Nice Olive drab uniforms guys, this is Germany not Vietnam!
hofbrau Christmas Beir
Stuttgart Oktoberfest wasn't as big as Munich but it was still awesome!

Christmas Hofbrau Beir
With all the Beir in Stuttgart it was Christmas everyday!

563rd En Bn 1980
Welcome to the 563rd Combat Engineer Battalion1979-1982 locator site.
If you were at Ludendorf Kaserne Kornwestheim in 1979 - 1982
Send an e-mail so we can contact you about the reunion party we're putting together
for everyone who served in that period. This page has just been updated July 2012.
We're currently writing a Book on Ludendorff Kaserne 1980-1981. Please contact us with your story!

7th En Bn 1981
Some of the people who we're looking for,
(who's "we" anyway?)
Rick Phillips  38th or 503rd? from CA.
Ken Thompson  aka "Fritz the Hat" from CA?
Tom Black  aka "Ted"  Headquarters Bn  from Diamond Bar, CA.
Tim O'Brian  aka "OB"  Headquarters Bn  from Chicago
Turtle!!!Turtle!! Turtle! Brent WHERE R U????
Tina Iaccobaci, Tina the Punch for your birthday Party!
Chris Carter 563rd Combat Engineer Battalion

Willis, Willis you borrowed my pup tent
and broke the side string, you owe me a beer pal.
Donna, Tammy Leclare, Margaret, Brian Fike,
Jack Gaquin, ooooh Jack,,
Beatrice "Bea," Headquarters Bn
Lopez, all those crazy guys we had those wild
fruit Punch parties with, where are you?
The Halloween party when the Scottish Army Bagpipe Band
came by and dumped scotch in our punch?
Wiped out our whole platoon!
Where is everybody now?

Hey Ken I got all those tape recordings we made! I digitally remastered them to CD. They're a total RIOT!!!

If you know Chris Carter or any of these people please send an e-mail.
563rd Engineers 1980
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Visit Army Stuttgart and look at the Bus schedule or something:

Stuttgart Park
This is the one of the many parks in Stuttgart 1980.
38th En Bn trucks 1980
38th En Bn Trucks in Graf 1981.
Note the very small patch of mud center right. As opposed to a humongo patch of mud!
38th Motor Pool

38th En Bn Motor Pool Ludendorff Kaserne 1980. Nice brick everywhere.
Book Mark this page, many more photos to come!
Help us write our Book, send photos and stories of Ludendorff. Come on we need a photo of the
Sandwich place across the street from the Kornwestheim Bahnhof I know you got it SEND IT.

Remember that clock tower gentlemen, oh yes we do.

The city's main Protestant church and one of Stuttgart's landmarks.
Also a good landmark for wayward soldiers trying to get back to the bahnhof.

Stuttgart Area Kasernes:

Robinson Barracks
Flandern Kaserne

Ludendorff Kaserne

Patch Barracks
Kurmärker Kaserne

Coffey Barracks
Fromann Kaserne

Flak Kaserne

Kelley Kaserne

Nellingen Kaserne

Panzer Kaserne

Check out these cool photos of the Kasernes all over Germany circa WWII.
You may have driven thru these on all those "Reforgers" all over Germany.

Engineers Crest Stuttgart 1980
Army Engineers History

Here's a Forum to find other Ludendorff people:

The honorable Col. Pointer Commanding 1980-1981
Ludendorff Kaserne, Kornwestheim Germany
563rd HCC, Engineer Companies 503rd and 38th Bridge Co.
I heard Ludendorff Kaserne was torn down and is Apartment buildings now?
Anybody know if thats true?
Anyhow a little history of Ludendorff Kaserne.
Before we started drinking all that Hofbrau and Dinkel Acker
it was HQ for the Wehrmacht's 5th Artillery Regiment during the war.
The Kaserne was originally named in honor of Gen. Erich Ludendorff.
General Ludendorff was a World War I hero (and early member of the Nazi Party),
the original plaque still remains(remained) at the main gate (where is it now!?!).
Ludendorff was one of the major participants in the 1923 Munich putsch,
in which the early Nazi Party attempted to take over the Bavarian government.
General Ludendorff marched with Hitler to the Feldherrnhalle,
where he was the only marcher to advance against the line of police without retreating.

Following the capture of Nuremberg, the 7th Army discovered little resistance as the
XXI Corps′ 12th Armored Division dashed 50 mi (80 km) to the Danube, crossing it on 22 April,
followed several days later by the rest of the corps and the XV Corps as well.
Meanwhile, on the 7th Army's right the VI Corps had moved southeast alongside the French 1st Army.
In a double envelopment, the French captured Stuttgart on 21 April 1945
and by the next day both the French and the VI Corps had elements on the Danube.
Shortly thereafter Hofbrau's for all.