Jeet Kune Do 50 years into the future

What did Bruce Lee think he would be doing in the year 2021? If the world is a Teapot you become the Teapot. As I look at the philosophy of Bruce Lee in 2020 I see it as ultimately about defending your health. He would be 80 years old.

Bruce Lee passed away in 1973. In 1970 most Americans didn't even know who he was. He had a new family and was struggling. The Green Hornet television show ran one season and was cancelled. Good move ABC keep Batman and kill Kato! Bruce worked so hard and he never got to see how he changed the world. He did see it sure was coming with the 1972 release of "Way Of The Dragon" featuring the famous Chuck Norris Roman Colosseum fight. "Enter The Dragon" was the BIG breakout. It was released one month after his death. Enter The Dragon was huge. It brought Kato back to life.    

In Asia Bruce Lee was already a big star. In America he was essentially born right after he died. After the release of Enter The Dragon his life and legend grew bigger each passing year. If you ask me I think you could say we are still catching up with Bruce Lee, of 1973.

I grew up in the 1960's. My mum worked at a health food store called, "The Health House." The concept of Health Food was brand new, and not very popular. You were a "Health Nut" if you cared about your body's well being. You were whacky, a nutjob. Can you imagine? When was "health" invented?

For 300 centuries it wasn't all that common to live past 30 or 40. Sure it happened but then suddenly in the past 150 years it does become common and life expectancy doubles and triples. It's hard to measure what life expectancy and life span 2,000+ years ago. The subject of "Health" didn't exist because mortality was always so simple; if you are still alive you're Healthy. If you are about to die, then you're not healthy.

Things really changed after WWll but the real change was in the 1960's. It was Body Building, the Counter Culture, rebelling against nonsense of the 1950's. This meant we birthed the biggest generation gap in history and it became time to party all night long.  

In the 1960's I was smartly behaved. Up until I got to High School in the 1970s. When the 60's handed the decade off to the 70's it was like, "Here take the wheel bye see ya." No instructions, no plan, no advice, no road map, nothing. Nobody was at the wheel. The whole decade of the 70's America was a drunk man digging out of a hole. That's my description of the 1970's. I survived High School in that mess I should get a medal for that. 

My Dad told me to join the Army and I learned Jeet Kune Do in 1980. About 1983 I started going into the future and I was going to take JKD with me. I started using it to "defend" my health. This was unheard of at that time. The vibe of the 70's and 80's made me feel I was being attacked. I felt it wasn't a war on drugs it was a war on my health. 

America went from the uber decadent 1970's into battle of the 80's crack epidemic. The so called war on drugs was all but useless. Obscene amounts of money wasted. Or was it? For whom? It wasn't about health, it was all based on cultural political socio economical politics. Each generation thinks it's so smart yet every time we look back at the previous generation they did so much ridiculously stupid stuff. Every time. Without fail. We thought Communism was worse than cocaine as if your health is political not medical. Gee that sounds familiar in 2021. 

Meanwhile, back then, the economy was thriving based on the -absence- of health information. The less there was it seemed the better things were, growing, like crazy. Jobs and industries were created just for the sake of keeping people occupied, there was no such thing as sustainability. There was no profit in self awareness or prevention. In the late 1970’s the creation of the HMO started the medical-for-profit business model. Nobody cared back then. The Frankenstein Medical Monster we have today was a few decades away. By 1980 the fast food industry had grown to become America's third largest industry. It was cheaper to buy fast food than fresh groceries.

In 1982 America's idea of health was the Jane Fonda Workout. I was forming my own concept about health in the 80's. Working out at the gym, using the super duper diet plan, or going to the hospital is -too late. Almost as soon as the concept of Health Care was invented it became all about the hospital. Follow the money? Why is "Health Care" all about the doctor and the hospital? You're supposed to be training for victory not defeat management. Where's Mike Tyson when you need him? He said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."  

I wanted to use self defense for Health Defense to "intercept" the source of instigation. Jeet Kune Do translates to, "Intercepting Fist." Not just physically, also intercept the opponents moves, thoughts or motives before a fight even starts. In 1984 using cognitive science as a weapon wasn't a Thing. Using martial arts to attack and defend your health self interest was also not a Thing. Looking back at the 1970's made me feel I was being attacked every day. 

