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Jimmy The Poodle

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because Dogstradamus will feature Biscuits of free knowledge. Free! That’s pretty cheap.

Typical Knowledge Biscuit
KNowledge Biscuit from Chris Carter

Take the new AI Hearing Testt Developed by Dr. Poodle Hendrix.
This Hearing Exam AI produced video is to help your hearing.

Poodle Hendrix

START NOW: Begin The AI Audio Hearing Test Exam

Are your Pets stressed from trying to git so-called free knowledge off the inter Net?
When your Dog surfs the web does the dog ever get the feeling his or her Digital Paw Print is getting spied on? If I am the dog, do I want web bots be stealing my owners contact list or selling my Dog Tag Information to anyone who will pay?
In today's world you can no longer hide but don't make it easy for the trolls to waste your time or rip you off.

CEO Poodle

Get some Knowledge Biscuits on Best browser practices.
How to do web graphics.
Edit video.
How to handle audio.

Pets are people too. So much of today's digital world is at the least deceptive at the worst an outright scam ripoff.
Dogstradamus wants to help your Pets navigate the digital landscape. 

Is your dog is wasting his (your) money buying Anti-Virus software for his laptop when it's unnecessary?

Tough guy Poodle

Computer graphics?
Is yer dog tired of using GIMP because it makes ya do extra shit that Photoshop would never do? Is yer Cat disgusted about how you go online to learn something and its all fripped up? Ya just want ONE thing and you git a 20 minute lecture on all this cat crap you don't need and its in the wrong version anyway? Tell yer Cat to Bookmark this web page.

Are they really a dogs best friend?
The crux of the biscuit is the Apostrophe.
Evelyn was a modified Cat.
Dogstradamus is here for you.

What's all this dogshit about democracy of knowledge? pffft. You wanna know (learn) one single freaking thing and ya gotta SIGN UP for a App, or a Join a membership, get your balls cut off, Make a Password, give away your Owners Home Phone, or some crap the web site wants. You're jus tryn to buy a sweater. You only need one thing and quick, not a science class on the history of Canines. Well, get you’re shoes and socks on people because Dogstradamus is right around the corner,
next to Tom Waits restaurant, it's right there for your Pets. Free Knowledge Biscuits.

Has your neighbors Poodle ever asked you how to Download video off  YouTube without using scammy downloaders?

Did your cousins lazy hound dawg want to download the MP3 songs from the cool website but he has no clue how to do it? You look at the page, you hit Source html, and then find the code for the .MP3 files. Too easy.

Ole Brutis here wants to discuss
Dog photo from Bogart 9 Chris Carter

What if your dog wants to buy his own Domain Name, oh boy that's a can O pet food. Stay tuned here for that one. Dogstradamus will tell you how to (how not to) go about getting your domain name/website. It's similar to when a rock band signs a Record deal. Does your dog play great guitar?

Does your pet have a rock band, looking for a record deal? Your dog plays bass? They got a Beagle on vocals maybe a German Shepard on guitar, the Cat plays the keyboards don't need a drum kit. Now your dog wants to sign a Record contract. Doesn't every other band regret their very first Record deal?

How many bands go to the record company and they SIGN HERE to get a record deal, celebrate oh great man We Made It -hotels, parties, Limos, hot chicks, liquor, be a rock star. Sounds good. But what might have happened is the band jus took out something like a glorified bank loan. They own nothing. In fact they might be charged for it all later. If the band has some million seller hits it can all get absorbed. What does "absorbed" mean? It could mean the Manager can swindle them if the band never asks or pays attention (happens all the time). Ultimately you wanna make your own Records, and then sign for a Distribution Deal. That way you own everything. Jus because you're a dog doesn't mean you should be treated like a second class citizen.

Cheeseburger Band

Remember how much we learned from Frank Zappa, after he fell off the stage and shut the band down. Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman went off to do Tours on their own but they had to come up with a new band name “Flo and Eddy” because the record company owned their very names. You want to control your own name.

If a Record company starts sucking, maybe starts ripping you off, or just being unreliable, whatever, ya don't wanna be held hostage like Prince was. What are you on a leash tied to a tree? You wanna be able to dump that Label, get a new record company. Frank Zappa was famously held hostage by Warner Bros. Look at Prince, he thought he was a pioneer by bitching about this identical situation that Zappa knew way back in the 70’s. The dog doesn't need this headache.
Now if your dog and his pals have this rock band and they want to start a website, he or she should not go with WIX or McDonalds or Dominos Pizza or whatever One Stop Shop pitch is going. If the dog signs with WIX for example, WIX owns the Domain Name and the Web Files. This can be fine for many mutts but if your a serious dog (a musician hello) you want to OWN your domain name and own your web files. Just like you want your Song Publishing Rights, your music videos, your Master Recordings, for goshes sakes. Why would you sign all that away just to be in a hurry do cocaine with smoking hot chicks in Limos at cool parties with celebs? Don't fall for that poop.

When your Pet forms a rock band don't let them get screwed.
Here watch this clip of the famous "Turtles" Howard Kayland and Mark Volman describe how rock n roll managers are a nightmare. This is a MUST SEE for anyone starting a rock band-
The Turtles Howard Kaylan Mark Volman demonstrate Rock N Roll rock band management

Here's one more, from Mark Volman. He describes some debacles describing the Beatles contract as thee worst deal in rock history. Coming in close is Bruce Spring Steens record deal. This is also a must-see for anyone getting into the record business with your new rocking teenage combo-
Mark Volman describing band managers and recording contracts

Here look at the Bogart 9 Social Media Business Map for some more ideas- 


Quality American Made Knowledge Biscuits

KNowledge Biscuit from Chris Carter

Is your dog a hippy think's she's in the 1960's?

