You are you.

When you were born they said it's "You against the world." That was the template you were given at birth. You didn't know.

They forgot to tell you its not just You against the world. There's another opponent. It's You against You. Christianity goes down the path of health psychology by teaching us we are a "sinner" but you need more tools to fight back! We are to supposed to accept it, that Jesus did the fighting. He died on the cross for our sins. That's good to know but that won't get you a ride to the airport.

Jesus was a teacher, I think he would say I'm here but it all starts with you my son. Jesus will Save you but you have to "protect" your self because we all get run over by a bus at the same rate. Don't misunderstand that. A lot of the sins you have today, and every day, are partially a result of misreading or ignoring the signals from YOU your body. In the best everything-is-perfect, situation;

1.) Your body tells you when to stop, and when to start.
2.) You're tuned in to read those signals.
3.) You have the knowledge to know what to do next.

When one, two, or all three of those are broken, or missing, it's hard to tell what is natural and what is unnatural. You need to get out of your own way in life. Let life happen don't muck it up. Your body isn't necessarily your friend, nobody ever told you that. If you take the bait your own body will sell you down the river! Bruce Lee said, "To see a thing uncoloured by one's own personal preferences and desire is to see it in it's own pristine simplicity."

I believe he means that if you can see the world in it's unbiased actual pristine reality and don't disrupt it, it will favor your circumstance. I mean "Don't disrupt it" as in "let life happen," don't muck it up. In other words what you're supposed to do is NOTHING. And it's very difficult to do "nothing." Probably most people can't.

In the world of martial arts whenever we think about the mental and psychological skills it's usually obtuse and not so easy to understand. But when you do figure it out it's looked at as another tool in your arsenal. Something you learn how to operate.

Bruce Lee took things a step further. He believed there is a psychological resource out there available for all of us, for anybody, to use. All you have to do is tap into it. That's the hard part. He describes it's presence well but never tells you exactly how to get to it. His idea is that your conscious thought itself can be looked at as a form of interference that gets in your way and if you can remove or "lower this shield" you'll get better mileage out of your activities and goals. I think when a Yogi guy tells you something like that you're never really sure if it works. When Bruce Lee says it, you start asking, "How do I do that!?"

He says it is your own mind that gets in the way of "true essence" of true pristine reality. Like a smokey fog is blurring your vision. Bruce was always about how to get maximum efficiency between the shortest distances.

Bruce Lee was using it to further his fighting skills. Yogis use it to reach Nirvana, divine state. I'm using it for predictability and luck. Favoritism, from fate! I want to game the system, predict the future. Our very survival based of XX,000 years of history backs it up. Give me predictability and I won't need to fight like Bruce Lee or reach nirvana.

I say it works because I've used it. Who do you trust more, douchebag HUMANS or DIVINE TRUTH? The "truth" is not mandmade. You can call it Jesus, Joanah, Joe Jackson or anything you want. I keep hearing that human beings really are "good" at their core, in their heart, in their default nature. It does seem that way. But you never know with humans. They're totally 100% contradictory. I need something consistent if I'm going to predict the future.

When you're tapping into this it's impossible to know exactly where you are at because we all have our own custom version of what we think is real. I would be very cautious to claim I know "truth" true essence, pristine reality. Bruce Lee was smart enough to know that by the time you say the word, "truth" it's changed. I think that's okay, we don't need to understand it, we just need to know it works.

Your Future.
The Path.

Your "future" is not obstacles. Its not a new car, it's not a new camera or a winning lotto ticket. It's not a new house or new spouse. It's a path.

There are many paths in life. The one you're on might be fine. I would like to show you the one that is the most predictable. I'll show you how to find it. It's not an exact single path. I like to call it a "margin" that you need to get into. You can use health psychology and Jeet Kune Do to find this path and get in this margin stay on it.

To predict the future we need these robust heavy duty tools because you don't find the path by knowing and going where it is. You find it by knowing and going where it is not. Then you get slowly funneled back into where it is. You need to parse data. You need to be a data wrangler.

Your body collects data everyday. Your five senses are working overtime all the time. If someone said hey tell me what is going to happen next. Tomorrow. You would say it's too many possibilities, it's too overwhelming to guess which. This time what if someone said tell me the opposite. Tell me what is NOT going to happen next. Is that even worse or is that easier? Or is that the same thing just from the other end? It's most definitely not the same thing. Not even close. Its infinitely easier to come up with what is not going to happen.

it's a lot more data to sieve through this is true but the data is much easier to parse. Volume versus complexity. Therefore its a more effective route to predicting your future.