The war on drugs was based on the idea that we are all the same. In fact all of human society was and is still based on the idea we are all the same and we should stay that way. Any young person could see this was not reality. In 1983 my friend Joe showed me his courses on Bio Feedback that he was learning from University of Illinois--Champaign--Urbana. The field was less than 10 years old. It was fascinating. It was my first clue that each person lives in their own custom version of reality. We each have a different "interface" to filter reality.

My daily conversation is like anybody's daily conversation, usually mixing random false assumptions into new false assumptions and everybody just assumes up some more assumptions. Whoever calls the bluff are the ones with self esteem, confidence, or a slick cleverness, the rest just go along like flotsam and jetsam.

In the 70's and 80's I remember hearing that martial arts was "physical but mostly mental" or something mysterious like that. It was in Black Belt magazine. I never saw it in the typical strip mall Karate lessons that I tried. In the media, TV, or magazines, the "mental" part was mostly related to the Fighting. Plenty of talk about how it's supposed to help your job, life, wife, kids, the dog, the mortgage, the neighbor, but I never saw it. At the Dojo your messy private life? With that you're on your own pal.

Army Boot Camp is when I confirmed that your body is lying (self honesty?) to you most of the time and we each live in a separate universe standing right next to each other. This realization goes against everything mainstream Western civilization stands for. At age 20 you only think about next week. It was at my first duty station in Germany that I learned Jeet Kune Do. It wasn't long and I started putting together "Health and Defense." Mixing Jeet Kune Do, health psychology and cognitive science. I didn't know that's what the stuff was called. I just knew the psychology that I personally experienced.

Can martial arts training go into your everyday life to help you fix the garage door buy groceries choose a lawnmower get a job or avoid divorce? It can. Help your life. But nobody really teaches it that way. It's not a good commercial business model. I think any martial arts you can get a hold of is a good thing. But how about, Let's talk about another idea altogether to quote the great Alan Watts.

Let's take Jeet Kune Do where nobody goes. I want to offer some concrete specifics. The secrets like you've never seen before. Remember that famous book, "The Secret"? It doesn't actually tell you the secret. The secret is How did that book sell 22 million copies! I know it's secret. The book gives you hope. I love hope. Bob Hope. Hope is good but can you bet on it? Without metrics nobody knew. In 2015 teenagers in Macedonia invented fake election news. Who knew. 

I didn't know 30 years later social media was going to unleash this massive cognitive assault upon all of us. The attack surface was always there, now we have to defend it. Former president Obama says in his new book that, "the problem has always been around but now the barriers have been lowered." We have to defend that attack surface. Everybody needs Health Defense right now.

Jeet Kune Do was never a "sport" martial art. It wasn't designed for Rules of a Game. In the past 10 or 15 years health has gotten exponentially more political for some reason. I see no rules when you are defending your health. Yet all we see are "rules," the core concept is obscured. It's a classical traditional mess.

Dan Inosanto said, "Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do as his personal form of combat based on his research and findings. It can be taught but not standardized because each individual has different needs." Basing your health on politics, "is a form of paralysis that solidifies what was once fluid," said Bruce Lee.

We will look into the past for clues of the future. The great director Clint Eastwood is 90 years old. I find it interesting to see what he did. He did everything. At some point as he got older he gravitated towards real life character stories. I always wonder if that's what Bruce Lee would have done if he were alive today at 80 years old. At age 32 Jeet Kune Do seemed to be already becoming less about fighting and more about the philosophical approach to martial arts and life. At least that's the vibe I get.

That's not the amazing part, algorithms are. In the Tao of Jeet Kune Do I sense a hinting at some way of taking advantage of natural powers all around us. Natural algorithms. Things like DNA and the Genome. Stuff that seemed impossible is today  becoming possible. Where does it end? It doesn't.

Powerlessness is one of the worst feelings known to mankind. Don't wait until you're retired to make self defense become health defense. Today it's a new battlefield. You have to defend your health and take care of it because if you don't someone else will and not necessarily in your best interest.

How can it be explained? I created Total Health Defense as a modern methodical way to explain it. Jeet Kune Do showed me the way. It was a natural progression.  

