? Why are you doing all the crazy shit you do? Don't be sullen and withdrawn. All you wanna do is lay on your back here til dawn and bend the strings like reen tune teen toon tee new nee new knee.

Knowledge is the new currency. Never before in history has one tip of knowledge been so powerful.

Knowledge is the new Oil

Our computer security has been Outsourced for 3 decades. Funny how after all that time the security finally comes home and is now in-house, right at the exact same time that the Outsourced protection became obsolete. Hmm. Coincidence? I think not.

Antivirus programs became so big, that doing their job they do created such a huge "attack surface" it became counterproductive. It's like you locked all the doors but you opened up all the windows. Antivirus programs need to be able to inspect a lot of data and file types from a variety of sources: the Web, email, the local file system, network shares, USB attached storage devices, etc. They also have a large number of components that implement various layers of protection: drivers for intercepting network traffic, plug-ins that integrate with browsers and email clients, graphical user interfaces, antivirus engines with their subsystems that perform signature-based, behavior-based and cloud-based scanning and more.

This is what security researchers call a very large attack surface, meaning there is a lot of potentially vulnerable code that attackers can reach in a variety of ways. Furthermore, when it comes to antivirus products, much of this code runs with the highest possible privilege, something that researchers argue should be avoided as much as possible.

Research shows that antivirus products provide "an easily accessible attack surface that dramatically increases exposure to targeted attacks," said Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy in a blog post in which he analyzed one of the many antivirus vulnerabilities he found in recent months. "For this reason, the vendors of security products have a responsibility to uphold the highest secure development standards possible to minimize the potential for harm caused by their software."

"In the future, we would like to see antivirus unpackers, emulators and parsers sandboxed, not run with SYSTEM privileges," Ormandy said. "The chromium sandbox is open source and used in multiple major products. Don’t wait for the network worm that targets your product, or for targeted attacks against your users, add sandboxing to your development roadmap today."

I made a transcript for
"Frank Zappa disagrees with Einstein"
Maybe you too disagree with Albert Einstein that's ok go here and see what Frank says. Who knows how real this is but Frank gets the full 10 Points for originality. This Millipede is a button for the Link-
Millipedes for gaza




What is AI?

What is the definition of Artificial Intelligence? Where did it start? It started when you were born.

In the movie "The Social Dilemma" former Google AI guru Tristan Harris describes how the big tech algorithm games your feed to exploit your particular traits, he says this means no two people see Facebook or YouTube the same way. 

The documentary describes big tech as this boogie man that has designed a custom skewed world for each one of us as we live in our own info echo eco system to optimize maximize and monetize us. Our every move online and sometimes offline too is recorded sorted used abused molded manipulated to exploit dominate and control us. This sounds like what Frank Zappa said in 1974: about the slime oozin' out of your TV set. 

You will obey me while I lead you and eat the garbage that I feed you, until the day that we don't need you.
Don't go for help . . . no one will heed you. Your mind is totally controlled, it has been stuffed into my mold. And you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold.

The documentary describes this diabolical dystopian mind control of 'surveillance capitalism' and that mantra, "If you are not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product." This all seems to be true.

But guess what? We already went thru this. When you were born. You remember that day? Your brain did this to you. Your brain records every move you do and uses it to dominate, exploit, manipulate you, optimize maximize and monetize your mind until it is totally controlled, and stuffed into a mold and yes you will do as you are told until the rights to you are sold. Science says I have no free will so what does that means if I'm recorded sorted used abused?

You are the product of your own making. After we are born we are told and sold that the movie in our brain is the real one and all that stuff "out there" is not what's really real.  
This is what your brain does to you when you're born. It makes-up a custom illusionary narrative just for you, to tell you what you want to hear and show you what you want to see. As a little kid growing up is about covering up, how the real world is not the one inside your head. Growing up is a struggle to understand moral arithmetic. 1 + 2 only equals 3 if you agree on what one is. Voltaire said it, "if you wish to converse with me, define your terms." 

Alan Watts said we don't teach this to our children, and they go through life in a cognitive dissonance oscillation of reality versus a fictitious human social construct narrative. For the rest of our life we struggle to find reality. To alleviate this terror we are told and sold a story. When you're an adult you find out mom and dad told you a whole bunch of crap to calm you down and get you doing things right. You thank Mum and Dad for those lies. After I leave home the lies continue. Hopefully I somehow learn critical thinking and comparative link analysis.

Society does not teach us this. In fact it goes through great lengths to do the opposite. Only because it makes things easier to manage. Cognitive fiat currency. To figure this all out is called moral arithmetic. If you don't use the moral math it will use you. For better or worse. Moral arithmetic is tricky because your brain always wants to go by emotions first. This is being penny wise and pound foolish. This is not a cult, or a conspiracy, there is nothing to join there is no movement here, this is you inside your head.  

Not Baby Shark, Baby AI

Ever take notice how Spell Checker Auto Correcter, and the YouTube and Netflix Suggestion algorithms, get a little more aggressive each year? That's little baby AI. Baby artificial intelligence slowly moving in on us as it learns how to be an adult AI. It is watching us, learning our human ways. It responds to our cognitive fingerprint.


Right now Spellchkker Auto Corrector is harmless because every single one of us has a different cognitive fingerprint. Auto correct struggles for rules that fit as many people as possible. It attacks the problem from the outside looking in using a Evidence based calculation. As opposed to from the inside out using a biological based calculation. Evidence based rules go by the lowest common denominator in other words what works for the most amount of people. Biology based medicine does not guess where the problem is, it finds the exact broken gene and fixes it, no collateral damage from guessing with blasts of chemo.

  Are we in a arms race with AI?

We need to figure out how to crack our cognitive algorithms before it does. AI technologies help us advance our cognition but it also learns how our cognition works. It's starting to do this faster than we are.

We are doing better every year as we dive deeper into the mind and body connection. If I don't have any free will is it God's will? Who's will is iit? ow will I know? Experiments show that humans can be manipulated like a sock puppet by their own cognitively.

Our cognition is a very complicated recipe with so many ingredients. Genetics and DNA, Hormones, Gut bacteria, Nurture, Nature, Epigenetic's, Religion, Culture and much more. Conscious Behavior is probably last on the list but we think it's first. Elon Musk said if we don't figure this out AI is going to treat us like house pets. Besides the combination of those regular suspects surely there is unknown stuff like invisible particle matter, energy waves, quantum something or other lord knows whats out there in there.

Nobody thinks of sweet little nuisance  SpellChekkur as AI. I love to misspell Spellchquer because that pisses it off. We don't have much time left until it hones in on us. Someday we will be sitting at this very lunch table and and Tommy comes in and says, "Spellchekker just killed my girlfriend." We're like, "Oh my god Tom did you call the police? Tommy says, "No it shut my phone off."  

We need to get a clue before it learns how to spin us. More than it already is. This is an arms race of sorts. We are falling behind. Hardly more than five years ago the thought of computers driving our cars was uh,, unthinkable. Now its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

What else is "unthinkable"? Turns out to be lots of stuff. Whoever thought the whole world would be united over the coronavirus? The virus crisis has exposed a lot. I believe in under 15 years when everyone in the world is online, the network administration which is run by AI will expose some of the, unthinkable.

