563rd Combat Engineers Stuttgart Germany 1980 1981
563rd Engineers

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Battalion Commander the honorable Col. Pointer Commanding 1980
Battalion Commander the honorable LTC John G. Moravac 1981
LTC Sam Raines took over in May 1984. 
Ludendorff Kaserne, Kornwestheim Germany.
563rd HHC, Engineer Companies 503rd and 38th Bridge Co.
535th Engineer Company (Combat Support Equipment) was up in Grafenwoehr.
Unfortunately Ludendorff Kaserne was torn down and is apparently Apartment buildings now?
Anyhow a little history of Ludendorff Kaserne, it was HQ for the
Wehrmacht's 5th Artillery Regiment during the war.
The Kaserne was originally named in honor of Gen. Erich Ludendorff.
General Ludendorff was a World War I hero (and early member of the Nazi Party),
The original plaque still remains(remained) at the main gate(where is it now!?!).
Ludendorff was one of the major participants in the 1923 Munich putsch,
in which the early Nazi Party attempted to take over the Bavarian government.
General Ludendorff marched with Hitler to the Feldherrnhalle,
where he was the only marcher to advance against the line of police without retreating.
Tunnels still exist beneath the parade field of the former Ludendorff Kaserne. (where are they now?)

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563rd Engineers Ludendorff 1980-1981