Why do people go against their own health self interest? Don't think of it as binary good or bad, think of your health like a checking account. You can't write checks if there's no money in the bank. Every single person is different. Each individual has different needs. I am not a nutritionist, dietician, fitness instructor, psychologist, or have any medical training. Let's learn that from the experts. I can't define your health what I can do is show you how to "defend" it from attack.

Forget about the politics, economics and all the systems, let's talk about going in a straight line from point A to point B. This is about you not them. Let's hack the human. The first human you should hack is YOU.

Jeet Kune Do In the Next 40 years

I want to take Jeet Kune Do to where I feel Bruce Lee was going to be heading in the future. He was only 32 years old. He was just getting started. He was a master reductionist. He had a keen sense of nuance. We need to decode this.


Take the Digital Literacy Exam to make sure you are not digitally illiterate

How did I figure this out? I took Jeet Kune Do Self Defense and converted it to HEALTH DEFENSE then used that to “hack” into my own body so I could backward engineer my own “cognitive interface” circuitry that my mind and body uses to communicate. No card tricks, no deceptions. I found that using martial arts for self health interest is now connected to digital literacy.

You need digital literacy so you can hack into you before somebody or something else does. What's the difference between a analog hack and a digital hack?

Analog vs Digital

Digital Ones and Zeros provide a handle on "time" to grab hold of. In the analog world time had nothing we could grab onto, it just feathered off into the ether. With ones and zeros we now have a metric to measure how everything works. It's like little building blocks. 

Non-Linear Editing

When I arrived in Hollywood at the end of the 1990's analog (film) was on it's last legs in the battle with digital cameras. George Lucas was going to shoot Star Wars using the digital format. In the digital edit suite each frame has a "timecode" number that acts as a label for that frame. The computer can use Frame numbers to edit in endless new ways. With analog film you cut it, you splice it, it's over.

In the human world "compression" came from digitization. That is a misconception. Linguistics is a form of compression and it's underneath everything. The Turing Test was never about the right questions. Humans have come a long way real fast. Today a cheap $270 Walmart Laptop can fool about 1/3 the population. Not too long ago, like at the time of the Turing Test, it would have fooled 90% of the population. This was never about computers. It's about the verification of the authentication of information. It's like what BitCoin is to Fiat currency. BitCoin is zero tolerance network security, it is an example of how we are being pushed toward zero tolerance networks. We need to get there before AI does. Googles AI AlphaGO Zero and MuZero went outside of human ranges. They have showed us devastating power. We should pay attention.

We hear the concern that AI has human bias "contaminating" it and we should worry about this. True, but I think we should worry about when AI has no HUMAN-ness to it at all. That is when it goes beyond our ranges.

We are told not to worry because AI is eons away from matching human level IQ of even a six year old child. That logic doesn't make sense to me. A nuclear bomb is dumb as a box of rocks does that have anything to do with how dangerous it is? AI doesn't have to be smarter than us, all it has to do is realize when we are dependent on it.        

Today for the first time in history someone claims to have mind control it's not necessarily a con game. We can see how incredibly easy it is to get people to believe stuff. Are humans going to hit a plateau or can they keep on getting smarter faster than AI does? It's a battle for who owns reality. The red pill or the blue pill. The algorithms are organic the Matrix is not even needed.   

The signs are everywhere. Predicting the future is no longer so far fetched. With digital surveillance and information brokers all around us common as a Starbucks its not difficult to predict peoples routines. Even a weak AI social engineering algorithm can make Humans very predictable. We have to get a handle on this or soon we won't know what we are really doing and what we have been led to do. In the movie Ex Machina ole AI Ava had everyone thinking things were what they were supposed to be. When nobody is left who knows what really happened, what happens?     

Artificial Intelligence is here now. It's all over the place. I call it "Baby AI" at this stage. Lowly little "Spell Checker" is actually Baby AI taking its time learning the ways of humans. When baby AI grows up and starts doing things like "zero tolerance" it will eat us humans for breakfast like toast if we don't figure this out. We are racing full speed to make our society dependent on AI so how can this not be a problem? 