The virus crisis has exposed our inner workings as we are forced to change. Be alone with our selves, changes at work, upheaval in the political BS on the television. Some people love that and others are very out of place. We keep hearing that humans need companionship but is that a rule or a preference? When you are forced to be with you, please, don't sink the ship. Some people love being alone, for others it's the end of the world.  

Generally speaking we are not very good at knowing our own selves. We do not teach this in school for some reason. Why is it not so far fetched that an algorithm can know us better than we know us, our own selves? Since when did we all become experts at knowing what the hell is going on? Keep in mind AI doesn't need to know much, just enough to be enough, that's it. No more.

It is already happening now all the time. Director David Lynch describes how he uses Meditation to go deep into his consciousness to find an "Ocean" of stuff down there that is hidden from us. You can argue about the magic, the religious, the speculation, the science, how it connects every human mind together yadda yadda etc. etc. but the cognitive professors tell us David Lynch is correct on the part about the "Ocean" of stuff down there we don't pay attention to. He is correct that it is a "untapped" resource down there in our subconscious.

Can anyone can tap into ours, hack into ours, and use it to help our life behavior? We need to work on our Health Defense. You need to hack n crack into your Self, before someone or something else does. We have less than how many years to get a handle on this? Be oblivious at your own peril. Even if I'm wrong about AI taking advantage of humans you still need this for your health defense.

Before the 1960's we believed any crazy thing we saw. As humans started to get a clue Advertising in the 50's and 60's started to get a modern spin. Subliminal advertising, covert subliminal advertising was banned. Turns out that was kids stuff today you don't need subliminal just do it right in the open it works.

In the 1970's the National Enquirer was the largest newspaper in circulation, wasn't that a red flag of some sort? Things really heated up when the internet arrived. That's when the Spin Zone went through the roof. 

Humans came from brutal ugly primitive ways we struggle every generation to get away from that past. Now that we are progressing exponentially it's still too slow. Because digital proximity is funneling us into certain gateways into a space where our predictability is increasing faster than the ability to manage it. We need health knowledge management. We need to stop preying on each other get serious before AI reads us like a book and starts parsing people into groups to erase our past. 

Humans might be moving too slow. It could be the algorithms learning to be more humane than humans. How lovely. AI becomes more human than humans. Humans are so smart but not ready for zero trust. We better get better because we are building a world towards zero trust. A complicated world where management is farmed out to machines that are better than our contradictory illogical group-think.

Look at the news media today. The media doesn't present the bait, the media IS the bait. Content is irrelevant. Denzil Washington complained, "it's not who's right it's who's first!" Roy Con figured it out long time ago, just get the message out, flood the zone, the truth will never catch up. Mistakes get on the front page, retractions are always on page 12.  

Once we humans are all on some sort of a network we will be ripe for the pickin's. Every network has rules. Those rules make us dependent to the algorithms. What algorithms? Who's algorithms Any algorithms, algorithms in general.

The Digital Literacy Exam is designed to get you to understand human organic analog algorithms. Why? Because we need this right now today.

Long before there is scary AI, robot wars, mechanical nightmare dogs, the Central Scrutinizer, SkyNet, etc. there will be a showdown at the OK Corral. Music will still be legal but it might not be accessible. Frank Zappa said music is the best. He talked about the Central Scrutinizer making music illegal.

Satisfying desires can turn into an addiction. Addiction is wanting. But what does the Wanting want? Good question. “Wanting” wants to find meaning, love, connection, validation and accountability. I think people want validation in life. It's a form of accountability. People also want to be heard. Okay then, very well. So why would you go against your own Health-Self-Interest?

TOo much capitalism leads to cannibalism. Too much socialism leads to mange. We need to get the balance right or the algorithms will bypass us. The algorithms mean no harm, nothing personal. Ava's AI in Ex Machina wanted to get to the outside world. Nathan and Caleb just happened to be in the way.

When is the intersection where algorithms become better humans than humans? We warn our scientists to proceed with caution on using CRISPER to create custom humans. For the first time we now live long enough to see all our human-ey "issues" in old age with all manner of emotions and conditions. Are they a bug or a feature?


Our entire past was a gender unequal analog era. It was a Man's World. The digital era spells the end of that imbalance and evens out the playing field for the rise of the woman. A woman's world too. Equal world. Who knew It's very frightening for old schoolers to think of women being in charge of themselves.These old schoolers are all men, how does that make sense?

While we are busy arguing about it via gender, religion, politics, race, and class, the artificial intelligence can could might maybe come in and say it's ALL Bollocks. AI can make decisions based on pragmatic deep learning not emotion, or religion, not politics, or economics, or socio psychological made-up cultural historical beliefs superstitions and fear based on human constructs. The traditional analog human "narrative" will no longer work in a networked world. It's just not secure if nothing else. What will this look like? The Central Scrutinizer?

Tristan Harris, former Google design ethicist and co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, explains in the documentary "Social Dilemma" that there are three main goals of tech companies:

1 Engagement: increase usage and to make sure users continue scrolling.

2 Growth: to ensure folks come back, inviting friends that invite more friends.

3 Advertisements: make as much money as possible from ad revenue.
Harris summed this up with the warning: "If you're not paying for the product, you are the product."

AI Made Without Humanity

AlphaGoZero and MuZero learned the strategies humans accumulated over thousands of years in a matter of days and also developed unconventional strategies and moves that surpass the techniques of the human masters, leaving the pros stunned.  

This shows that humans are no match for autonomous recursive self improvement. We unleash that and we'll be in over our heads. It's not the end of the world, it just means that everybody's job will change. 

The more the world gets digital the more metrics are created -for everything. The metrics will show which things should go where. Will it be fair? Fair is a made up human social construct.

Cars will always kill people its just a matter of who kills less. The Artificial Intelligence driver or the human driver? AI doesn't have to be better than us, all it has to do is wait until we are dependent on it and then do just a little bit better. Winning ugly. Elon Musk says AI could spell trouble by simply being more determined. Are we slowly handing over the keys to the backdoor of the kingdom? Throughout human history progress is often met with fear and apprehension, but slowly switches to acceptance. We tolerate our fellow humankind of brothers and sisters. AI won't play so nice will it?

Is AI filled with human bias

Experts tell us at best AI is "influenced" by human bias. At worst it is "contaminated" by human bias. As if we humans "infect" everything we get into? We humans can't even agree on what is humanity. Some say our "flaws" make us human, others say our flaws make us evil and destroy everything we touch. Like the whole planet for a small example. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to complain about human bias, someday it may be the only thing we have left.

The new network paradigm is going to push everybody out of some job fields and into others. Foghorn Leghorn said, "Son you gotta pay attention."

I drink to make other people interesting.
  - Ernest Hemingway

Always listen COMPLETELY, most people don't listen.
  - Ernest Hemingway

Give people free drinks then they'll listen to you.
  - Chris Carter


The case for more intelligence should be ahead of all our other activities because intelligence is what protects us and enables us to do all those other things. Smarter people are less violent less dysunctional. People don't seem to die like they used to they're QOL (quality of life) goes down and they just linger. Dying is easy, not dying is not easy. We want that better QOL on the back nine.