Bruce Lee was a data wrangler. He was always talking about "telegraphing" and getting ahead of things. I believe if he were alive today he would be predicitng the future.

Know Thy Self

American Health Defense in a nutshell isAHD American Health Defense
using martial arts techniques to defend your health. Martial Arts are typically thought of as defending your physical well being in a physical manner and your "health" is along for the ride as a sub training category. American Health Defense flips that equation around, your physiological ‪bio psychosocial‬ nutritional optimization is the main parameter, and actual physical contact is your sub category -along for the ride. It's power vs predictability.

In the old world which is now obsolete, conflict did not happen until contact. In the new world it's somewhat the opposite. We are always in contact and conflict happens when we fail authentication. This means your physical skills will no longer save you. This is good news for the ladies! I've always been told martial arts is more "mental" than physical, well it's time for put up or shut up.


Martial Artists will tell you they already do this. They already defend their health. Long time ago, old news they'll say. What is new News is the understanding of health. It's more "new" every year. This means new adversaries and new targets. You're on a new battlefield now. You can be the best martial artist and if caught by surprise, you're done. Power is great but Predictability is better. Sun Tzu said, "One good spy is worth ten thousand soldiers." American Health Defense is your one good spy. Health knowledge has changed more in the past 30 years than in the past 3,000 years. We're going through a revolution as we speak.

Everybody likes to talk about how important the "mental" aspects are in Martial Arts. I don't see much. I think it's because it's hard to quantify, thereby not real good as commercially viable. I think it is time to put the mental back in the martial. Self Defense is as old as dirt, but Health Defense is brand new. Defining health is a new endeavor. Why is it so conroversial? Generally the people who can understand it tend to think they don't need it, and the people who need it the most tend to not understand it. In other words if you "know of it" you tend to not need it.

Typically the "mental" techniques in martial arts are another tool to use against an opponent. We tend to think that problems come from the outside world, and when they do come from within its because of something outside got in.

Bruce Lee didn't believe in having "Styles" but he forgot to mention that his intense ability to train every day like crazy was itself a very definite "style." It is a "style" because few people can train like that. This became an attractive distraction, underneath his power he was all about predictability.

This is 2014, soon you won't have enough time of day for physical or mental training. Your attention span is not getting smaller its getting diluted. Health is only just barely beginning to reveal itself. Information overload is setting in. Nobody talks about defending "Health" because we do not have a definition of "health." What is health? All the definitions tell you what it is not. They don't tell you what it is. Because "health" is a moving target. Perfect for Jeet Kune Do.

Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do
"Jeet Kune Do" is a martial art developed by the late Bruce Lee. It has since become known as a very powerful conceptual style. I like it a lot because Bruce Lee was always concerned about the "unpredictable" as a general concept rather than a particular problem. He considered self Defense as unpredictable. He also referred to paths a lot. He thought the way between point A and point B is efficiency. Think Fencing. He was obsessed with simplicity. He was a reductionist with an unmatched intensity. I borrowed everything I could from Bruce Lee.

Long before the before the internet was invented I started writing about Health Psychology. It started after I learned Bruce Lee's martial art, "Jeet Kune Do." I combined the two together and created my own program. Instead of Self Defense I made AMERICAN HEALTH DEFENSE. Every day your health is being psychologically assaulted, biologically bamboozled. Don't wait to get ill. Be proactive.

Health has become a socio economic, political, religious construct of whatever country and culture you're in or whatever anyone telling you says it is.

Of course we should all pay attention to the latest study in the AMA but after awhile trying to gather all knowledge is futile. I realized that if you get on a predictable path all the needed knowledge is already there waiting for you. The path with the least amount of interference is the one that is the most predictable. The path with power is an endless pursuit. Predictability is better than power. Predictability IS power. Predictability is scalable. Predictability is about proximity. Proximity is about paths. Your health and your path are ultimately the same thing. Controlling "the definition" of your health controls your path.

In life, thinking positive helps lead to positive outcomes. We know this is true because of the opposite, thinking negative breeds negativity. People around you literally can see it in you. Bruce Lee said your biggest problems in life are not your biggest problems in life. He pointed out that your worst enemy is the element of surprise, to defeat that enemy -don't be surprised. He meant that you can counteract just about anything -if you know its coming. Size doesn't matter. 

AHD American Health Defense  

What do you want in life Power or Predictability? Our big dilemma is how do we prepare for the worst without being pessimistic which equals negativity which equals negative outcome? In other words by preparing for the bad things do we actually enable bad things? How can we march into the jaws of danger with a cheerful smile? Monty Python said, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." It can be a very thin line between being paranoid and being practical. Be tense but loose. Be tight but open. Be like water.