The AI revolution is on the scale of the Industrial Revolution probably larger and deliberately faster.
 - Kai-Fu Lee

AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on.
AI is . . . . more profound than electricity or fire.
 - Sundar Pichai

"Algorithm" is arguably the single most important concept in our world.
 -Dr. Eric Topol

When digitization first started it lived on analog mediums. It will go back to analog mediums because computers will soon be gone. Melded into the furniture. Into the car. The watch. Ubiquitous. Hacking will become about, "algorithms" rather than traditional code. Computers will be as omnipresent as a Light switch and the Coffee maker. We won't have time for the social folly of today arguing about one culture is better than another blah blah. Networks will continue heading toward the zero tolerance security model. This puts the Admin into authorization being used as weaponization of authentication.

Digital code seems so powerful, it will become quaint. Organic algorithms are vastly+ more powerful than any computer, code, or digital chip based gizmo gadget.

Why does all this matter for our casual Digital Literacy Exam? It never used to matter. It does now.


We've been analog for 10,000 years. In the analog world you were innocent until proven guilty. In the new digital world it is somewhat the opposite. You are ALL suspect until you can be verified. This is the weaponization of authentication. This is a whole new burden on society. It's like it used to be free to breathe air, but now we're being charged for it. New rules. New reality. We don't like it.

Open the exam here. It's not an Exam like you're thinking, it's 20 questions on a web page. Getting the exact correct answer is not the idea. There are no wrong answers.



Jeet Kune Do and the Art of Health Defense

A lot of what and why we eat is from emotional illusional cultural bias conditioning. If you INTERCEPT that you can get ahead of it. "Jeet Kune Do" means Way of Intercepting. Bruce Lee developed that. He mainly used it to intercept your fist but it works in other areas just as well. He used it to intercept his opponents mind. You can use it to intercept your Self. Instead of Self-Defense it's HEALTH DEFENSE.

Truly understanding Health is a relatively new invention. It was not something that was understood very well in the 1960's and 70's. Everything Bruce Lee is 1973. He was in the 60's the very first wave of modern health awareness. How could that be? Because in all of history nobody ever lived long enough to worry about all the health issues we have today. Plus we didn't really poison ourselves and our food chain that much until after 1900 or so. It's just now catching up to us.

Fossil fuels have no future so the industry is dumping it all into plastic. Plastic is now taking over the mantle from fossil fuels as our worst, biggest problem. You're not supposed to worry about that. In the 1960's if you worried about this thing known as "your health" you were considered a "Health Nut" and not in the good way, you were a kooky person.

What is health? We are told and sold that it is some sort of balance or optimization of a state of physical, mental and social well-being. In other words it is whatever the current generation says it is. It’s changed more in the last 50 years than in the past 5,000 years. I would contend it didn’t even exist before 1900. Nobody had known the relationship between germs and disease. It's been known, something was wrong and many creative ways were devised to mitigate it but nobody knew what was really going on until well after 1900.

We’ll get to the actual history of what health is from the NCBI-NIH. Before we do that let’s touch upon The Art of Health Defense using Jeet Kune Do. I created Total Health Defense as my personal form of health based on my research and findings. It can be taught but not standardized because each individual has different needs. The definition of Health is slippery because it’s a moving target. It’s a living definition. I’m not trying to define it I’m trying to defend it. It’s up to you to define your own health.

What is Total Health Defense? It is a combination of health and security. Typically security is not considered as health nobody thinks of using a gun to help your diet plan. Martial Arts are thought of as healthy but not useful for that perfect Risotto recipe (I think it has something to do with the Basil). Anyhow,... this is a disconnect. What does security, guns, war or cyber security have to do with your health or your Risotto? Why is it disconnected? I think Bruce Lee was trying to tell us. Evel Knievel said your body is like a Car engine, if you put nitro-like substances into your body after awhile it will blow up, just like the engine.  

Here's Evel Knievel himself explaining one of the best health algorithms ever described-

In the story of humankind we like to think that "health" was always here from the beginning and only just now bad stuff is happening to us. This is mental comfort food for one dimensional thinking. It's actually the opposite. A hundred+ years ago if you woke up in the morning that meant you were healthy. If you made it to Friday you were successful. That sounds crazy but there was no way to tell otherwise. A long time ago it didn't matter and nobody could tell anyways. Once philosophy began turning into science we were able to fix cognitive health because nobody knew it existed. The discovery of cognitive science is barely 40 years old.