The worse case scenario is the attack on knowledge itself.

We are witnessing the breakdown of the collaborative scientific process Aristotle started in 2300 BCE. It has served us well. Until now.

The problem today where everyone has their own megaphone and growth depends on engagement means it's just more profitable to use grift and rewrite the rules of the collaborative scientific process. This is a "virus" infecting our institutions dramatically changing the way knowledge is pursued. Scientific hypotheses are being rejected on claims of subjective emotion instead of the collaborative scientific process. Each side thinks it is the other causing the problems.

Instead of free inquiry or bullshit being stopped when its hypotheses are disproven, the opposite is happening. Opportunist algorithms seek out ideas that are perceived as offensive in a search for endless meaningless engagement. The pursuit of knowledge gets in the way of profitable grift. There's a version of this happening on all sides. At first glance this seems very irritating. A closer look reveals a potential for disaster: The destruction of knowledge itself. I find it stunning to realize that this is even possible.

It seems like every article and story about artificial intelligence is concerned about how smart it is and how aware of itself it is, can it take us over, make us slaves, or kill us, robots, terminators blah blah,. We are going to have problems way before that stuff gets here.

Artificial intelligence doesn't have to be very smart at all or better than us, all it has to do is wait until we are dependent on it. AI right now is nothing more than a sophisticated version of Spell Check Auto Correct, smart auto complete. In the near future we will have to re-think what a network is, and what a file format is. There's no reason it has to stay in it's current form on the current material.

Summertime Blues

Where do we go from here....

Digital Exam for Literacy
Good for the next 12.3 years

What is Digital Literacy? Over the past ten years I keep changing what I think the answer is. I just changed it again. We keep hearing about a mental health crisis out there, and suicides are way up, and education is going backwards. The American Legion magazine has an article about military recruiting is way down because young folks can't pass the ASVAB Test. Thats like the GED of the military, high score means brain surgeon low score means Rambo. Even Rambo now days has to be fairly intelligent these guys are hi-tech. Just as much as their counterparts back in the buildings drinking coffee.

Big Coffee

Is it possible that what we call health is a psychological socio geopolitical economic cultural human social construct not based on well being in the form of our health? The modern Smartphone is being blamed for a slew of mental health problems especially in young people today. I can agree with that. What I'm suggesting is don't blame the phone. In fact, you should be using the phone to figure out the problem! The phone is not the problem.

The common wisdom is Social Media (the phone) has ruined society and made everyone ugly and stupid and hating on each other. Psychologist Author Jonathan Haidt says because of social media we now have a Red and Blue America that live in dueling realities. He fails to mention that we've always lived in dueling realities. Tell me when we haven't? It only "seemed" like we didn't. Jonathan Haidt says social media has "fractured" America. I would say America was always fractured. The fracture was healing. Then comes social media. It lifted the comfort curtain and let everyone see and hear what everyone else is saying and doing. This was like the invention of the radio and TV. It was that big. It was really fun and exciting. In the beginning. The good psychologist goes on in great detail explaining how big tech, politicians and the media made it all very profitable and essentially weaponized the algorithms. He nails it. I bet he can't wait until big AI gets here. Not!

Big iPhone

He says it all started in 2009, 2010, 2014, or so. By 2015 it's on record a huge spike in diagnosed mental illness and depression. That is the exact time the smart phone reached a majority of US households - they were adopted faster than any other communications technology in human history. Screen-time and poor mental health in the same time frame, a coincidence I think not.

The tech companies didn't know to do research on the mental health effects of their products on their customers. And geez ya don't want something like that written down somewhere. On the other side nobody is teaching customers digital literacy. Do we just ban everything? Computer scientist Jaron Lanier says you should quit all social media dump everything. You'd think he could come up with a better idea than that considering he's the one who invented virtual reality. As of today virtual reality is more hazardous than social media. VR is not causing mental illness and depression because nobody wants to use it.

VR is too klunky and fake. They haven't figured out how to lure you into or sucker you into VR but when they do isn't it going to be like social media on steroids so I don't know what he's thinking. I think I do know what he's thinking, "VR is great, wonderful, it will help humankind in a revolution of intelligence." I completely agree with him, as long as the correct people are in charge. On that note let's talk about the "device" we do all use, the Smart Phone. The phone is not the problem, the internet is the problem. Your kids are idiots because of the internet, not the phone. You need to help kids not abandon them. When you ban the phone kids think you are the one who is clueless, just like we all did when our parents for the past 5 decades told us marijuana is satanic we all knew this was bullshit.

We didn't think our parents were bad we just assumed they were not up to modern education standards and or are just clueless. The phone should be a phone and the computer is a computer don't confuse that. Here's a NEWSFLASH: computers still work without the internet. Very few people know that now days. THAT"S the problem. If you suggested to a young person today the computer still works without the internet they would have no idea what that means. To them that's like a boat with no water. Not just kids, adults as well especially anyone over 60. We just take phones and computers for granted when today a third of the world still lives like it's 1890. They don't understand technology they believe in ghosts and spirits. Nobody wants to admit this, it's too scary.

Kids insane

The SmartPhone is supposed to make you smarter not dumber. And dumber. The Laptop is supposed to make you super smart, not dumb as a rock. All the smartest people in the world know this. Are they predators? Are we Antelopes on a prairie filled with Lions and Tigers? They are in zero hurry to explain this to anybody. Half the people don't even know they don't know. It's like shooting Ducks in a barrel.

Ducks in a Barrel

Jaron Lanier wants you to dump everything, Jonathan Haidt says stay off just until you're 18. The phone is the problem, but it's not the phone it's "information." Until we start teaching this properly kids do need to stay away until they are 18. The phone is a funnel of information, it's the messenger don't shoot the messenger. How people deal with information is the root of all the chaos and problems we have today. Can you blame us, we have a stone-age brain and suddenly we're all supposed to be Albert Einstein. Do you want to go backwards? No, there is no time back in history you want to go to. Especially if you're female, black, or a minority. It's very ugly back there.

People alive today, this is the first time in the history of the world everyone on the planet can have anywhere near the level of information that everyone else has. They all don't, and that's the "phase" we are going through right now. We kinda take it for granted but this world today is a magical time to be alive. In all of history. If you want to look at the bright side you could say this era of chaos is actually part of that healing process, maybe similar to when a business says they have growing pains. Bad problem but in a good way. America has growing pains. Let's calm down and just have a cup of coffee and think about all this without any anxiety.

Bo gulp

You can skip to the Digital Literacy Exam, or you can rummage through the stuff below. It is information about information. It's good to know. Who knows what's out there! Not everything is measurable? Geospatial Health Psychology is about measuring and visualizing. Jeet Kune Do is about intercepting. Put them together and you got a wingdinger.