Hippy Poodle

When the Cat plays a record album with her tail can Ted Nugent hear it?

Catstradamus playing a record album


Is there really a war on dogs?
war on dogs by Chris Carter

triPod Dog Saves Baby Otter
Where's the video?
what video . . .
any video?

KNowledge and Science from Chris Carter

Salvador Dali said, "Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it."


˜"*°• ҉ •°*"˜)))

'''*•.* *.* *.•*´´´´ 


For now watch this Rabbit doing ASMR -
BabyOatmeal TV Channel featuring Bunn the Rabbit


        .-".'                      .--.            _..._    

      .' .'                     .'    \       .-""  __ ""-. 

     /  /                     .'       : --..:__.-""  ""-. \

    :  :                     /         ;....     ..._.-""-:_:

    ;  :                    : ._       :. .-.   ,"~~        

    :   \                    \  T--...-; : ...   :...        

     \   `.                   \  `..'    ;  o   ; o         

      `.   "-.                 ).        : ...  : …        

        \..---^..             /           `-'    `._`._     

       .'        "-.       .-"                       V    

      /             "-._.-"               ._        '^' ;   

     :                                    \.`.         /    

     ;                                -.   \`."-._.-'-'     

    :                                 .'\   \ \ \ \         

    ;  ;                             /:  \   \ \ . ;        

   :   :                            ,  ;  `.  `.;  :        

   ;    \        ;                     ;    "-._:  ;        

  :      `.      :                     :         \/         

  ;       /"-.    ;                    :                    

 :       /    "-. :                  : ;                    


wait that wasn't it, try this one of this Cat punches out a Puppy, the Puppy says heeeeyyyyy
Bogart 7 TV channel Animal Magic and other tales of topographic algorithms

Bufo Poodle

Please allow 7 to 14 business days for the video player to open


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Dogstradamus will feature Algorithms for Animals
Algorithms for Animals

Everyday algorithms your Pets can use
Home Algorithms for Animals

algorithm from Dogstradamus

Dog Whistles for Cats
Algorithms for cats and dogs. The beliefs we have which increase our confidence, whether true or not all have the same power to get us what we want when the outcome depends on our own performance. This is why “facts” can lose their power in the arena of algorithms. Some people call algorithms "dog whistles." They could be any kind of whistle. They call it dog whistles because it works regardless of what content the dog thinks it is. Even more to the point every dog is a little different. And a Cat is really different.

Beware of the Cat


Wherever you go is a part of you.
Change happens slowly right until it happens quickly.

algorithm from Dogstradamus

 Kip Addotta tells a fishy tale like you never heard.
Wet Dream

Squirrel vs Two Dogs
algorithm for squirrels

I wish I had this on video. The squirrels are always trying to break into the Bird Feeder. The two dogs ran out the door and surprised the squirrel. Bruce Lee warned everybody when he said -Your greatest enemy is the element of surprise. To defeat that enemy don't be surprised. Squirrels should know this. There ya go, for squirrels, another Pro Life tip,, not "Pro""Life" ,, a professional life tip, for squirrels.

Mr. squirrel ran up the bird feeder pole perhaps thinking to hide in the Baffle, immediately realizing this was a mistake he skadattled back down and headed for the tree. Unfortunately Dog number one was in the way. He pulled a fast u-turn and hit the gas only to be directly in front of dog number two. Rut ro No going back. He did a zig zag that would shame an NFL Linebacker, he did the Walter Payton Muhammad Ali shuffle and dog number two was mere inches from grabbing him by the tail. Keep in mind Dog number two had previously caught a squirrel. Only once, but it didn't go well for the squirrel. I intercepted dog number two walking around the yard with half a squirrel in his mouth. The entire front half of the squirrel was gone no front legs no head, I don't know where other half went there was no trace of it.

After successfully evading dog number two the squirrel went up a tree as though he had wings of a bird. He transferred to the house roof and hopped onto a larger tree. His little heart must have been doing techno 140 beats per minute I dunno.
Will the squirrel learn a lesson from this, and from his comrade getting killed and not do this again? No.   

Don't you always wonder when Spiders do this? One time we had a giant Banana spider web right over the kitchen window. It was fascination to have a front row seat watching this huge female in the middle of the web, and 3 much smaller males up in the corner watching her trying to mate with her. I didn't witness her eating one of the males, but we know that doesn't always happen, but it sure can. I looked it up and it said the clever male will wait until she's eating a bug and distracted and he will sneak up and mount her, do his thing, and scoot outta there, before she gets onry.

My question is, if Joe and Sam are up in the corner, and they witness Fred go down there to get himself some spiderwoman, and he gets devoured, wouldn't Sam say something like, "Joe I ain't going down there, see what jus happened to Fred?"
Joe says hell no Sammy I'm going down there.
But Joey, why? Joe don't go.
Maybe the odds aren't that bad? The NatGeo page says she does not munch on every male. Jus sayin.'

Walking my Cat named Dog

Why would you name your Cat, "Dog"? Apperently it had something to do with her Landlord ban on Cats.
Right here is the song called
"My Cats name is Dog"

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