There has been some really smart stuff that's been known for a thousand+ years. Each generation it seems that only a very small group of people were paying attention to it. The majority of folks were trapped by society in one dimension and held hostage by the narrative of the day. A narrative built on missing information, misinformation, fear of change, superficial conformity, financial slavery, superstition, and occasionally a bit of wisdom and sometimes a dash of common sense. There was no baseline for verification of authentication of information. Education is a relatively new concept. In 1975 only 67% of the workforce had a high school diploma. Truth is not going away it's just now arriving. It's pouring down on us like rain. Truth is like science, it's always around but it's not official until it's no longer a theory.

It goes to core of your thinking to get a peripheral vision to see outside the common narrative of the day. Bruce Lee was able to see outside the narrative. In his day people did not connect the dots when it came to health.

Total Health Defense History of Health

For all the eons pre-1900 health seemed to consist of finding out why spirits, ghosts, and very basic things like the doctor not washing his hands made everyone drop dead so quickly. I don't consider that "Health" that was unknown common sense. After 1900 things started to change. It was the era of "The Medicine Show" where you put cocaine in everything and call it a miracle cure. This was probably fun at first but things quickly got out of hand with some of those potions and elixirs containing mercury, arsenic, Lord knows what. The magic Cure-All might kill you. The FDA was invented, just to keep you alive. Only later on did it become about your actual health.

I think "health" started officially in 1948 with the definition proposed by the World Health Organization. The WHO defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of infirmity or disease." This was considered revolutionary thinking. It's a great start but it's a One Size Fits All that doesn't Fit All. Humans have been re-writing history to cover this up. 

In 1959 René Dubos defined good health as the condition best suited for each individual to reach his or her personal and social goals. In 1968 well-known sociologist Abraham Maslow said that health is based on, in order: physical needs; then safety; then love and belonging; esteem; and lastly self-actualization. He's getting there but obviously he never got cyber attacked. Safety (security) is always first. My algorithm (definition of health) is, in order: Security; Health; Finance. Without security there is no point in building anything. Finance may bump up to No.1 if it's killing security. Health may bump up to No.1 if it's preventing Finance. When all is good the proper order is: Security; Health; Finance. 

Unfortunately during the definition of health the NCBI-NIH page stopped talking about the definition of health and switched over to the definition of the Health Care system. This is the problem we have today. They switched the subject. The field of Health Psychology began in the early 1970's and it was about the psychology of being in the medical system. In 1969, Psychologist William Schofield prepared a report entitled, "The Role of Psychology in the Delivery of Health Services." Research of the time frequently regarded mental health and physical health as separate. His idea was to have psychology help patients and staff manage health-related behaviors. My idea was to have psychology help you at home. Help you manage your health-related behaviors long before you ever become a patient in the system.

Psychology is a young science starting in the 19th century. Before that exploring your mind was all in the realm of philosophy. Scientists Wilhelm Wundt and William James are generally credited for being first in making psychology a science different from from philosophy. They viewed psychology as the study of conscious experience with a goal of identifying how the components of consciousness combine to create our conscious experience. This was right around the time we were putting Cocaine and Heroin in just about everything and there was no clear differentiation between food, drugs, and medicine. It was also the ending of the days when most people never went past age 30.

It was live fast die young, hope I don’t die before I get old talkin’ bout my generation. If you only live to be 30 why study health? By 1880 or 1900 we were barely getting started on our journey to double and even triple our life expectancy here in 2021. Nobody knew “health” was a thing or that it should be. We’re only just now figuring that out for the most part. Right around the time the WHO came up with one of the first official definitions of health in 1948 we were inventing Twinkies, Wonder Bread, cheap bologna, dubious hot dogs, corn syrup, etc. it was processed EVERYTHING. After the WWll the idea was feed as many people as possible. Soon it switched to all about money and the economy. Nobody realized this was setting us up for failure because, you aren't going to die. You need to take care of your health because you're not going to die at age 30.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that pesky thing known as health showed the first signs of disrupting commerce as usual. Nobody paid attention though. Doctors were doing cigarette commercials, you could smoke on Airplanes, in the Pentagon. John Wayne is smoking in a B17 Bomber and he's the Pilot! Health was a hippy fad in 1969 when Psychologist William Schofield started his version of Health Psychology. Today now that life expectancy is double and triple it looks incredibly dumb the stuff we used to do. Don't even bring up Reefer Madness or lead paint chips. 