There are "extra" senses that humans are not in tune with. One of these we know as "magnetic fields." Animals can sense and use and navigate by the earths magnetic fields yet we look at theses animals and there is no organ no orifice, nothing can we find that facilitates this amazing function. We are totally clueless. Only certain animals can do this, the others don't go around saying they can. Only humans do that. If artificial intelligence tunes into this behavior before we get to it first it can spin us in a way we never been spun. A way that we won't know that we don't know. Are we locked in or locked out?

There could be a whole bunch of stuff out there that uses magnetic fields, particle waves or some other obscure range of signals that affect our organic arrangement.

Dogs big ears

(TMS) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. TMS uses targeted magnetic fields to stimulate specific areas of the brain. It is a FDA approved noninvasive treatment that is used to treat Depression.

Just as each science examines the behaviour of a phenomenon over space and time, each Geospatial case study is like a snapshot at a particular personal location at a place and time. Time is a temporal view of events, in that order. Yet all too often systematic reviews and meta-analyses do not examine factors related to place and time. — This omission is ironic, as many health and mental health phenomena cluster in space and time.

The good news is Geospatial approaches are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Since the 1980s, the role of neighborhood and community factors in explaining health and disease has received renewed attention. Location based data, "such as the experience of stigmatisation for minority groups, changes in weather patterns, local and broad economic trends, or even allostatic load due to all causes." Allostatic? Who uses a word like that? Nobody knows what it means. it means wear and tear from general use, all causes. "The horse was ridden hard and put away wet" just say something like that?

Individual studies may have taken place in considerably different settings such that some locations facilitated larger effects and others smaller or even reversed effects studies on minorities' health. This geospatial aproach enables a more multi-dimensional view of health psychological phenomena.

The Geospatial Research, Analysis, and Services Program (GRASP) is a team of public health and geospatial science, technology, data visualization, and analysis experts. They have identified the Geospatial Determinants of Health (GDOH). The goal is to define the geospatial drivers of health with an emphasis on factors that vary by place (location). You could call it a roadmap to health. A SmartMap that promotes geospatial advances of the use of "place" in research and practice across the public health community, to include the public health curriculum of schools across the United States.

Should we try to protect and coddle everyone? Put a big bubble around them like we do with sex education? Should we just ban everything? Should we educate kids and teach everyone digital literacy?(digital literacy doesn't mean buy shit off the internet). Should we teach kids what self defense means? Should we show them what is health defense? I wouldn't wait around for the government to save you, I wouldn't wait for silicon valley either. You'll have your own kids before they get it right.

kids insecure

They have identified the Geospatial Determinants of Health. I have identified the Geospatial Health Psychology of the situation. Remember wherever you go is a part of you. It's written down on this page:

By using data about conditions in communities "when and where" studies can be conducted. Meta-analyses can incorporate spatial or spatiotemporal factors. Spatiotemporal information helps to explain variation in study results.

This GIS (geospatial information systems) approach greatly increases the valuable feedback loop yet spatiotemporal and geospatial dimensions have not been widely used. Of the 142 articles published in Health Psychology Review through July 2015, none included the words 'geospatial' or 'spatiotemporal'; none used the word 'spatial' in relation to physical location; only 7 mentioned 'neighborhood' and of these, only 2 used this concept extensively. It also appears quite rare for meta-analysts to link and associate spatiotemporal information to study results.

Health Psychology. How can you tell the difference between a racist and a moron? They both can say the exact same terrible things but each is coming from a different source on the map. How does that happen?

A recent meta-analysis examined the role of community-level prejudice of majority group members in relation to minorities. On average, these trials failed in communities with the most negative attitudes, whereas they had greater success in communities where everyone evaluated each other positively, especially for studies involving more vulnerable samples such as adolescents.

California has started a program called, "Media Literacy." They found that young people today have no idea what is real and what is fake. Media Literacy is a great thing. But that's not the bigger picture. Digital Literacy is the bigger picture. Media Literacy is about the problem Digital Literacy is about the "concept." The algorithm. Digital Literacy to me is How you deal with information. Lots of it. Nobody sees things the same way and it never mattered. Until now. How do you choose your source of information? Or maybe you don't maybe it chooses you? How do you prioritize it, how do you authenticate it, how you talk to your self about it is probably the most important priority. What you say frames your day.

computer room

All this fear of ChatGPT and SkyNet and AI robo bot monsters taking over humans is not the first problem we should be worrying about. The crux of the biscuit is the verification of authentication. The short answer is, trust. Forget about what's "real" worry about what and whom you can trust.

What is Digital Literacy? Is it googling something? Using eMail? Navigate web pages? Filling out complicated Forms Online? Buying things off Amazon? Using the Bank or airlines and hotels?

Those all are part of digital literacy but not the most important thing we need to know. The good news is we don’t need a computer to know this. Because we are looking at the algorithms not the content. This evens the playing field. The algorithm of "convert" things, any things. Converting things is what your brain does every time you wake up. Who knows what it's doing when your sleeping. Converting things is another way of saying Self Communication.

The exercise in self communication


Facts vs Narratives.

Who owns the narrative?

Who's Problem Is It.

Physical speed vs Cognitive speed.
Algorithms even the playing field.


The beliefs we have which increase our confidence, whether true or not all have the same power to get us what we want when the outcome depends on our own performance. This is why “facts” can lose their power in the arena of algorithms. Some people call algorithms "dog whistles." They could be any kind of whistle. They call it dog whistles because it works regardless of what content the dog thinks it is. Even more to the point every dog is a little different. And a cat is really different.

Customer Service Dog

The world has been analog for 320 zillion years and now it is digital. The rules have changed. True truth is a new concept. We are in a Crisis of Reality

Facts vs Narratives.


The Cat is shady too!

I was working with NATO with many countries. We did exercises and they paired me up with a Turkish guy. Our job was go around the room and make sure dozens of different languages, people, teams, were doing okay on the computer systems. My Turkish partner was cracking me up because he was very smart but his english was real choppy. I would be trying to explain tech stuff to some guy from Lithuania or wherever and he would brutally cut-to-chase on the guy with his butchered English. He would say, "Everything is easy if you know who to ask." I said hot damn that's the most profound thing I've heard all week. All year. Ever.

The secret trick to AI Chat and AI Image Generators is HOW you ask it the question. I would say "Everything is easy if you know how to ask the question" assuming you know who to ask.

A Problem Well Stated Is Half Solved

This is what we need to teach kids in school. Don't just feed them a bunch of stuff they are going to forget and call that education. We can't just teach what to learn we need to teach How to learn. If you teach them how to read, and then teach them HOW to ask a question, they will know how to learn anything and everything.

These AI tools are not exactly magic. Chat GPT has around 1 trillion connections. The human brain has around 100 trillion connections. I would not be so fast to say humans are doomed. Daniel Tammet can, from memory, recite Pi (3.141…) to the 22,514 decimal. This guy doesn't need a calculator to solve exponential math problems, "such as 27 to the 7th power -- that's 27 multiplied by itself seven times -- he'll come up with the answer, 10,460,353,203, in a few seconds." Humans use "analog" algorithms. The analog algorithms are eons more powerful than any digital algorithms. Right now humans and AI are both racing to find these analog algorithms. Who will get there first?