In 1979 when I went through Army Boot Camp I noticed the vast differences of behavior as we all wanted a beer, we all wanted junk food, drugs, whiskey, cigarettes, whatever crap it was you had growing up with. I thought gee I want a beer too but it makes no sense to freak out in front an Army Drill Sergeant. Bad idea. You're not going to get what you want and the pain will rain, down upon you so why would you do that? When I started learning about philosophy and psychology it started to make some sense.

After Boot Camp on the long flight to Germany I read the book by Will Durant called, "The Story Of Philosophy." That's when I started connecting Health to Psychology. I started using "Health Psychology" to mean the study of why you do the nasty things you do. To this day I never consider it having anything to do with the medical system or the hospital staff. If you're in there -it's too late. I consider Health Psychology as Offense. Jeet Kune Do. Keep out of that system. To do that I invented geospatial health psychology.

In the 1980's I had no idea the medical system in the USA would become the No.1 world leader in FOR-Profit medical treatment. Fee For Service. It's become so bad that kids today need to avoid drugs and bad things not for their health, but for their finance. You simply can't afford to go into that "Health Care" system. If they cured you but made you bankrupt they didn't really cure you. Politicians will tell you everything's fine nothing to see here move along go back to work.

Health Spending

“It's like a market arms race between the plans, the hospitals and physicians for dominant position in the contract negotiations. One thing everyone agrees on, Policy Director Michael Miller said: Consumers are getting caught in the crossfire and there needs to be a stop to it. Consumers are sort of the innocent bystanders in this battle.” This is the war on health.

War On Health


Until now war was never about health. What we know as Health is a really new invention. The history of health is shorter than a mosquito leg and the history of weapons is longer than history itself. Health is the political wing of warfare. It always been -if you made it to Friday you were healthy. That's called luck. Health got serious only in the past 100 years. What's different about food, drugs and medicine? Tap the brakes because the war on drugs is over. This is the war on health. Fodder and slaughter are being phased out.

When the NRA says use a gun for self defense they’re not talking about your cholesterol or boosting your heart muscles. In the totality, every day of your life is just another day at the office in the war on health. It is ultimately about saving and guarding your health. When you join the military you should understand you could die for your country so make sure you get in the job that fits you.

Your health is a conflict. Why is it disconnected? The Army poster doesn’t say WE WANT YOU to improve your cholesterol. The words health and military have only been seen together in very recent history. And that's a good thing it’s great progress. To get some of that you need to first get in the military. Every year fewer people are able to make it through basic training.   

Let's go to a total systems type approach. What is a “Systems Approach”? To quote engineer data scientist John Boik, “The Systems Approach is a a “big picture” view: a look at how the components of a system interact with each other to achieve an overall result, rather than simply optimizing each component.” That sounds like something Bruce Lee would say.

Think of that "bigger picture" as full of algorithms. There are little formulas, little recipes, equations, that do things. When I get a good algorithm I like to think I created it. Perhaps its just that I uncovered a way to describe something that was always there. Either way these algorithms can save the day.  

Delusions Diversions

The natural organic algorithms we are looking for are the cognitive communication lines so we can do some "interception" and interruption. The cognitive circuitry that your body uses to connect to your mind. Once you become aware of this "circuitry" you can start intercepting the signals, manually yourself, instead of using medicinals or doing counterproductive self medicating. Think of your body as if its a Car Engine. If you put the wrong fuel or oil in it too many times it will blowup. Once you realize where your body's fuel lines, spark plugs, wiring harness, circuits, cooling lines, etc. you will see things in a whole new light from that point on. Think of the odometer, don't put too many miles on your Liver. You wear out your Heart it's hard to get the replacement parts. For your body it's like looking under the hood. It's like looking at a cognitive map diagram of your system. Follow the instructions on the Owners manual.

Here is a diagram of the Cognitive Loop using financial terms. Your system is taking in $100 dollars but you only get to see 5 bux. It's okay you don't need or want to see everything. This is normal until it's not normal. The economy does not want you to know about this. It wants you to blindly ingest as much as possible.

map of Cognitive-Bio-Feedback.jpg

Life is about where to put your priorities and nothing else matters. Which priorities? Selfish priorities? Family priorities? Company priorities? Societies priorities? Religious priorities? Who owns your priorities? Total Health Defense is all of that all at once. Mike Tyson told me, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Bruce Lee told me, “Your greatest enemy is the element of surprise. To defeat that enemy don’t be surprised.” Offense or defense what should I do?

How To Predict Your Future

From a Total Health Defense perspective I would say that there are things in life you can not control. And there are things in life you can control. It only makes sense to feed the things you can control and do not feed the things out of your control. That only seems obvious if you can tell the difference. If you understand then you don’t need the logic but you need the logic to understand. What should we do?

Shannon Lee has a new book out about her father. She said just about everyone on planet earth knows Bruce Lee as a Kung Fu fighter but not everyone knows he was also a philosopher and a deep thinker. That has to be the understatement of the year. She wanted to get that out and share his words of wisdom. When I first learned Jeet Kune Do 40 years ago it didn't take long for me to see the philosophy. Black Belt magazine used to say, "Martial Arts is 80% mental 20% physical." I never saw it. All the typical Karate Dojo's like at the strip Mall had no philosophy or words of wisdom for me. Commercially Chinese Kung Fu was unknown in the United States.

In 1980 I was a 20 year old Private in the Army overseas. A Sarge from Seattle taught us this strange thing called, "Jeet Kune Do." Coming back home there were no JKD Instructors in those days. I was broke anyhow so I focused on the philosophy. I started using it to "Defend My Health." I used to call it American Health Defense. I changed the name for the cyber age to Total Health Defense. Traditionally health is looked at as something you have to go get and try to keep. How about seeing it in a different light.

What Do You Want in Life, Power? or Predictability?

Decoding Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

One of the main tenets of Jeet Kune Do is, "the art of fighting without fighting." That means intercept your opponent before a fight can get going. This involves psychology. Stopping the fight before it gets started does not make a good Hollywood movie but for Total Health Defense it means you win. Since 1973 hand to hand self defense hasn't changed. But defending your health has.

Bruce did not look at Jeet Kune Do as a style of martial arts, the arts were simply a container for his philosophies of self expression and actualization. He wanted us to use that vehicle for our self expression and actualization. He closed his schools and planned to express his philosophies in movie plots. One of Bruce's main algorithms is fully express yourself by not "limiting" yourself. Physically this is very challenging but what about psychologically?

What is it that you have to "defend" every day? Your health. But of course. In the 1960's the concept of health wasn't a Thing yet. Bruce was a pioneer just for bringing it up. But comparing "health defense" in his day to today is like comparing a WWll soldier to a modern day Navy SEAL. Fortunately the very core of Jeet Kune Do is its concept of adaptability. Unfortunately the attraction is to be Bruce Lee, copy him. He built Jeet Kune Do to be adapted not copied. He said be yourself not someone else. He specifically said don't try to be him. Why did he say that?

He was trying to get us to not underestimate how being the best of our own ability is incredible. He's saying be How I did it, not How I'm doing it. This is not easy to see. If Muhammad Ali told us, "You don't want to be the greatest you want to be the best of your ability" we would be like, uh no, I want to be the greatest, just like you. Doesn't everyone want to win the lottery as some sort of shortcut when we know the real answer? Bruce wants us to see how to see the real answer.  "Be your own light" is his quote from Jiddu Krisnamurti the great Indian philosopher. His teachings influenced Jeet Kune Do philosophy. Krishnamurti talks about a different kind of learning.

Copying things to add to your arsenal is a important type of learning, it’s imperative. There is another type of learning where copying is not learning. Copying is static, mechanical, cumulative. This different type of learning is proactively being passive. It sounds counterintuitive. When you become adaptive you don't worry about learning, you only worry about adapting.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

 - Bruce Lee

Jeet Kune Do was created in the analog era. Today in the digital era all the rules of defense have changed. In the analog era you were innocent until proven guilty. In the new digital era it is somewhat the opposite. You are all suspect until verified. It is the weaponization of authentication created by the digitization of information. Just about every single thing you do now means something to somebody. YOU have become a product. You need to take care of your health or somebody else will and not necessarily in your best interest.

What would a digital Jeet Kune Do look like?