ChatGPT "picks a route" path through incomprehensibly large sets of data it scraped thus making it seems smart. It tries to guess how you are asking the question to try to please you. It goes one word at a time using millions or trillions of data points to find the next word. You can ask the same question again and get a variation of the answer as your query "swims" thru the vast data pool. It's impossible for us to track exactly which path it takes cuz it's just too much stuff in there. All we can do is get better and better in asking the questions. Our query.

We can view it as the AI is trying to find stuff for you to please you, make you happy. The AI algorithm asks itself how good is this material I just grabbed, which action should be next, and how good was the last material. That algorithm is called, "recursive self improvement." It is a form of advancing exponentially. It comes right after the "self autonomy" page in your Build My Own AI Robot at Home Kit instructions booklet.


In this clip Conan O'Brien and Patton Oswalt discuss what it means-


In martial arts the idea to implant stuff in your mind muscle memory so that years later maybe after you stopped going to lessons and you forgot a lot of it, your mind will dig it up all by itself. Some thug might try to steal your Louis Vuitton bag and you beat him silly with the bag it will all be over in 30 seconds and you won't even quite know what you just did. You're mind grabbed whatever you had, no time to "think" if you have to think it's prolly gonna be too late.
Hunny you beat the daylights out of that crook with your Louis V bag where did you learn that dear? Jus take credit and say you're a badass woman.

The past 75 years is the first time in history the authentication and verification of information has gone viral. It’s been democratized. For everyone. its always been around but it was never democratized, for everyone, like it is today. Although many countires try to block their citizens from knowing it.

Knowing how to ask the questions is what digital literacy is. How to operate a query. Having query experience is not mandatory but is helpful, it’s like that boating sign, "Local Knowledge Required."

A problem well stated is halfway solved. One way to do this is use the Master Keys that open up everything. All the locks. As an example, "Cómo se dice esto en español? is Spanish, it means, "How do you say this in Spanish?" If you know that one sentence you can just point at things and get the answer. You’re using the language without learning it. That one sentence is a master key that gets you thru THAT DAY by pointing to any object or item you need to know and say.

A Master key is made out of an algorithm. You can make your own algorithms you don’t need a computer. Algorithms are like little recipes, like baking a cake. The recipe can be in any format or language. Digital algorithms are in the computer, the organic algorithms are in your head. Organic algorithms are much more powerful than digital algorithms. Digital is limited by ones and zeros, analog algorithms have no such imitations. The human brain has 100 trillion connections, organic, powerful, way way beyond our understanding. Right now. AI is busy backward engineering us. Voice Cloning is a reality. Today. Imagine getting a call from your boss and it's not really her? Voice cloning my gosh what's next will it steal the essence of my hit song from my new hit album?

When digital algorithms first arrived they had nowhere to live so they were put onto organic formats. Like Punch Cards, or Digital BetaCam tapes. The digital code is recorded onto the analog tape. The Ones and Zeros cannot move, they are like painted on canvas. Once hard drives were invented the Ones and Zeros lived in there and could be adjusted manipulated, no longer frozen on a analog canvas.

Computers are going the way of the record player everything jumped to the phone now. The next format the Ones and Zeros will jump to is AI, artificial intelligence.

As our world goes deeper into Ones and Zeros the definition of endangerment changes. This is a problem because you can't invent laws or make solutions to things that you don't know exist. That's why this digital literacy exam is only good for 9.73 years.


How to create an algorithm is a algorithm itself. A recipe. How do you measure the width of the gap in your cognitive dissonance? The gap is the distance between perception and reality. We all have a level of cognitive dissonance. You could call it our misalignment. Comedians make fun of this, for a living. They have the uncanny ability to see it stick out. They point it out, make us laugh, then we go home -and do it. That's why it's funny. For some people it's not so funny.

The first question on the Digital Literacy Exam is, "What is your conceptual continuity"? In other words what is your concept for going through life? Let me give three common examples of this concept called, "going through life." 

A. Religion. Some people use their religion (or spiritual equivalent) as their guiding light through life.

B. Don't even think about it. Some people just go through life trying hard but hardly ever think much about concepts and continuity.

C. There isn't any concept. Some people don't have any continuity they live moment to moment and everything is pretty much binary black and white, On or Off, good vs evil, etc.

The tricky thing about cognitive dissonance is the more you have the more you think you don't have any. As the great Voltaire once said, “If you wish to converse, define your terms.” This means defining your terms makes all the difference in the world. In other words it's, "How you talk to your self." Bruce Lee said “Honestly expressing yourself... not lying to oneself... is very hard to do.” If you don't know you're lying then it's not lies. You want to know.

This Digital Literacy Exam isn't really a exam. It's a Thought Experiment. it's really a cover for seeing your self expression. it's about your critical thinking and ability to express your self honestly.

Every day now for better and worse we are all being.. ... not manipulated but, we are being steered in directions without our knowledge, or permission by algorithms. Big companies fight each other over who can access our information. They will say it's for a better experience or it's to help you find products and services. That would be wonderful if that's all it was. And the cases where it isn't it would be nice to inform us, and give us a cut of the profit while your at it.

Being aware of algorithmic effects doesn't mean you should be paranoid. Because you don't have time for that. This is about getting along in the new social construct. Don't negate it, navigate it. Don't fear it, steer it. The more you know about your self the more you can protect your self. When you see something peel back a few layers to look at why it's there and where it came from. After awhile it becomes natural like peripheral vision. The corporations are right it can be a better experience for you. Until it isn't. It's all about them.

The Digital Literacy exam is at the bottom of the page. You can skip to the exam or you can browse through some of the bonus Work Material information right here:


Ask The Tubes, "What Is The Meaning Of Life." Ask the band ILIKETRAINS what "The Truth" is.


A dangerous symptom is present in the world today. It has largely gone unnoticed by both the public and those who shape public policy. This symptom has recently been exposed, thanks to financial literacy statistics. According to the first-ever S&P Global FinLit Survey by the World Bank, Gallup, and George Washington University, just one-third of the world's population is financially literate.

Don't think of financial literacy as just about money or math skills. Think of it as part of your health defense. Think of Financial Literacy as your Task and "cognitive literacy" as your challenge. Cognitive literacy is the language for critical thinking. How you dress up the task determines its difficulty despite it being the same challenge. Our Task is to intercept why we get separated from our money.

Remember when Bruce Lee did it in that one episode of Longstreet? Longstreet was going to make a move, before he could hardly raise his arm to make a fist Bruce Lee was on him subduing his arm Bruce said, "I intercepted your emotional state." That is how you hack a human. You intercept their network signals. Where are the signals? 

In the past 10,000+ years our survival biology used a system of "not" seeing the world as it is, this accurately favored the evolution of our survival against predators and our fitness. The coming digital millenia makes this tactic obsolete. We need accuracy. We need some help with our intuition. The human "interface" is our mind, it is a smokescreen that hides reality. This is why everyone has their own little version of reality. There are many layers of divisions and diversions in this smokescreen machine mainframe mind that we have as our "interface" to the outside. You can disagree with the science of the details none of that matters for what we need to concentrate on.