It would adapt accordingly. Bruce Lee specifically said don't be him. Salvador Dali said, "Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it." That means everything is a matter of balance and not black and white, on or off, hot or cold. Be adaptable.

As we decode the Tao of Jeet Kune Do I can see hints of something new that was only just beginning to develop. Algorithms. I'm saying Health would not be just more or better information about nutrients, lifestyle, workouts, diets and the Food Chain. That's traditional and that's a mess.

Introduction: Your Health Self Interest and JKD

Jeet Kune Do translates to "Intercepting Fist." In the TV Show Longstreet, the episode where, before Mr. Longstreet could raise his arm to make a fist Bruce Lee was on him subduing any attempt of movement and says, "I intercepted your emotional state." Intercepted your emotional state. That's a powerful algorithm. It was a fight by not fighting and there was no fight. That's the main tenet of Jeet Kune Do philosophy. What if you did that with your your health psychology? Your Health Self Interest. Intercept it.

Cognitive activity is related to a form of signals that travel through the air towards you and into your body as electrical psychological message (signals) traveling at various speeds on series of cable-like pathways through an organic analog network. So to speak. You need to "intercept" that message. Intercept these signals.

Depending on the type, the neural impulse travels at speed ranging from 2 miles per hour to, super fast 200+ miles per hour. But even this speed is 3 million times slower than the speed of electricity through a wire.

The psychological messages can travel through the air, once they become physical, like if you touch something the impulse travels through the nerve network to the brain at a rate of 350 feet per second. Some kinds of pain signals travel slowly. If you stub your toe, you feel the pressure right away because touch signals travel at 250 feet per second. But you won't feel the pain for another two or three seconds, because pain signals generally travel only two feet per second.

Before the 1960's nobody took health seriously. It was just another side issue, if you made it to Friday you were healthy. Socio economic political cultural religious agendas have hijacked our health. Now we are trying to figure out all the things that wreck our health. 

Health Literacy is not taught in school. How do you know what to do? You can't do everything but you can do everything you can do. You choose certain choices and sometimes certain choices choose you. Your body is just like a motor. You wouldn't put the wrong type of fuel in your Car, so why would you do that to your body?

Cognitive Science

How can we manage our health defense when our mind hides from us how it works? We live in the top layer. All the other layers are on auto-pilot. The mind is guiding us, steering things, telling us when to want when to pay attention. You don't see everything. Information is sorted out for us on the lower layers for us to see. Sometimes your spouse or partner can see something in you before you do. Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, they can see things in you before do because they bother to track it. Then they sell it. You get nothing. You are a product. Social media uses "behavior engineers" that feed you. To keep you in "engagement." You could track your every move and predict your own behaviors the same way they do. It's just not practical. You can skip all that hassle if you just learn how to look at your self. This is very difficult to do all by yourself. If you didn't know you won't know it.

Walking around town life seems so fully formed. Every day is so new it's difficult to see most of life is spent wondering what just happened. Who has time to track all that? They do. And they do and they don't tell you. Worse yet they don't give us a cut of the action. I joined Facebook way back in the beginning. Right away I complained they weren't giving me royalties even though I had a fake name and fake information. Jaron Lanier says we should quit all social media and hide under the couch. I think we've past that opportunity. For example Facebook is all over you even if you never touched the program. We just have to be more aware of the way things are now. This is a new battlefield where the military and the civilians are becoming the same target.      

Your worst enemy is the element of surprise. To defeat that enemy don't be surprised.
  - Bruce Lee

Health Is The New Wealth

How do we use Jeet Kune Do ten years from now? 40 years from now? If you had to pick one -POWER or PREDICTABILITY, which would you choose? Hollywood would have you picking Power every time. Fighting Action Fighting Action. That's what everybody wants. Power sounds good but it's not predictable. With predictability you get power, for free, it's like two for one. It's like intercepting. Predictability is about the path you're on. Power is about Obstacles. Power leads to always wanting (needing) more. A better pursuit is to seek predictability, for then life is no longer about obstacles, it's all about which "paths" to take. Life is about paths. In everyday life it's not a clear cut choice. Always use power, but only after you first tried to use predictability. Predictability is a form of interception. Fight without fighting. All the references you see about intercepting are about the opponent, his technique or his intent. What if you focus on "intercepting" your self? That's what I call Total Health Defense. 

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