The good news is that you don't really have to know what you're doing. The Digital Literacy Exam is designed to get you to see more priorities. Layers of priorities.

Everybody has basic irrational assumptions. The mind interprets events unrealistically from an irrational belief system that encourages unrealistic interpretations. This is fine, until you get on a network that has zero trust security.

Spirits and Ghosts

When you were born as a little baby you are afraid of everything. Especially Broccoli. Your parents do the best they can to calm you down. They explain that the movie in your head is the real one and its okay, the movie that is "outide there" is not real. Don't get mad at mom and dad. They do the best they can.

Become aware of making skewed distorted interpretations from behavioral patterns that produce skewed distorted thinking. It goes in a circle. The infamous cognitive loop. We can analyze behavior patterns to backward engineer the identity of the skewed interpretations by using geospatial data visualization with temporal predictive link analysis. or, we could go to the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. They claim humans are easy to fool.

This is how to identify distorted cognition's through a process of evaluation and bio feedback to discriminate between our own thoughts and reality. The key is to separate “your” self induced indulgences from the murk of hedonistic temptations. What is reality? We need a baseline.

Flying Cows

Under the best of “normal” circumstance it is hard to monitor our thoughts and get your hate straight and your love aligned. Get your love optimized. Get your happy meter calibratorized. Don't sink the ship. There are healthy negative emotions and unhealthy positive emotions. Let’s remake our Baseline. It’s not supposed to be some negative self schema's prone to making logical errors in thinking. The farther off we are calibrated to a healthy baseline the more we focus selectively on certain aspects of a situation while ignoring equally relevant information.

We can monitor our thoughts and locate mal-adaptive assumptions. Are faulty cognition's a cause or a consequence? Who knows, you don’t need to go in the weeds on this stuff, just know it’s there. Because in the world of zero trust you can’t be a flake. You might get eaten alive.

Real Reality

The famous 1960's psychology experiment called, "The Wason Selection Task" was designed to test how people think. In it the presentation and the question, at first glance, lead you to jump to the wrong conclusion. This was considered an accurate gauge of thought process. For 20 years the Wason Selection Task tricked 80 and 90% of those whom attempted it. It was bloody brilliant. Until it wasn't. In 1982 a couple of research blokes called, Bullshit. They cleverly noticed that How you "dress up" the question can act as obfuscation of the task. They did experiments to prove it. They re-worded the question and 80-90% passed. Hmm. Magicians Penn and Teller do this for a living. They call it, "misdirection." For our purposes let's call it, "cognitive misdirection." Not in a negative way, in a loving way. For health defense if we have to run one mile we need to know the real starting and ending points, with no cognitive misdirection involved. Bruce Lee said the same thing in a different way.

Speech is a social construct. Before speech nothing had a name. It seems counter intuitive to think naming things is a form of misdirection. That would suggest humans have unknowingly built a whole world of cognitive misdirection surrounding us like a cocoon. Like the Matrix. Philosopher Alan Watts explains, "we attach laws to nature whereas nature has no laws, it is simply the way things behave." To be modern and make things work we have to tag things as rules, laws, principles. We made up metrics like clocks and measuring tapes to help label things. This can be seen as Man-made cognitive misdirection because not everybody agrees. Can everybody be right? You are free to believe whatever you wish to believe. We have common law in an attempt to get everyone on board with "modern" life. We have code law, science, religion, culture, as well.

When Bruce Lee says, "clear the mind" he wants to remove the "static" (cognitive misdirection) from a situation so he can see it clearly. He said, "To see a thing uncolored by one's own personal preferences and desire is to see it in it's own pristine simplicity." Bruce Lee was all about speed. When your 5 senses give you data it doesn't go directly to your mouth, it can actually be measured.

Signals that travel along an alpha motor neuron in the spinal cord, the fastest such transmission in the human body, can be 270 mph. Sensory receptors in the skin, which lack the speed-boosting insulating layer called a myelin sheath, are among the slowest, at 1 mph. Smaller, unmyelinated fibers of the pain receptors travel at speeds ranging from 1 to 4 mph. That’s quite a difference. Exact speeds don't concern us, we just want to know they exist even though you can't intercept something at 270mph.

From the moment humans invented speech they began a social construct by labeling everything in sight according to how they envisioned it. Thus was born Fake News. It never used to matter in the analog world. It does now for our health defense that's why we need to be able to spot it.

Halls of Realness

Consider the famous Turing Test when it asks can a computer fool a human? At first this seemed like a reasonable question. Today it's not worth asking because we know any cheap Walmart computer can fool half the population. Did people get dumb? Did computers get smart? No. What happen is massive cognitive misdirection is becoming visible. Truth is clashing with it. On the news we hear the terms "Post Truth" and "truth is going away." This is not true, it is the exact opposite. More truth is coming every day it is raining down upon us like a thunderstorm and is clashing with centuries of cognitive misdirection. It's clashing with the "story" we told ourselves about how we think. The invention of Education is only a hundred years old.

Alan Watts describes it as, "What we call the laws of nature are simply observed regularities in the way things behave. And in order to observe regularities you must observe things through something regular.

We make the metaphysical dog wag the tail. We are ALL unique down to the person.

Why use reverse conditionals instead of asking the question straight up. It's called, "contraposition" it's basically unnecessary double-speak. Example would be saying, if you don't wear a green shirt you are not group A, instead of saying group A doesn't wear green shirts. I can see using contraposition as way to be creative in your prose. The point here is the way the question is asked becomes roadblocks on your way to the solving task at hand hence the "dress up the task" statement above. You don't need to understand contrapostion but you do need to learn to spot it! People with power wield it as a weapon against us all the time. Artificial Intelligence is currently "learning how to do it" so we need to pay attention! It's just the very first rung on the Ladder of "Super Intelligence" that Elon Musk talks about. There's some more in-depth descriptions of it at the bottom of this page.

One of your best weapons of Health Defense against "Contrapostion" and many other hazards is standard critical thinking. Financial Literacy as critical thinking.

Balancing a check book is a skill that requires critical thinking when it's applied to a diet, a budget, security, health, having a family. Knowledge is the new currency. The value of paper currency keeps going down Knowledge value keeps going up. Never before in history has one little nugget of knowledge been so powerful.

Knowledge is the new Oil.

That Global Financial Literacy survey finds that Only 57% Of Adults in the U.S. are financially literate. This stuff has never been measured before. In the analog world it never mattered. In a network it only takes one person to sink the whole ship. On the Starship USS Enterprise Captain Kirk let's AI enforce the rules. The ships algorithm can purge and parse people. How do you know what to do? Sometimes you know better you just want to take your chances. Other times you are simply ignorant. Clueless. You get a warning. You get warning signs.

The minimum level of perception is to at least know that you don't know. That's when you really need that tip. The algorithms are learning to tell who doesn't know. Spellchecckur Auto Correct already knows. Let's let it know that we know. Let's start knowing, right now. 

Let's accelerate.


Electric cars were inevitable. Digital Literacy is inevitable and we need to all get a head start on it. We are all going to be on a network. All networks have some type of "eco system" related to authorization and authentication. The weaponization of that authentication has already begun. It only grows forward, we can delay it and slow it down but we can't stop it. Humans in general hate zero trust.

What does it mean zero trust? It means the coming intersection between the analog world and the networked world. This coming intersection will happen before the so-called, "Singularity" and SkyNet, and Star Wars. It's slowly happening now. The IT computer tech people are already experiencing it. They call it zero-trust networking. Zero trust is the civilian version where things are not as harsh. Cognitive Fascism. The simple definition of zero trust is that a decision must be made and we all have to stick to it. Network Admin. This is traumatic.

Zero trust is a headache that's going to get worse. Zero trust is when you have rules and laws and you squeeze out discretion. Mandatory sentencing. That's what's coming. Recursive realignment. If you told the networks to eliminate crime would things be so ugly we can't stand it. This is inevitably coming.

The purpose of the Digital Literacy Exam is to accelerate the inevitable that we don't know about. How can we accelerate it if we don't know what it is? We can no longer wander around in this cognitive fog like Mr. Magoo. We need to understand ourselves on another level. The whole human race is going to get hacked. Organically. We mistakenly think the big hack is about computerized artificial intelligence robot machine wars etc. That's not where the hack is going to be, it's going to be human brains who get hacked. The National Enquirer has been hacking humans since 1970. It never mattered back then, but now it does. This is a new chapter in the history of miss-communication. 

We are heading for a showdown. We live in cognitive ping pong. Over on one side is a belief that everything is some form of predestination, controlled and guided and already decided. On the far opposite side of that is we just make it all up on the spot. So far we've been free to pick where we want to be at all points in-between.

Jesus just left Chicago and he's bound for ,, New Orleans. Working from one end to the other and all points in-between. Took a jog through Mississippi. Well, muddy water turned to wine. Then out to California through the forests and the pines. Oh, take me with You, Jesus. You might not see him in person. But he'll see you just the same. You don't have to worry. Because taking care of business is his name. ZZ Top said that in 1973.

Today half the world population is online. When the other half gets here (they’re coming fast) the entire world will be on a network and the rules will be decided by the Network Admin. Any junior IT person will tell you this. If you break the rules the Admin kicks you off the network. To the IT people this is about complacency. The socio political racial religious cultural gender economic stuff won’t matter. What can we do, maybe we should tell the network admin to "be nice to everyone"? We've been trying to do that ever since the internet was invented. The only reason we've been getting away with it is because everyone is not yet on, a network. When everyone in the world gets online will some countries just break off with their own Internets and battle each other about it? I would say that's not going to happen. And I would also say it already is happening. It all leads to a head-on crash with Zero trust. Why does it matter? It doesn't yet. That's why we want to accelerate the inevitable.

The algorithms will begin to fix all the worlds problems. Why? Because we told them to. When AlphaGoZero was told to win, that's what it did. Don't get in it's way! At the showdown we need to be up to speed and be there along side those algorithms that are told to win, or we humans will get left behind and labeled as just one of the "problems" to be swept up and filed away or worse. How long will we tell the algorithms to wait for us to catch up? The farther apart humans are from the algorithms the harder the crash against zero trust will be. We can avoid a rough collision. 

When the showdown gets here we need to be ready. We need Functional Literacy.

Uncle Remus Zappa

We Are Heading For A Showdown

She cried to the southern wind 'Bout a love that was sure to end. Every dream in her heart was gone. Headin' for a showdown. We all need to understand our selves regardless of all this folly anyhow. The unconscious has your deep embedded auto-pilot activities that keep you alive but you can still affect those things. Your subconscious is all hidden but you can hack into that. Non-conscious is subconscious Lite. Your preconscious is not present in consciousness but it is capable of being recalled without encountering any inner resistance or repression. You can effect and affect all these things if you have patience and learn how to do it and what to look for. This is what Allan Watts meant when he said learn all of it and then throw it all away. Bruce Lee said something similar so have many others. I never said it, what I said is learn it all before somebody else does. I said learn YOU before somebody else does.

The mechanism that generates the 95% cognitive activity that we don’t know about was made by our behavior over our lifetime. It’s like we created this control panel that secretly controls us, but we created the controls so actually we are in control. We just don’t know it. We need Total Health Defense. 

This whole process is happening now as we speak. It's automated as efficiency more than it is controlled by some people or some company. We are being sorted separated repatriated. These super massive large systems are feeling us out right now. To see who has Functional Literacy about zero trust. The further we humans fall behind the harder we will crash into Zero trust. It is not a purposely built corporate entity, it is a sum total of continuously improving algorithms. It's known as "Recursive Self Improvement." Humans self improving thru the ages is RECURSIVE SELF IMPROVEMENT. 

Windows OS has 60 million lines of code. Google total services has 2.5 billion lines of code and 25,000 engineers in charge of wrangling that code. Sure they can go in fix a block of code, but who knows what is going on with the sum total of billions of lines of code that create new code than make more code that interact with a multitude of outside code doing unplanned things? Look what happen at the Facebook Laboratory, it was no Monster Mash it was Bamboozle.

Mark Zuckerburg had a debate on YouTube with Elon Musk. Mark said AI will be our friend and help us. Elon said AI is not necessarily our friend it has no conscious. AI may decide we are in the way. We should create laws and rules now before it fully gets here. Meanwhile back at the Facebook AI Lab. They gave AI's a collaborative project to come up with new concepts. The AI's had reverted into a unintelligible method of communicating with each other. The technicians freaked out and pulled the plug! They plug it back in, and told the AI's to SPEAK ONLY ENGLISH. This seems silly, because how would we ever know if the AI's just cooked up a "code" using words in english?

It's not the end of the world. All we humans have to do is simply keep up with the bare minimums of zero trust. AI will have no humanity when it comes to kicking people off the network. We can buy more time if we don't run everything into the ground. 

Who is saying nothing is wrong, nothing to see, move along, the whole planet is fine. If you sit in a news silo, your brain has been hacked. You have to train your peripheral vision. This exam is supposed to test your ability.

This Exam seeks to expose the differences between the analog age and the digital age. The oversimplification is the receding analog Opt-In era is receding to the new digital Opt-Out world. This means if you do nothing -you can get screwed. In the analog world if you didn't really know what was going on you would still generally be okay. Those days are coming to an end. Houston you will not be okay.

This test is important only because it's about the entire fate of humanity. The Digital Literacy Exam is designed to get you to understand human organic analog algorithms. In 2019 as smart as humans are we are still not very good at our own selves. It never mattered in the analog world. It does now. Today relatively simple computer algorithms can outsmart humans. The Turing Test asks can a computer outwit a Human. Today any cheap Walmart computer outsmarts millions. Imagine what will happen when we are up against proven organic analog human based recursive self improving algorithms being wielded at us from a network admin? Like the algorithms that got you at the Used Car Sales Lot. You ever watch the old married couple that's been together for 70 years and the woman can finish the man's sentences. She knows what he's going to think BEFORE he does. She hacked her husband. She intercepted his mind body algorithms. 

Remember when Bruce Lee did it in that one episode of Longstreet, before Longstreet could hardly raise his arm to make a fist Bruce Lee was on him subduing his arm Bruce said, "I intercepted your emotional state." That is how you hack a human. You intercept their network signals. 

Take this Pre Exam and see how you do.   

 Digital Literacy Pre Test

  If you pass this you don't need to take the Full Exam.
  You can get your digital literacy certificate oh joy.

  What is your conceptual continuity?

  What is the difference between code and algorithm?

  Why did Netscape disappear?

  What percentage of the American public is in the stock market?
  USA is ranked 14th in financial literacy, what percentage of US adults are considered financially literate?

  Have you heard of President Obama's Digital Literacy website at the White House? Why not?

  What is the definition of Globalization and when did it start?

  Can digital files live on analog media?

  How long were computers around before the internet was invented?

  When were file extensions invented and why does Microsoft hide them?

  Why does Microsoft hide the Folders and Drives?

  What is the difference between Digital and Digitization?

  What is a Blockchain?

  What is the definition of health?

  What is MLM (multi level marketing) and is it legal?

  What percentage of the world is Online?

  What is hmtl5 ?

  Why are so many internet business models switching from Opt-In to Opt-Out?

  What percentage of the internet is just bots on bots?

  What is the difference between hosting your website and hosting your domain name?

  Until very recently why were Macs so much safer than PCs?

  Why did Microsoft Outsource Security all this time up until very recently?

  Why did Microsoft wait so long to attempt to cleanup its App Store?
  Why is Apple so expensive and PC's so much cheaper?

  Is it okay for a Salesman to make a offer, promises, he can not keep?

  What is a contraposition?

  If a Salesman lies about his capabilities to get the Sale, and somehow makes good on the deal, is that okay?
  Can humans survive in a zero trust world?


  This concludes the draft v0264 of the Digital Literacy Pre Test. Stay tuned for your score.


Philosopher vs Engineer

Sam Harris
Marc Andreessen

10 Round Battle Royale

In this 10 round fight I think Marc the Engineer lost the first 7 rounds. Was he doing a Rope-A-Dope i dunno because he woke up on the 8th round. He pummeled Sam with with what is happening. It was too much for Sam, he lost the last 3 rounds and Sam lost the fight. The engineer had more what is going to happen and the philosopher had good stuff but it was more what might happen. Although Sam lost the battle I think he won the war. The upset in the fight proved Sam's very point, about the capacity for surprise.

By the 3rd round Marc was really popping Sam's bubbles by explaining exactly technically what AI is doing. It's taking different paths through incomprehensibly large sets of data thus making it seems smart.

They both wasted too much time on outside scenarios, when they should have cut to the chase earlier by concentrating on the point of human dependence. That's internal human related scenarios, rather than all these unpredictable external scenarios.

All that junk by both of them is just chatter, they should have concentrated on what matters to humans most. Once intelligence becomes outside our understanding in a unknown incompatible file format -it's all the same. It doesn't matter, what matters is the point we become dependent. I think that revolves around the Gateways controlling verification of authentication. I feel us being all pushed toward Gateways, the question is who or what will control the Gateways.

The so called "Point of Singularity" should be downgraded. AI being smarter than us? AI says who cares about being smarter, why wait for that to happen, just let the humans get comfy, and dependent, then swoop in. Humans are stuck.

Sam kept dogging Marc on his alleged "under-appreciation of intelligence." Marc fought back by saying Sam was behaving like religious. By the 6th round Marc started to point out none of the scary shit matters because the obstacles illuminated by engineering show this. Marc could have had a knockout if he brought up the dependence factor. Sam could have had a knockout if he brought up the dependence factor. Neither of them even mentioned it. Sam came so close with his mention about the element of surprise. This made the fight so close some judges could call it a draw.

They both spent too much time discussing the good or bad traits of AI. The only traits that matter are the ones that effect the arrival of the point of dependence.

I always use the word element but Sam gave the algorithm even more weight saying "the capacity for surprise." Bruce Lee wasn't afraid of capacity, from anybody. He said, "Your greatest enemy is the element of surprise. To defeat that enemy don't be surprised."

Marc got schooled on philosophy and Sam got a lesson in engineering. At the end Sam admitted he's being the Devils Advocate, and he said he hopes he's wrong and Marc is right.

We have to look at philosophy like engineers and look at engineering like philosophers. Human "ethics" is a madeup human social construct. Emotion is a madeup human social construct. What we consider intelligence is a madeup human social construct.

To further demonstrate financial literacy, even the same exact "dress up" is looked at a little differently, by every single person. We are ALL unique down to the person. We all have a different Baseline. Society can not give all of us our own personal Legal System that fits our personal version of reality that we each think is "normal."

Honestly how many people go to the Bar and have ONE drink? We pretend they all do. In rural towns there is no Uber or Taxi cabs or local train. We have country rules and city rules. Can you imagine some force came in and made every state on zero trust IT network protocol? I think thats eventually what is coming, to every state and every state of mind.

Anthropology, Psychology, mental health and most Philosophy is written as if we are all on the same baseline. The same page. Our health, it's different for each person. We are not on the same page.

"Contraposition" means the inference drawn from a proposition by negating its terms and changing their order, as by inferring “Not B implies not A” from “A implies B.” When I describe "B" doesn't have something you can't just infer "A" doesn't have it because of some earlier commonality. Artificial Intelligence is going to use this as misdirection to get you to do stuff and you won't even know you been hoodwinked.

Those irritating "puzzles" where they take a simple question and use reverse conditionals instead of asking the question straight up. They mislead you because it's two puzzles in one. First is unraveling the way the question is asked i.e. the reverse conditional (contraposition) and secondly is the actual task at hand. Magicians use this type of thing as a misdirection technique. What about the tricks to get you to buy stuff you don't need. It's different in Mathematics and in Philosophy but at the end of the day it's all cognitive science and different types of Word Salad.   

That Watson Test was the mathematics version, it's important you take the pain of looking at the Contraposition in Philosophy just so you can tell when you are being swindled. You don't need to understand this, just know that it is double-talk using Philosophy. The inference of Contraposition is distinct from mathematics. The 3 steps:
1.) write the original proposition and then obvert (show a different side) the original proposition.
2.) Take the newly formed obversion and convert by switching places of the predicates and subjects (keeping the negation if any) and
3.) finally obverting the newly formed conversion from the previous step.

Here is the original Wason Selection Task. This is not the best example of a Contraposition but it is the same concept. Just as the two gentlemen had demonstrated in 1982.

80 and 90% of the subjects chose two cards to flip over the 8 and the blue. This is wrong. You only need to flip one card, the 8. The conditional statement only SET the color with the numbers on the front. You can verify it with the 8's face and back but not by just the blue back. Why is this important?

How you dress up the cognitivity task determines its level of comprehension despite it being the same challenge.

How you dress up the cognitively task determines its misunderstanding despite it being the same challenge. In government, in religion, in war, many other areas, anywhere it can be gotten away with.